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1. WizmirNET (Wireless and Accessible Internet)
Izmir Development Agency - Transformation into Knowledge-Based Society and ICT Financial Support Programme
Applicant: IMM
Project Purpose: To speed up Izmir's transformation into knowledge-based society and to spread the use of internet throughout Izmir. To accomplish this, free wi-fi will be provided by IMM at 8 different locations around Izmir and a mobile application will be created for indoor routing and navigation at the municipality building and Arts Center aiming to help the disabled and elderly.
Duration: 12 Months
Total Budget (TL): 1.191.635 
Grant Amount (TL): 750.000
Implementing unit: IMM Information Technologies Directorate
2. IMM Izmir City College
Izmir Development Agency - Guided Projects Call
Applicant: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Project Purpose: In accordance with local labour market demand and in partnership with municipality-private sector-vocational education institutions, the project aims to establish the unique Izmir City College Model, which will directly have a positive impact on local employment. It aims to enhance Izmir's competitiveness and economic development in key sectors and to bring innovation in vocational education through the use of a FABLAB. 
Partners: Yasar University Research Development and Application Center, Ege University Solar Energy Institute, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, Izmir Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans, 
Contributors: Turkish Employment Agency Izmir Directorate, Ege University Ege Vocational School, Young Businessmen Association of Turkey Aegean Branch,   Aegean Free Zone.
Total Budget (TL): 3.105.970
Grant Amount (TL): 2.329.477
Duration: 24 months
Implementing unit: IMM City College Department
3. Increasing the Capacity of Vocational and Technical Education in Renewable Energy Techonologies 
IPA 4 - Increasing the Quality of Vocational and Technical Education in Turkey
Applicant: Ege University Solar Energy Institute
Project Purpose: To tackle unemployment and to increase the capacity of employers in labour market, to increase the capacity of vocational and technical education professionals, creating social awareness.
Partners: IMM, Bornova Municipality, Contributors: Çınarlı Industrial Vocational Education School,  Buca Industrial Vocational Education School, Enisolar Company.

IMM's role: In scope of dissemination of renewable energy and sustainability topics, IMM will attend VETPRO group education to improve its human resources. After the project IMM will implement the cirriculum in its own educational branches.
Total budget (Euro): 275.912
Duration: 12 months
Implementing unit: IMM City College Dept., Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Dept.
4. CITyFiED Replicable and Innovative Future Efficient Districts and Cities
EU 7th Framework Programme Smart Cities 2013 Call
Applicant: CARTIF Energy Company

Project Purpose: To adress several large demonstrative interventions of retrofitting in the cities of Laguna de Duero (Spain), Soma (Turkey) and Lund (Sweden) in order to enhance drastically the energy efficiency of residential districts.
IMM's role: Attending workshops in three cities, providing general info about the city typology, for evaluating the replication potential of the Cityfied in Izmir, allowing the use of this info in the project for innovation activities, dissemination at local level of the activities carried out.

Partners: Swedish Environment Institution, TUBITAK-MAM, Istanbul Technical University, TECNALIA, ACCIONA, DALKIA, LKF, KRAFTRINGEN ENERGI, Soma Electric Production Co, , I.ACUSTICA, MIR, STEINBEIS, YOURIS Companies, City Cluster: İzmir, Firenze, Malaga, Napoli, Salerno, Rovereto, Botkyrka, Ludwigshafen, Udine, Valladolid, Varmdö.
Total Budget: 5 million Euros
Duration: 5 years

5. Mobile (Travelling) Kindergarden 
Izmir Development Agency Pre-School and Vocational Education Support Programme
Applicant: IMM
Project Purpose: To disseminate pre-school education in a fast and efficient way in disadvantaged districts of Izmir and to contribute to social based education models.

Partners:  Izmir Directorate of Education

IMM's role: To create a Mobile Education Center (truck) and give free and quality education to disadvantaged districts of Izmir in pre-school education: Beydağ, Bayındır and Kiraz. Moreover, to educate parents, teachers and create public awareness.
Duration: 12 Months
Total budget (TL): 492.547 TL
Grant budget (TL): 443.085,50 TL
Implementing unit: Social Projects Department
6. Techno-Kitchen
Izmir Development Agency Pre-School and Vocational Education Support Programme
Applicant: Izmir Advanced Technical School for Girls
Project Purpose: To transfer technology in culinary utensils, to strengthen vocational cirriculum in culinary arts, to adapt students and teachers into innovative methods, to provide qualified workers into the employment market. 

Partners: IMM, Konak District Governorship Izmir Directorate of Education, Konak Municipality, İzmir Chamber of Restaurants, İzmir Karşıyaka Private Educational Institution. 
Contributors: Seçsan Food and La Cigale Restaurant.

IMM's role: To provide participants for project trainings, seminars, conferences and to support promotion and dissemination activities.
Duration: 12 Months
Total budget (TL) : 464.318.10
Implementing Unit: EU and Grant Projects Department
7. Leadership Programme for Security and Rule of Law
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Matra CoPROL (Cooperation with Pre-accession Countries on the Rule of Law) 

Applicant: International Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG International)
Project Purpose: 1. Leadership and Good Governance programme aimed at improving visionary and strategic leadership of high-level policy and decision makers at institutions in public security sector; 2. Security benchmark and standard setting as tool for improved performance and coherence with stakeholders; 3. Multi-stakeholder workshops to increase the capacity of government practitioners to include all civil society groups, in the policy and decision making process; 4. Training of trainers at institutes for public administration to enhance training capacity of public administration and to sustain the leadership programme in the local context.

Partners: VNG International, Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB), Den Haag Academy, Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC), Dutch Institute for Public Administration (ROI), Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia (SCTM), Albanian Foundation for Local Autonomy and Governance (FLAG), Izmir- Ankara- Konya Metropolitan Municipalities, Bolu- Erzurum- Trabzon Governorship, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs Directorate General of Provincial Administration,  Directorate General of Security and Police Academy, Public Administration Institute for Turkey and Middle East (TODAIE).

IMM’s Role:  Taking part in training in EU standard based leadership and good governance, security benchmarking activities, multi-stakeholder workshops and training of trainers. 
Duration: 24 Months
Implementing Unit: EU and Grant Projects Department

8. ATHENA (Use of New Communication/ Social Media in Crisis Situations and Management) 
EU 7th Framework Programme Security Call

Applicant: West Yorkshire Police Department
Project Purpose: This Project aims to develop technical applications or apps for smart phones and mobile digital media devices, which will capture real-time information from the public during crisis situations. Athena will explore the use of mobile applications as a means of sharing information and advice between the authorities and the public. As well as using their mobile devices to communicate what is happening around them, the public will be able to assist crisis managers by informing the operational response of the emergency services.

Partners: International Organisation for Migration, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Sheffield Hallam University, Fraunhofer Institute, SAS Software Limited, Municipality of Ljubljana, Thales Nederland BV, University of Virginia, CRISMART Swedish National Defence College, EPAM Systems, Research in Motion - Blackberry, Epidemico.

IMM's Role: To provide input on defining user requirements, to give advice and support within the exercising programs, to give feedback for the continued development of the ATHENA application, description of user requirements, dissemination activities.
Duration: 36 months
Total Budget (Euro): 5.412.685
Grant Amount (Euro): 2.631.592
Implementing Unit: IMM Fire Department

Project website: http://www.projectathena.eu/