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1)Re-Value (Re-Valuing Urban Quality & Climate Neutrality in European Waterfront Cities)
Budget Line: Horizon Europe “Urban planning and design for just, sustainable, resilient and climate-neutral cities by 2030”
Applicant: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Partners: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Institute of Technology, Many institutions and organizations from Norway, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Slovakia, Romania and Switzerland
Project Purpose: In the Re-Value project aims to transform the waterfront from a risk to an opportunity and make sustainable heritage and tourism management a spearhead for urban development and climate proofing.
Specific objectives:
  • To build a multi-modal impact model for value-based urban design and planning
  • To deliver successful full-scale deployment in the waterfront districts of 4 Leading Cities Ålesund (Norway), Bruges (Belgium), Burgas (Bulgaria), Rimini (İtaly)), and correspondingly update their long-term Territorial Transformation Plans towards climate neutrality by 2030
  • To deliver detailed Roadmaps with Investment and Partnership Models for the Waterfront Pilots of 5 Replication Cities (Cascais (Portugal), Constanta (Romania), Izmir, Písek (Czech Republic), Rijeka (Croatia)) and correspondingly update and accelerate their long-term Territorial Transformation Plans towards climate neutrality
  • Consolidate a Community of Practice between the Leading and Replication Cities, and with the Cities Mission and Mission Platform, to build long-term capacity
  • Monitor and document the impacts of the project and capture the added value created for different stakeholders, within and across the cities
  • Communication, dissemination and exploitation of Re-Value activities within and across cities, to contribute to the delivery of the EU Cities Mission
IMM’s Role: Within the scope of the project, it will expand its holistic design strategy to strengthen citizens' interaction with the sea. Coastal areas will be renewed in parts of Izmir determined in accordance with nature and urban aesthetics. Also, necessary works will be carried out to connect the new city center, which is important in terms of the city's heritage and tourism, with the ancient Smyrna settlement.
Duration: 48 months
Total Budget: € 12.000.000
Grant Amount: € 126.900 (Izmir Metropolitan Municipality)
Implementation Unit: Department of Studies and Projects  
2) PowerManagement
Budget Line: EIT Urban Mobility RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme)
Applicant: Better Renewable Energy Asset Management “PowerHub” (Czech Republic)
Project Purpose: Main objectives of the activity is to test and launch on the market complex solution combining existing software solutions (2 EIT Urban Mobility startups - BiaPower from Spain and Meter Solutions from Hungary) which were awarded as the most promising solution for controlling and management of the charging stations in EIT UM Business Creation Programme - BiaPower focused on forecast and opmization of the electric vehicle charging (to lower costs, ensure green charging and enable clean, reliable electric grids) and Meter solution managing grid part of platform.
Partners: Czech Technical University in Prague, Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (Spain), City of Prague, Tractebel Engineering, Municipality of Ricany, Colruyt Group (Belgium)
Total Budget: € 616,740.00
Grant Amount: € 49,000.00 (Izmir Metropolitan Municipality)
Implementation Unit: Department of Transportation
3) Awareness Raising and Capacity Building on Trafficking for Labor Exploitation in Izmir
Budget Line: HF30 “Strengthening the Human Rights Protection of Migrants and Victims of Human Trafficking in Turkey”
Applicant: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Project Purpose: The proposed project aims at contributing to the effective fight against trafficking in human beings by raising the awareness of the public especially the vulnerable groups including migrants, women and/or children in Izmir. The specific objectives; the project will contribute to the increasing the skills of the service providers including but not limited to the professionals of child protection, psychosocial support personnel, education on child trafficking, laborers, chambers of commerce and industry. Therefore, it targets enhancing the capacity of the stakeholders. Moreover, the project strives for upholding a comprehensive approach against trafficking in human beings through developing the cooperation between different stakeholders.
Partners: Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (SGDD-ASAM)
Total Budget: €25.000
Implementation Unit: Directorate of Urban Justice and Equality
Duration: 6 months
4) Establishing digital learning bases in Izmir, Turkey"
Budget Line: German Ministry of Economy “Municipal Corona Solidarity Package”
Applicant: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bremen Municipality
Project Purpose: Overall objectives are a) fulfilling the responsibility of the municipality to expand educational opportunities in order to create a qualified and strong society in Izmir; b) Contributing to ensure equal opportunities and conditions in both formal and non-formal education. Specific Objectives are; a) Supporting the equipment capacity of a digital education access point in Bayraklı / Izmir for primary and secondary school students who are affected from both Covid-19 and earthquake and do not have the internet, the necessary technological device for education b)Ensuring the participation of students (children) of vulnerable groups to the formal educational program and education support opportunities offered by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, c) Raising awareness of students about Covid-19 and its prevention.
