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The Veterinary Services Branch Office is attached to the Environment Protection and Control Department of our Municipality and it operates under the scope of Animal Protection Law numbered 5199 with four separate units; Işıkkent Temporary Dog Shelter, Seyrek Temporary Dog Shelter and Small Pets Cemetery, Fuar Clinic for Small Animals and Street Animals Emergency Response Team.

Işıkkent Temporary Dog Shelter neuters, vaccinates and tags stray dogs brought by district municipalities as well as rehabilitating and taking care of disabled and old dogs that are abandoned by their owners but cannot possibly survive on the streets and we offer adoption options for dogs under our responsibility.

Seyrek Temporary Dog Shelter is in charge of permanent care of dog breeds (such as pit bulls, dogos) that cannot be owned and adopted, as it is prohibited under the related law.
Orthopedic operations are performed on the street animals taken in by our Emergency Response Team. Seyrek Shelter is equipped with a radiography device used for orthopedic operations and special anesthesia device used for diaphragmatic hernia operation.
To use the burial site for our little friends, you have to obtain the registration form from the related district municipality, as required under the law numbered 5199, for confirming ownership of your cat or dog and the burial fee must be paid to our authority.
This certificate must be issued when the animal is still alive.

Small Animals Clinic located in Fuar Kültürpark is in charge of neutering, vaccinating and operating on stray cats.

Fuar Clinic for Small Animals is at the service of all our street animal friends with its ultrasound, biochemistry and hemogram devices used for diagnosis of internal diseases.

The Emergency Response Team does first aid on the street animals and, following their care and treatments (internal medical attention, soft tissue operations), they are referred to the related units. 

Our Emergency Response Teams have veterinarians during the day and two veterinary technicians, two workers and two drivers, working in shifts, during the night on the weekends and holidays.
This team assists on cases mainly on the central districts (primarily in Konak, Bornova, Bayraklı, Karabağlar, Çiğli and Karşıyaka) but also in other districts.
Cats and dogs taken by the night teams from reported addresses and brought in by the locals receive first aid from the veterinary technicians and they are kept stable until the veterinarian’s examination to be made on the next day. (Injections or small surgical interventions) If the dogs and cats need orthopedic operations following their morning examinations, the operations will be carried out by Seyrek Dog Shelter.
When their treatments are completed, the cats and dogs will be neutered, tagged (ear tags for dogs and small nick on left ear for cats), they will receive rabies vaccine and internal parasites medication and then they will be taken back to the pick-up point.
Besides neutering operations, Fuar Clinic for Small Animals performs tumor (breast, Transmissible Venereal Tumor, ear) operations, hernia and eye operations, amputation, mouth operations (broken jaw, tooth extraction), scaling with ultrasonic teeth cleaners, prolapsed rectum operations. It has two intensive care units. 

Emergency Response Unit for Street Animals
Tel: 293 39 80 
Office Hours: for 15 hours between 17:30 and 08:30
District municipalities are available during office hours on the weekdays. The emergency response team is available 24-hour during the weekends and holidays.