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Our Rent-a-Bicycle System, Bisim is available at hundreds of points such as stations and parking spots located along then seaside from Sahilevleri to Bird Paradise.

Renting with your credit card
Follow the instructions on the bicycle kiosk screen to get a password and then head to the parking unit. Go to the parking unit where there is a bicycle with non-stop green light; first push the enter button and then type in your password and push enter button once again. When the green light starts blinking, first push your bicycle forward and then pull back to take it.

When renting with your credit card, 30 TRY per bicycle shall be blocked.
This charge shall be deleted on the day after you rent the bicycle, at 23:00.
You may rent again within this period of time without necessity of charging any other deposit. If this charge is not cancelled within the abovementioned period of time, please consult your bank.

Renting with IzmirKart used for Izmir Transportation System
First, you need to get the card from Izmirkart sales corners and then activate it at Bisim office located in Konak Ferry Terminal. If you are under the age of 18, your parents must be with you for this activation step.
When activating your card, your card’s balance must be minimum 20 TRY. This amount shall be transferred to Bisim account opened in your name; the rent shall be deducted from this amount.
If your Bisim account has no balance, you might visit Konak office to transfer TRY to your account; do the transaction by following the instructions on kiosk screen and transfer TRY to your account with your credit card.

Konak Office Work Hours
Office Hours might vary durin
g religious holidays and public holidays.
All days of the week: 11:00 - 15:00 / 15:30 - 18:45 
You may visit Konak Office and pay for a Bisim membership card against to rent a bicycle; security payment is not required if you are renting with a membership card. 

In 2019, rent to be charged for a bicycle shall be 3-TRY per hour.
If you rent with Bisim membership card, you will not be charged for security.

Terms and Conditions
30-TRY security charged when renting a bicycle with a credit card will be refunded at 24:00. If not refunded, please contact your bank.
You may not use your credit card to rent a bicycle between 23:00 and 06:00.

Return of Bicycle
You may leave the bicycles to the parking spots with green light on, as these indicate available parking spots.
When you park the bicycle, retract it to make sure that it is locked.
Unlocked bicycles shall be considered as not delivered. Use details shall be sent to your mobile phone via text message.

If the renting station does not have an available parking spot, you may put the rented bicycle to the available parking spot in the next station. You may use the kiosk screen to search for available parking spots.
If the bicycle you rented is broken, you can return it to the same station within 5 minutes.