Budget: € 41.956
Implementation Unit: Directorate of Family and Child Services
Duration: 12 months
5) IPROCURE Security PCP
“Safe societies – protecting the freedom and security of Europe and its citizens” call which is within the context of HORIZON 2020 call for “Pre-trade strategic procurement of innovative, advanced systems to support security”
Lead Applicant: SYNYO GMBH (Austria) (Coordinator)
Project Partners: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Association of Emergency Ambulance Physicians from Turkey, Johanniter International (Belgium- An international network of charities), SERMAS (Spain-Madrid Public Health System), JOAFG (Austria- Emergency Care Services Training Centre), HSEPC (Greece- Kar non-profit scientific community for Emergency Care Staff), Niño Jesús University Children's Hospital Research Foundation (Spain), Italian Restitution Council (Italy), European Medical Association (EMA- Belgium), Trinity College (Ireland).
Project Purpose: Aiming to ensure that the R&D studies on paper triage management are digitized and data-oriented, and the triage management prototypes that emerge from these studies are used in the field. A quick and accurate overview of the prototypes to be revealed in the project and the survivors and their situations;
  • Ensuring the correct allocation of available resources and providing quicker supports for survivors or who get injuried.
  • Enabling more coordinated work with other first responders or associated teams;
  • Ensuring studies to reduce transport times between the hospital and the accident site and
  • Issues which is about quality assurance and studies on educational scales will be discussed.
IMM’s Role: Improving triage scenarios through a flexible triage management system: a) Prompt and accurate review of survivors and their vital condition b) Provision of decision support mechanism to enable better allocation of available resources and establishing faster support for survivors c) Providing more coordinated work with other first responders or associated teams. d) Providing efforts to reduce transport times between the ambulance response place and hospitals and e) Ensuring that studies are carried out to increase quality assurance and prevent accidents. Within the scope of the project, it is expected that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department Search and Rescue (AKS 110) team will test and experience one of the prototypes produced in the project in the field and share these experiences with other partners. It is expected that a modern triage system will be developed from the team using the prototype throughout the project, feedback and requests will be collected to ensure compliance with current conditions and standardization. These feedback and requests will be used to develop a triage system specific to accidents and disasters common in İzmir. In additionally, it will be ensured to participate in workshops and meetings where they can share their good practices with other partners in the project.
Duration: 36 months
Total Budget: € 22.998.660
Budget for IMM: € 1.050.000
Implementation Unit: Izmir Fire Department
6) Co-design for Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Public Spaces and Services
Budget Line: Swedish Institute within the framework of the Public Sector Innovation Programme
Applicant: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Project Purpose: This project focuses on increasing the capacity of municipal officials to co-design inclusive public environments and services. The project aims to contribute to improve service provision with a focus on both the physical and digital public environment.
Partners: Izmir University of Economics, Aegean Expoters’ Associations (Turkey), Lebanon and Indonesia, Lund University (coordinator)
Duration: 8 months
Implemantation Unit: Department of Social Projects, Department of Information Processing
7) The MARIne Project
Budget Line: Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training
Applicant: Ege University
Project Purpose: It covers the conversion of waste products in fishing into healthy and nutritious food for cats and dogs.
Project Partners: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Balıkesir University, institutions and organizations from Portugal, Norway, Croatia
IMM’s Role: Providing support in written, visual and social media in visibility activities; IBB's Fisheries engineers, veterinarians and food engineers participate in 5 training and activity meetings in total to be held in Izmir during the project.
Budget for IMM: € 20.000 (travel, management, personnel fees).
Duration: 24 months
Implementation Unit: Department of Agricultural Services
  1. Romani Well Being
Budget Line: US Embassy Grant Program
Applicant: ROMGEDER
Project Purpose: To provide a suitable occupation through job qualification courses; Providing psychological support to children in need; To organize trainings and information meetings on human rights and other citizenship rights.
Partners: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Çeşme Municipality, İzmir Bar Association
Total Budget: 12,515 USD
Duration: 12 months
IMM’s Role: IBB will provide trainer support in human rights and citizenship education
Implementation Unit: Department of Social Projects
9) ENCHANT (Energy Efficiency Through Behavior Change Transition Strategies)
Budget Line: Horizon 2020 Socio-economic research: non-energy impacts and behavioral insights on energy efficiency interventions
Applicant: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (coordinator)
Project Purpose: The main aim is to design an empirically-informed decision tool for impactful energy efficiency campaign design (users: policymakers, municipalities, NGOs, energy providers). To inform this tool, established behavioral science based (psychology, behavioral economics,) intervention techniques will be tested under controlled conditions in a unprecedented large-scale Randomized Control Trial (RCT) with hundreds of thousands of European citizens.
