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Public Transportation to the Airport
You may take a bus; use the subway – suburban train line to get to Adnan Menderes Airport located in the south of Izmir.
You may use the electronic card in buses and pay for the airport tariff or use card ticket (Bilet35) which will charge for 2 tickets; you can also use the suburban train and charges will be “pay as you go” starting from the first station you get in. Your pass cards must have sufficient balance to use the suburban train line.
By Bus
Following buses of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality go to the airport and calls at the following stops:
Airport Bus Number 202; departs from Gazi Osmanpaşa Bulvarı stop near Cumhuriyet Square and goes to Konak – Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı – Çevre Yolu – Gaziemir stops  
Bus Number 200 Mavişehir Interchange Station – Karşıyaka stops
Bus Number 204 departs from Bornova Merkez subway station and calls at the bus terminal and then arrives to the airport.

With Subway – Suburban Train Line
Take the subway and get off Hilal – Halkpınar or Alsancak interchange stations; select south direction of the suburban train line and get off at the airport station.
If you want, you may just take a taxi to go to the airport from any part of the city.

How to get to the Bus Terminal
You may take the buses leaving from Kemer (54) – Halkapınar (555) – Bornova Merkez Metro (204 and 505) Buca Tınaztepe (277) and Konak (302) interchange stations to go to bus terminal. Bus numbers you should take from each station are written in the parenthesis.
Click on the related link to see the timetable.

Urban Public Transportation at Night – The Owl Tariff
In Subway network
At 00:30 – 00:40 – 01:00 on Friday and Saturday nights; round-trip from F. Altay – Evka 3 stations until 01:00
Karşıyaka Tram
At 00:45 – 01:45 and 02:45 on Wednesday – Friday and Saturday nights; one-way from Alaybey to Bostanlı
Konak Tram
At 00:30 and 00:45 on Friday and Saturday nights; round-trips from F. Altay and Halkapınar stations
In Subway system
At 00:30 – 00:40 – 01:00 on Friday and Saturday nights*; round-trip from F. Altay – Evka 3 stations until 01:00
In Bus transportation
910 Gaziemir Konak – 920 Çiğli Konak – 930 Bornova Konak – 940 Buca Konak – 950 Narlıdere Konak lines and 200 Mavişehir – 202 Cumhuriyet and 204 Bornova Airport lines have night bus timetables.
In Sea Transportation, the night ferry timetable is as follows:
At 23.59 -  01.00 - 02.00 and 03.00 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from Karşıyaka Ferry Terminal to Alsancak Ferry Terminal
At 00. 30 - 01.30 - 02.30 - 03.30 from Alsancak Ferry Terminal to Karşıyaka Ferry Terminal.     
Public Transportation in Subway Line
Izmir Subway has F. Altay, Poligon, Göztepe, İzmirspor, Hatay, Üçyol, Konak, Çankaya, Basmane, Hilal, Halkapınar, Stadyum, Sanayi, Bölge, Bornova, Ege University and Evka 3 stations. We built escalators and elevators for disabled and elderly in total 17 stations for facilitating access to the stations and platforms and there is a support system for the blind and wheelchair charging units.
The subway system is available between 06:00 and 00:20 and the average headway is around 5 minutes but this headway is reduced down to 3.5 minutes during the peak hours. There are bus stops on Bornova - Halkapınar, Hatay – Üçyol and Evka 3 interchange stations that provide direct access to bus and Izban suburban train lines; Konak station has access to bus stop, ferry terminal and tram stations whereas F. Altay station is connected to buses and tram.

For timetables, headway and lost & found office
Address: 2844 Sok. No.5 35110-01 Mersinli – İZMİR
Tel: (232) 461 54 45 (pbx)
e mail:
Urban Transportation with Suburban Train Line
Suburban Train line is a 41-station and 136-km long railway network traveling from Aliağa in the north of city to Selçuk in the south.

IZBAN, a 50 – 50 partnership of Turkish State Railways and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, started to carry passengers on August 30, 2010 for the first time. Thanks to this organizational structure and starting to carry 225 thousand passengers with innovations made on the line transporting 3 thousand passengers a day, the Union Internationale des Transports Publics (UITP) awarded the network with the grand prize of the “Best Cooperation” category in 2013.

