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Delivery and Disposal of Medical Wastes
According to the Regulation on Medical Wastes Control, medical wastes up to approximately 19 tons / day are sterilized and disposed of in our city.

Hospitals, patient clinics, doctor’s offices and such other healthcare institutions as well as other healthcare units or professionals producing medical wastes must apply to the Waste Management Planning and Supervision Branch Directorate in person and sign Medical Waste Contracts.
Please call 293 19 90 for all your questions about Medical Waste Contract.

You have to fill out personal and corporate application documents in this department and you might be asked to submit your commercial papers during your application.
After signing the contract, the medical waste producers must dial 425 32 25 to reach “ALO TIBBI ATIK” hotline and file an application for collection by an authorized firm.
Medical waste collection, transportation, sterilization and disposal charges are readjusted per kilo every year.