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Rent A Bicyles Servise is BİSİM

Bisim offers you the chance of renting a bicycle and spending delightful hours along the Izmir Gulf from Sahilevleri to Çiğli.

Using Credit Card
You can use a credit card to directly rent bicycles from the station where the bicycles are kept.

Kiosks available on the rent a bicycle station will help you through all steps of the transaction. Unlock the mechanism by pushing the bicycle forward and take it by pulling it toward you.
You can leave the bicycle at any station.

Place the bicycle in the parking area, as you have taken it, and follow the steps on the small screen right next to the parking area. Your time will be up when you view your balance on the screen.
As the final step, make sure that the bicycle is secured and then you can leave.
You will not be charged if you return the bicycle within 5 minutes.

Other Cards
You can rent bicycles daily with Izmir Card, city card or Bisim card available at the office located on Konak Ferry Terminal. Bisim Office is open every day of the week between 11:00 – 15:00 and 15:30 – 18:45.
You cannot pay using debit cards or phone lines.

You must have TRY 20 balance in your Izmir Card and apply to Bisim Office at Konak Ferry Terminal with your ID card or passport for activating your card for Bisim service.