Halkapınar and Hilal are the two intersection points connecting to Izmir Subway; passengers particularly travelling from south can easily continue with Izmir Subway and get to Konak and Bornova direction.
Alsansak Gar is one of the central stations and it provides access to the suburban train line in both directions.
Please seek the price tariff section to find out more about the station based prices and refunds available for pass cards.
Tel: 0232 398 32 32
8291 Sok. No:6 Ataşehir Mah. Çiğli - İZMİR
Lost and Found
Please refer to Izban Salhane Station between 08:30 and 18:00

Public Transportation with Tram
This in-city transportation option provides public transportation to Karşıyaka – Mavişehir region. If you get to Karşıyaka and Bostanlı Ferry Terminals by taking the ferry, you may take the tram by going to the nearby tram stops.
Tram passengers can have access to subway and suburban train line from Halkapınar; Alsancak Gar, Konak and F.Altay stops. 
Ataşehir – Alaybey line travelling along Karşıyaka – Bostanlı Shore route starts approximately every 8 minutes.
This line is 8.8 km-long and takes 33 minutes.
Ataşehir Çevre Yolu  Mavişehir M.K.Atatürk Spor Salonu Bilim Müzesi Atakent Selçuk Yaşar Vilayet Evi  Çarşı  Bostanlı İskele Yunuslar  Nikah Sarayı Karşıyaka İskele Alaybey.
Konak Tram
Konak Tram carries passengers between Halkapınar, which is close to intercity bus terminal as well as being an interchange station for bus and subway network, and F. Altay (Üçkuyular) line that is close the district bus terminal you may use to travel to our touristic attractions such as Urla, Seferihisar, Karaburun and Çeşme; Konak Tram is an alternative to other means of transportation along this route. 
Tram departs from Halkapınar and reaches Üçkuyular through Çankaya – Konak, the historical and ancient parts of the city; it departs every 7 minutes and every 6 minutes, respectively on the weekdays & Saturdays in summer and in winter and every 10 minutes on Sundays.
This line is 12.6 km-long and takes 45 minutes.
Halkapınar - Üniversite - Havagazı - Alsancak Stadyum - Alsancak Gar - Atatürk Spor Salonu - Hocazade Camii - Kültürpark Atatürk Lisesi - Gazi Bulvarı - Konak İskele - Karataş - Karantina - Köprü - Sadık Bey - Göztepe - Güzelyalı - AASSM - Üçkuyular - Fahrettin Altay.
Tram Lost and Found: 0.232.461 54 45
Public Transportation with Buses
Directorate General of Eshot, an authority attached to the Metropolitan Municipality, is in charge of bus services in the city center and district municipalities.
There are busses travelling to remote but touristic districts under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality.
Please visit the mobile applications of our website to find about walking distances to the key points in the city, such as educational, healthcare, public institutions and establishments, social facilities, shopping areas, historical places, cultural centers and accommodation options.
You may visit our mobile applications and website to learn all transportation information you might need; such as line-stop and route info, timetables of related lines, lines calling at any stop, nearby stops, pass cards, balance check and top up.
Lost and Found
Zafertepe Mah. Yeşillik Cad. No:67 Konak / İZMİR
Tel: +90 232 293 53 97
Please call Eshot Call Center 0 232 320 0 320 for all your assistance and information requests
Urban Transportation by Sea
Ferries travel between Foça – Karşıyaka located in the north of Izmir Gulf and Mordoğan – Urla – Güzelbahçe - Üçkuyular  - Göztepe  - Karantina - Konak – Pasaport – Alsancak (Port Area) located in the south of gulf.
Foça – Mordoğan – Urla are touristic attractions and hence you should check updated timetables of these ferry terminals.
Bostanlı, Karşıyaka, Alsancak, Pasaport, Konak, Karantina, Göztepe and Üçkuyular ferry terminals are the main terminals used for urban transportation.
Ferryboats are available from Üçkuyular and Bostanlı ferry terminals. 
You may use the round-trip ferryboats travelling from Üçkuyular and Bostanlı ferry terminals and travel between two shores in 25 minutes without being stuck in the traffic.
You may use Izmirim card or cash to pay for vehicles when using the ferryboat.
These ferry terminals are also used as interchange stations of buses.
The booths at the ferry terminals are open during the office hours but you may use the charging machines until the end of ferry hours. 
Please visit our website to learn more about ferry tariffs, cancelations and ferry terminals and if you want to learn about Gulf Timetable Changes, please subscribe from “Register and Keep Posted” section on our website.

Lost and Found: 0850 360 0 350 Ext.:210
Tel: 0232 330 50 71  - 0850 360 0 350
Contact Info:
Please send an e-mail to HEMŞEHRİ CONTACT CENTER or  or call 444 40 35 to find out more about lines and routes and let us know your questions, complaints, requests and suggestions about transportation.

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