Partners: Energy Institute (Austria), University Roma (Italy), Izmir University of Economics (Turkey), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Babeș-Bolyai-University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), University of Groningen (Netherlands), Smart Innovation Norway.
IMM’s Role:
Role of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is to contribute;
•development of the methods (RCT), including the questionnaire, in the process of creating the "Decision Kit"
•delivery of the applications to the people who live in İzmir
•visibility of the Project and campaign as a campaign channel
Total Budget: € 2.000.000
Grant Amount to be Received by the IMM from the Project: € 18.625
Implementation Unit: Directorate of Climate Change and Clean Energy
Duration: 30 months
10) CAMPAIGNers (Citizens Acting on Mitigation Pathways through Active Implementation of a Goal-setting Network)
Budget Line: Horizon 2020 Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: climate action in support of the Paris Agreement
Applicant: Energieinstitut An Der Johannes Kepler Universitat Linz Verein
Partners: 29 institutions and Austria, Norway, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Finland, Lithuania, France, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Sweden, consisting Peru has a multi-partnership structure.
Project Purpose: Define target lifestyles and scope of action; derive replicable best-practices from relevant case studies; establish a lasting goal-setting network for experience-enhanced lifestyle change; assess the large-scale effects of lifestyle changes on the energy system, economy and climate; supporting cities to start a process towards low-carbon lifestyles; support the EU’s long term strategy for GHG reductions at all levels.
Total Budget: €  5.000.000
Grant Amount to be Received by the IMM from the Project: € 34.225
Implementation Unit: Directorate of Climate Change and Clean Energy
Duration: 36 months
11) The Project Better Opportunities for Roma Girl and Women
Budget Line: MATRA Social Transformation Programme in Turkey 2021
Applicant: Roma Education Folklore and Sports Club Association
Partners: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Project Purpose: The main purpose our project is to develop a model strategy plan to prevent early child marriages in Roma community with the cooperation of women Roma-NGOs- public authorities and Roma community.
IMM’s Role: Assigning trainers for the trainings, workshops and meetings to be carried out within the scope of the project and providing the necessary support for the activities to be implemented.
Implementation Unit: Department of Social Projects
Duration: 12 months
12) Future 4.0 Do It Yourself! Project
Budget Line: Erasmus+ Programme KA1- Learning Mobility of Individual
Applicant: Geleceği Şekillendiren Eller (Non formal Group)
Project Purpose: Using the creativity of young people "do it yourself!" It is encouraged to produce new products with its philosophy. To contribute to the dissemination of this culture and to increase the employment rates in the technology and informatics sectors in our country.
Partners: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Stage-Co Platform, Youth 4 Future LTD (England), Asociacija, Tavo Europa (Lithuania), Developmental Center of Thessaly Aketh-DCT (Greece)
IMM’s Role: Participating in the activities of the project and providing necessary support, contributing to the coordination and visibility of the project.
Total Budget: € 20.880
Implementation Unit: Directorate of Vocation Factory
Duration: 10 months
13) A Culture Route Towards Sustainable Development: Efeler Route
Budget Line: Izmir Development Agency “Küçük Menderes Basin Sustainable Development Financial Support Program (Non-Profit Organizations Component)
Applicant: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Project Purpose: To contribute sustainable development in Küçük Menderes Basin by activating the cultural tourism potential in the region within the framework of strengthening non-agricultural economic activities and diversity.
Partners: Izmir Governorship, Izmir Regional Directorate of Forestry, Ege University, Izmir Foundation, Izmir Regional Directorate of Culture and Tourism (associate), Association of Efeler Route (associate)
Total Budget (TL): 1.341.545,51
Grant Amount (TL): 1.000.000,00
Implementation Unit: Department of Agricultural Services
Duration: 24 months
14) Ecowise Healthy Building Suite Project
Budget Line: Horizon 2020 EIT (Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology)
Applicant: Ekodenge
Project Partners: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (associate)
Project Purpose: EcoWise Healthy Buildings is a software service for facility operators that utilizes buildings’ physical characteristics and live data, to monitor and verify indoor health and safety conditions, while providing an energy efficient systems’ operation.
IMM’s Role: Conducting and reporting energy efficiency tests of the Buca Social Life Campus Elderly Care Center building and To offer possible solutions for savings, if requested
Implementation Unit: Directorate of Climate Change and Clean Energy
15)  Civil Society Dialogue for Empowering Youth-Works in Local
Budget Line: Supporting Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Grant Scheme (CSD-VI) 
Applicant: Pİ Youth Association
Project Purpose: Creating a sustainable civil society dialogue on youth field between Turkey and Netherlands.
