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Dear Internet Users,
Welcome to the web site of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
I believe that thanks to one feature of internet, which is described as a new and important public means from the perspective of free circulation of information, it will serve to expanding the borders of local democracy as well.
The web site of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality should be thought of as a space of information and democracy, in which the rule of law that constitutes the conditions of people’s living together and around an administration, fundamental principles shaping local government activities, observing common good that means the common interest of all citizens, and spatial justice that I would summarise as equitable distribution of investments, is reflected.
With a short browse on our web site, you may familiarise yourselves with the concept of municipal administration, daily services, important projects, investment and service priorities, and, as a necessity of participatory democracy, directly convey your opinions, thoughts, and questions by filling in the form on the Citizen Communication Centre page. 
Duties of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor 
A Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality is elected by constituents within its metropolitan area for a period of 5 years. In addition to mayor’s granted legal duties, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor has duty and power to maintain union and cooperation among district municipalities in service management. Budgetary decisions of metropolitan and district municipal councils are sent to mayor for approval. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor can demand that the budget be re-negotiated in either council. But either council may insist on the decision by a 2/3 majority and in that case council decision becomes final.
Other Duties of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor:
• To represent legal entity of Metropolitan Municipality, 
• To implement master plans approved by Metropolitan Municipality Council, 
• To apply the decisions of Metropolitan Municipality Council and City Committee,
• To establish the effective, orderly and expeditious management of Metropolitan Municipality and affiliated institutions and companies,
• To prepare budgetary drafts, amendment bills on budget and budget final accounts of Metropolitan Municipality and affiliated institutions and companies, and send them to relevant bodies,
• To monitor and collect incomes, dues, rights, and benefits of Metropolitan Municipality,
• Signing contracts, accepting charitable donations, making all kinds of dispositions and enter into all kinds of legal agreements, where appropriate under this law, by taking also the decision of authorised bodies.