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According to Article 51 of the Municipal Code numbered 5393, the Municipal Police is assigned to assure welfare, peace, health and order in the city and the Municipal Police is responsible for imposing penalties and other sanctions specified on the legislation if any person fails to follow orders and prohibitions agreed by the Municipal Council.
Our Municipality provides public security services on areas within its area of duty, authority and assignment, as required under the legislation specified on the Metropolitan Municipality Code numbered 5216 and approved by our Municipality Council.
Accordingly, we carry out legal formalities under the scope of legislation in force for evaluating the complaints and requests received from our citizens and the applicants are informed about the procedures and formalities completed.
If the abovementioned complaints and requests fall within the duty, authority and responsibility of the District Municipality, the matter subject to the complaint is forwarded to the District Municipality and the services are conducted in a coordinated way.
Day Shift Teams Department 0 232 293 12 58
Night Shift Teams Department 0 232 293 11 21
Konak – Kemeraltı District Municipal Police Department  0 232 293 38 53