Partner Countries: Turkey and Netherlands
Project Partners: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (Associate) 
IMM’s Role: Participating in national and international organizations such as training and meetings with at least 2 representatives; Facilitating the strengthening of youth work at the local level; To contribute to youth associations in their region with a guiding and supportive role in order to strengthen youth work at the local level; To cover the accommodation and travel expenses of its own participants in domestic and international travels.
Total Budget: €166.654,00
Implementation Unit: Directorate of Social Projects
Duration: 15 months
16) Sustainable, Accessible and Inclusive Urban Mobility
Budget Line: EU (IPA II)
Applicant: World Bank
Project Purpose: The mission held meetings with Kocaeli and Izmir, the two targeted/pioneer municipalities, with the following five objectives: (i) present the conclusions of the urban transport accessibility analysis and benchmarking exercises; (ii) conduct a workshop on multi-criteria prioritization of transport schemes as defined by the master plans; (iii) provide and present ideas on capacity building for implementing Sustainable Urban Mobility Master Plans - SUMP, particularly looking at citizen engagement and impact analysis; (iv) discuss results on a demonstration exercise in Izmir using big data from Automated Fare Collection system and Automated Vehicle Location system for public transport passenger travel behavior analysis;
Pilot Municipalities Who Get Technical Support: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Implementation Unit: IMM Directorate of Transport Planning
17) RURİTAGE Rural Regenaration through systemic heritage- led strategies
Budget Line: Horizon 2020 Programme SC5-21-2016-2017: Cultural Heritage as a driver for sustainable growth
Applicant: Bologna University (Italy)
Project Purpose: To create a new rural regeneration paradigm through increasing cultural and natural heritage potential of rural areas. Starting from the identification of 6 Innovation Areas (pilgrimages, sustainable local production of food, migrants, arts and festivals, resilience, integrated landscape management) representative of a European model of development based on the enhancement of the local cultural and natural heritage, tangible and intangible, RURITAGE will promote the transfer of knowledge from Role Model Cases, chosen as carriers of good practices, towards 6 cases that will replicate them. 
Partners: The project has 40 partners from European countries. Consortium has Colombia, Brazil and Chile as well as Europe. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Institute of Technology, Demir Energy Consulting Company are located from Turkey among project partners
Total Budget: € 10,401,187.50
Grant Amount: € 168,750 (IMM)
Implementing Unit: IMM Department of City Master Plan
Duration: 48 months
18) Urban GreenUp:
Budget Line: Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities 2- Sustainable Cities Through Nature-Based Solutions
Applicant: Cardiff Research Center (Spain)
Project Purpose: Considering that %54 of world population live in the cities and this rate is rapidly increasing, it has the main objective of achieving progress in sustainable city development and design. With the purpose of implementing nature based solutions for cities to be reshaped according to their natural characteristics, the Project estimates a) developing of a methodology, b) local authorities and stakeholders to implement nature based solutions more effectively, to improve their capacities with the purpose of eliminating the effects of climate change, c) within this purpose, preparing of “Re naturalization Urban Plans” for cities, d) undertaking of wide scoped implementation activities un three cities Vallaloid (Spain), Liverpool (UK) and Izmir (Turkey) which undertake works in line with aforementioned plans and integrate re naturalization issue into their strategic urban planning. Project also aims establishing of a model composed of efficiently monitoring the data obtained from these implementations and dissemination of this model by being also used outside Europe.
Partners: Vallaloid Municipality (Spain), Liverpool Municipality (England), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Acciona İnfrastructure (Spain), Singular Green (Spain), Fundacion Water Center of New Technology (Spain), Press Council (Spain), Community Afforestation Initiative (NGO), Ove Arup&Partners International (England), Liverpool University (England), Demir Energy, Ege University, Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir Katip Çelebi University, Bitnet Information Services, GMV Innovating Solutions (Spain), (Belgium), Soil and Climate Association (Spain), Luigi Bocconi Trade University (Italy), Research Institute at RMIT University (Vietnam), Portugal Innovation Community, Rovaniemi Municpality (Finland), Mantua Municipality (Italy), Ludwigsburg Municipality (Germany), Medellin Municipality (Colombia), Binh Dinh Municipality (Vietnam), Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (China)
Total Budget: € 14.724,694
Grant Amount: € 2,326,000 (IMM)
Implementation Unit: IMM Directorate of Projects