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1)Sustainable, Accessible and Inclusive Urban Mobility
Budget Line: EU (IPA II)
Applicant: World Bank
Project Purpose: The mission held meetings with Kocaeli and Izmir, the two targeted/pioneer municipalities, with the following five objectives: (i) present the conclusions of the urban transport accessibility analysis and benchmarking exercises; (ii) conduct a workshop on multi-criteria prioritization of transport schemes as defined by the master plans; (iii) provide and present ideas on capacity building for implementing Sustainable Urban Mobility Master Plans - SUMP, particularly looking at citizen engagement and impact analysis; (iv) discuss results on a demonstration exercise in Izmir using big data from Automated Fare Collection system and Automated Vehicle Location system for public transport passenger travel behavior analysis;
Pilot Municipalites Who Get Technical Support: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Implementation Unit: IMM Directorate of Transport Planning
2) Kültürpark Children's Discovery Center (Children’s Right and STEM)
Budget Line: Izmir Development Agency “Small Scale Infrastructure for Improving Social Cohesion Grant Schemme Programme”
Applicant: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Project Purpose: Within the scope of sustainable development and a strong society; The aim of this course is to develop the skills of children, who are the determinants of the future societies, on the basis of children's rights, personal, social, scientific-technological research and design and to contribute to increase the capacity of accessible and innovative education.
Total Budget (TL): 1.063.187,24
Grant Amount (TL): 797.390,43
Implementation Unit: IMM Directorate Family and Child Services
Duration: 18 months
3) RURİTAGE Rural Regenaration through systemic heritage- led strategies
Budget Line: Horizon 2020 Programme SC5-21-2016-2017: Cultural Heritage as a driver for sustainable growth
Applicant: Bologna University (Italy)
Project Purpose: To create a new rural regeneration paradigm through increasing cultural and natural heritage potential of rural areas. Starting from the identification of 6 Innovation Areas (pilgrimages, sustainable local production of food, migrants, arts and festivals, resilience, integrated landscape management) representative of a European model of development based on the enhancement of the local cultural and natural heritage, tangible and intangible, RURITAGE will promote the transfer of knowledge from Role Model Cases, chosen as carriers of good practices, towards 6 cases that will replicate them. 
Partners: The project has 40 partners from European countries. Consortium has Colombia, Brazil and Chile as well as Europe. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Institute of Technology, Demir Energy Consulting Company are located from Turkey among project partners
Total Budget: € 10,401,187.50
Grant Amount: € 168,750 (IMM)
Implementing Unit: IMM Department of City Master Plan
Duration: 48 months
4)Green Re-vision: A Framework for Resilient Cities
Budget Line: Capacity Building in the Field of Climate Change in Turkey Grant Scheme
Applicant: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Project Purpose: The overall objective of the action  is to create a resilient urban area in a context of climate change by using/enhancing/supporting the potential of green infrastructure. Special aim of project; a) developing a framework that makes a city more resilient city to the impacts of climate chance, b) increasing the technical capacity to enhance capacity to enhance capacity building of target groups and stakeholders on climate chance action and c) increasing public awareness on climate change by disseminating the knowledge and experience.
 Partners: Association of Landscape Researches (co-applicant), Urban Ecology Society of Austria - SURE (Participator)
IMM’s Role: To determine the sensitivity by using climate models, to monitor the rain, water level and rain holding capacity potential according to estimations and to assess the risks, to develop the suggestions to make city resilient, by examining good samples to increase the institutional capacity, to undertake awareness and information activities.
Total Budget: € 150.386 
Grant Amount€ 122.293
Duration: 24 months
Implementing Unit: IMM Directorate of Healthy Cities and Clean Energy
5) Urban GreenUp:
Budget Line: Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities 2- Sustainable Cities Through Nature-Based Solutions
Applicant: Cardiff Research Center (Spain)
Project Purpose: Considering that %54 of world population live in the cities and this rate is rapidly increasing, it has the main objective of achieving progress in sustainable city development and design. With the purpose of implementing nature based solutions for cities to be reshaped according to their natural characteristics, the Project estimates a) developing of a methodology, b) local authorities and stakeholders to implement nature based solutions more effectively, to improve their capacities with the purpose of eliminating the effects of climate change, c) within this purpose, preparing of “Re naturalization Urban Plans” for cities, d) undertaking of wide scoped implementation activities un three cities Vallaloid (Spain), Liverpool (UK) and Izmir (Turkey) which undertake works in line with aforementioned plans and integrate re naturalization issue into their strategic urban planning. Project also aims establishing of a model composed of efficiently monitoring the data obtained from these implementations and dissemination of this model by being also used outside Europe.
Partners: Vallaloid Municipality (Spain), Liverpool Municipality (England), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Acciona İnfrastructure (Spain), Singular Green (Spain), Fundacion Water Center of New Technology (Spain), Press Council (Spain), Community Afforestation Initiative (NGO), Ove Arup&Partners International (England), Liverpool University (England), Demir Energy, Ege University, Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir Katip Çelebi University, Bitnet Information Services, GMV Innovating Solutions (Spain), Youris.com (Belgium), Soil and Climate Association (Spain), Luigi Bocconi Trade University (Italy), Research Institute at RMIT University (Vietnam), Portugal Innovation Community, Rovaniemi Municpality (Finland), Mantua Municipality (Italy), Ludwigsburg Municipality (Germany), Medellin Municipality (Colombia), Binh Dinh Municipality (Vietnam), Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (China)
Total Budget: € 14.724,694
Grant Amount€ 2,326,000 (IMM)
Implementing Unit: IMM Directorate of Projects 
6) CITyFIED Replicable and Innovative Future Efficient Districts and Cities
Budget Line: EU 7th Framework Programme Smart City Call
Applicant: Cardiff Research Center (Spain)
Project Purpose: The CITyFIED Project aims are as follows; to development of innovative and cost effective methodologies and procedures, to become future’s smart cities, to decrease the energy demand, to generalize renewable energy consumption, to reduce GHG emissions, to improve methodologies for building renovations, to generalize smart grid architecture, to install district network heating, to develop ICT, to organize cluster of cities
Partners: Swedish Environmental Research Institute, TÜBİTAK-Marmara Research Center, Istanbul Technical University, TECNALIA, ACCIONA, DALKIA, LKF, KRAFTRINGEN ENERGI, Soma Electric City Generation and Distribution Trade Inc., I.ACUSTICA, MIR, STEINBEIS, YOURIS Company Cities Cluster: City of İzmir, Firenze, Malaga, Napels, Salerno, Rovereto, Botkyrka, Ludwigshafen, Udine, Valladolid, Varmdö
İMM’s Role: Within the scope of the project, our municipality is among the "CITyFIED Cities Cluster" which is composed of 11 cities and established for the repetition and dissemination of the results obtained from the demonstration cities.
Duration: 5 years
Implementing Unit: IMM Directorate of Healthy Cities and Clean Energy