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This page lists the sports facilities controlled by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as well as offering a schedule and outdoor training fields.

Awareness Center
This center is the first of its kind in Turkey; the center located in Limontepe Games Village is a place where you may experience different forms of “disability” and it aims to increase awareness and show empathy. You may take the busses leaving from F. Altay Square to get here.
Tel: 293 92 15 – 16

Bornova Aşık Veysel Ice Skating Rink
You may take public and private ice skating lessons as well as ice skating courses.
Info Desk: 293 42 12 and 293 30 98
Address: Ice Skating Rink Kızılay Mahallesi 506 Sok. No:1 Aşık Veysel Rekreasyon Alanı

Celal Atik Sports Facility
Celal Atik Sports arena is designed with an architecture to accommodate basketball, handball and volleyball games. The facility with parquet floors has 1700-seat capacity.
This facility has basketball, “carpet pitch” football, gymnastics, healthy living, taekwondo, judo, chess, pilates, step aerobics, zumba, folk dances, private and group tennis courses, fencing, conditioning lessens, swim lessons in the summer and handball & volleyball courses.
Celal Atik Sports Facility has a 16-meter wide and 25-meter long pool for adults. There is a smaller 7-meter wide and 12-meter long pool, mainly used by the children and disabled. The semi olympic pool with depth varying between 1.20 and 1.80 meters offers summer swimming courses organized by trainers working for the Metropolitan Branch Office of Youth and Sports. This includes swimming courses organized during the weekdays for children between the ages of 5 and 15 as a part of the annual summer sports school organized between June and September and on Saturdays for adults. On Fridays, disabled citizens can use the swimming pool free of charge. Tel: 425 04 21 / 425 04 42 Kültürpark

Fuar Carpet Pitch (Football) Tel: 0 232 425 08 25
Naim Süleymanoğlu Evka-4 Sports Facility
Evka 4 Sports Complex offers ping pong, basketball, gymnastics, pilates, taekwondo, judo, conditioning and wrestling trainings. There are two outdoor basketball courts and two football fields around the complex.
Tel: 351 38 66

Bayraklı Ekrem Akurgal Park Sports Complex – Carpet Pitch
This complex offers basketball, volleyball, football, step, aerobics, pilates, gymnastics and taekwondo trainings.  There is a skateboard park.
Tel: 0 232 371 71 52
Buca Social Life Campus
This campus has sports complex and indoor swimming pool and offers swimming, taekwondo, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, step – aerobics and ping pong trainings.
Tel: 293 98 10

Balçova İnciraltı Sports Facilities 
This complex has carpet pitch, volleyball, outdoor basketball fields and tennis courts.
Tel: 0 232 278 06 00

İnciraltı Kayaks
The facility has kayak courses. Please call the following number to find out more about these trainings.
Tel: 0 232 425 04 21

Bostanlı Recreational Area Tennis Courts
Tel: 0 232 362 48 28

Uzundere Can Çağatay Sports Complex
You may use the complex for basketball, gymnastics, step-aerobics and taekwondo activities.
Tel: 267 84 33

Asarlık Multi-Purpose Sports Complex
This complex has badminton, step, aerobics, healthy living and basketball courses.

Bayraklı Çiçek Football Field
Tel: 0 232 345 87 47

Yeşilyurt Football Field
Tel: 0 232 228 75 75
Please call the following number to find out more about Seha Aksoy Athletics Track, Çiğli Egekent and Gaziemir Atıf Bey Carpet Pitch Facilities.
Tel: 425 04 21 / 425 04 42

Designated Free Sports Fields in Open Spaces and Parks all around the city
These sports facilities are open to public all day, free and street lights are used in the evening; depending on the location, these facilities might offer conditioning, skating rink, basketball and volleyball fields, skateboarding rink and tennis courts.

In addition to Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreational Area, Mansuroğlu Mahallesi Şehit Hakan Ünal Park, Buca Hasanağa Garden, Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, Narlıdere Aytaç Sefiloğlu Park, Bostanlı Recretaional Area, Çiğli Sasalı Picnic Area, Bornova Adventure Park, you may find such places in many districts.
Furthermore more, there are multi-purpose complexes built by our authority at remote locations of the city and transferred to district municipalities; these facilities offer a wide range of sports activities. Please refer to the complex of the related district to find more about these activities.