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Gulf Control
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality performs audits following reported incidents and routine audits to identify problems that might cause marine pollution and it eliminates the problems that might cause pollution by working in coordination with the related establishments and organizations.

Collecting floating wastes
Wastes floating on the sea were collected if necessary on the previous years but these activities have been regular since 2000 and we coordinate works on this field with necessary teams and equipment and conduct routine works precisely.

Monitoring water quality in the gulf
After the Great Canal Project, in order to monitor water quality we have been regularly taking sea water samples from 11 stations specified on the Izmir Gulf since 2001, and these samples are forwarded to the Sanitation Institution or IZSU General Directorate laboratories to be tested for suspended solids, total coliform and fecal coliform and these results are reviewed by our team.
Assessment of Suspended solid parameters is subject to the Regulation on Water Pollution Control that was published on the Official Gazette dated 31.12.2004 and numbered 25687 and Fecal Coliform & Total Coliform parameters are subject to the Regulation on Quality of Swimming Water that was published on the Official Gazette dated 09.01.2006 and numbered 26048.
Please click here to see the analysis results.

Air Pollution Measurements
Our city built air quality measurement stations and became the first Municipality in Turkey that monitored air quality with total 4 air quality measurement stations between 1996 and 1998. Our city expanded its air quality measurement network and built 2 stations in 2008 and 1 station in 2009 and thus commissioned total 7 air quality measurement stations.
Measurement readings obtained on all stations can be instantly monitored on the computers available at the central office. After commissioning the new air quality measurement stations, our city will increase and continue activities related to monitoring air quality. Furthermore, the mobile (portable) air quality monitoring station commissioned in 2007 measures air quality in the city centers and districts.
Air contaminant parameters measured at the stations
Karşıyaka ve Alsancak Measurement Stations measure ( SO2 ,PM , NOX, CO)
Bornova , Güzelyalı ve Bayraklı Measurement Stations measure ( SO2, PM, NOX, CO) )
Şirinyer ve Çiğli Measurement Stations measure (S02,PM)
Air Pollution Controls
Air Pollution Control Team is authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the borders of Izmir province urban area for performing controls and implementing projects to prevent air pollution in the city and minimize the existing pollution.
Please visit this link and havaizleme.gov.tr to see air quality values of our city.
You can also read the informational notice issued by the Ministry of Health for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning caused by chimneys on the days with strong southwester and review the precautions given in the link on the bottom of the page for preventing chimney poisoning.   

Noise Control
Complaints about noises coming from workplaces and residences (excluding noises from domestic activities and caused by neighbors) are reviewed on site according to the Regulation on Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise and precautions are taken to prevent the noise and, if necessary, administrative actions are taken, excluding the district municipalities that are authorized within the border of our city (Bornova, Konak, Aliağa, Karşıyaka, Bayraklı, Torbalı, Seferihisar, Çiğli and Karabağlar).
Noise measurement reports are prepared for workplaces to be basis for non-sanitary enterprises. The noise-related sections on the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) File submitted to our authority for opening a new business are reviewed to issue an opinion report. According to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization / General Directorate of Environment Management’s Circular dated 13.06.2011 and numbered 2011/11, opinion basis to live music license of entertainment facilities is provided.
According to the regulation on private hospitals and private outpatient diagnosis and treatment clinics, the documents submitted to our team for review of private hospitals to be opened are reviewed on site and reports are issued.
Strategic noise map of Izmir Province was completed on the date of 30.12.2015. The noise complaints related to the Highway and Railway in Izmir are reviewed on site and the related establishments and organizations are informed about the matter.
Turkish Republic Ministry of Environment and Urbanization / General Directorate of Environmental Management started “Implementation Capacity for Environmental Noise Directive” on 28.06.2013 under the scope of AB IPA 2009 Programme and the project duration is agreed to be 30 months. The abovementioned project was completed on 31.12.2015. Highway map was issued during this time for noise coming from Highways in Izmir as well as Railways noise map and Industrial noise map for selected industries. As a result of review and necessary assessment of the abovementioned noise maps, we started action plans related to minimizing noise if the limit values given on the Regulation on Environmental Noise Assessment and Management are exceeded. 

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