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In accordance with Privacy Act no. 6698, all information that can specify your identity or deem it specifiable, will be processed, in the context below and on the score of Data Supervisor, by İZMİR METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY as Personal Data. The “Processing of Your Personal Data” expresses all kinds of processes performed on the data to prevent the obtainment, recording, storage, protection, changing, re-arrangement, clarification, transfer, taking over, making it obtainable, classification and  use.    

We would like to point out that as İZMİR METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY, we give the highest of importance to the safety of your personal information and continue our activities with the awareness that the safety of your data is the priority in the services we provide for you.

The confidentiality of your private life and the preservation of fundamental rights and principles while your personal data is in use of our services is our essential principle.   

The Intent in the Processing of your Personal Data and its Legal Purposes

To use in the services provided for you within the laws and regulations our institution is affiliated with, to realize our municipal services and in order to determine the patron and the addressee of all the processes to record your identification details, address, telephone number, tax identification number and other data within the context of the Privacy Act, to issue information and documents that will form the basis for the acts and processes that will be realized on paper or electronically, to consort with the data storage, reporting and informing liabilities anticipated for all judicial and administrative authorities in accordance with the applicable law, to realize our services within the scope of the laws we are subjected to and to be able to present other services that other requested or submitted.   

Furthermore, as explained under the “Conditions to Process Personal Data” section, the
Law allows processing the personal data without explicit consent of the related person in case of following incidents:  
a) If clearly indicated on the Laws,
b) If such data must be processed to protect life or physical integrity of a person who is not in a condition to express his / her consent due to the physical impossibilities or whose consent is not legally recognized or to protect life or physical integrity of another person,  
c) If the personal data of the contracting parties must be processed on condition that it is directly connected with the establishment or performance of a contract, 
ç) If required for performance of the legal liabilities by the data supervisor,
d) If made public by the related person,
e) If processing such data is a prerequisite for establishment, exercise or protection of a right, 
f) If the data must be processed for the legal interests of the data supervisor on condition that it does not impair the fundamental rights and freedoms of the related party

Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal data under the possession of our Municipality, might be shared, within the limits of the law, with the people, institutions and/or foundations that are obliged/permitted by the governing law, other laws and legislation provisions, with the district municipalities in order the public services to be conducted, with the universities and public institutions within the scope of the governing law or by way of the permission issued by İzmir Municipal Council and with the third party vendors from which the Municipality outsource business in order to conduct the Municipal Services,
Personal Data Collection Methods

Your personal data are collected via various channels such as declarations/information forms and other documents relating to the municipal services issued with your approval and/or signature, the notifications you make via electronic approval and/or with your signature along with different oral, written or electronic media such as the local service units, Web Pages, Mobile Applications, Call Centers, Kiosks that are in possession of our Municipality, in accordance with the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216 and other related legislation.

Your legal rights under Article 11 of the Law

You can apply to our Municipality:
a) To find out whether your personal data are processed or not,
b) To request information on whether your personal data is processed,
c) To find out the purpose of the process and ask whether it is used appropriately for its purpose,
d) To ask about the third person to which your personal data is transferred,
e) To request correction if your personal data was processed incomplete or incorrect,
f) To request the destruction of your personal data in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 7 of the Privacy Act,
g) To demand the process made in accordance with articles (e) and (f) to be reported to third parties to whom the personal data had been transmitted,
h) To object to the emergence of any unfavorable consequence that has occurred due to analysis made exclusively with the automatic systems,
i) To demand the indemnification of your damage in case if you suffer any damage due to the illegal process of your personal data.

According to Article 13 Clause 1 of the Privacy Act, you can convey your request to exercise your rights specified above to our Institution in writing or via Registered Electronic Mail with an electronic signature.  In this context, the channels and methods to convey the request you will have from our Institution within the scope of Article 11 of the Privacy Act are indicated below.

In order to exercise your rights specified above, you can convey your request along with the required information for the proof of your identification by filling out the form on and bring a signed copy of the said form, along with the proof of your identification, to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Editorship Affairs Mimar Sinan Mahallesi 9 Eylül Meydanı No:9/1 Kültürpark içi 1 no'lu Hol Konak / İzmir in person, sending it via the notary or forward it through with a secure electronic signature.

Privacy Act Application Form (doc)

The data officer you can apply to within the scope of the law is
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality
Mimar Sinan Mahallesi 9 Eylül Meydanı No:9/1 Kültürpark içi 1 no'lu Hol Konak / İzmir