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Konak District
Fuar Kültürpark
Kültürpark, the home of over 200 valuable trees and a variety of plant species mainly brought from abroad, is located on an area of 421 thousand m2; there is a 1850-meter long tartan track, swimming pool, indoor sports facility, tennis court, wedding hall and an amusement park located on an area of 13.500 m2.  The tartan running track can be used along the Kültürpark Area but sportswear is required.
Kültürpark has halls located near Basmane door that are used for cultural activities such as book fairs throughout the year; Atatürk Open Air Theater, İsmet İnönü Art Center, İzmir Art, Fair Wedding Hall, Celal Atik Sports Complex, Parachute Tower, Youth Theater, Art and Sculpture Museum, Histroy and Art Museum are examples of the social activity venues located here.
This area is located between Konak and Alsancak Port offers green fields, resting areas and benches, tartan walking tracks and cycling track that you might use all day and cafeterias located at a distance from the sea.
Balçova District
The lift offers paid transfer from Balçova last stop to the picnic area, generally between 12.00 and 20.00, excluding Mondays.
There are recreational and sightseeing areas up on this hill as well as cafes, restaurant and snack bar. 
You should contact Hemşehri Contact Center to learn more about periodic maintenance times of the lift.
İnciraltı Recreational Area
Inciraltı City Forest, landscaped on an approximate area of 2 million m2 with Inciraltı Fishpond, is a combination of blue and green that is used by the locals at any time of the day for sports, walking, sightseeing and picnic.
Inciraltı City Forest has park benches made with natural stone, rock and woods as well as bridges, walking and cycling tracks. The wetland in the forest is a bird sanctuary and nesting area; it is surrounded with fences for protection purposes and the cycling and walking track starting from Yenikale connects to Inciraltı City Forest through the shoreline; the shoreline is paved with stone layout and the fishing port is protected.
Bornova - Bayraklı District
Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreational Area
Aşık Veysel Recreational Area, located in Bornova Kızılay Neighborhood near Bornova Farmers Market has ice rink, amphitheater, walking tracks and recreational areas on 245-decare land in Bornova.
Homer Valley
There are ponds and water jumps, picnic areas surrounded with trees and nature friendly wood park benches along this approximately 7-km long valley. Homer Valley is a picnic area where the natural stone barriers regulate the waterflow in the stream bed in rainy days.
Meles Delta
Meles Delta, a recreational area located on an area of 139-thousand m2 in the city, has routes along green field, water pond for water birds and recreational areas; this landscape is a place of culture, art, recreation and sports activities offered to the locals.
Ord. Prof.Dr. Ekrem Akurgal Life Park
This 90-decare area located in Cengizhan neighborhood has three playgrounds, body conditioning and resting areas, skatepark and skating rink, 2 basketball courts, synthetic turf football field and tennis court as well as cafeteria, observation decks, picnic area, 1239-meter walking track, 2103-meter running track and parking lot for 146 vehicles. Also, the park has a 2-thousand m2 open exhibition area and training facility.
Buca District
Buca Pond
167-thousand m2 Buca Pond is a recreational area that has a fish restaurant, steak – fast food places, amphitheater, picnic area, pond bar, hobby gardens, cafes, observation decks, kids’ play units, market, animal paddock, parking lot, picnic area, hobby gardens and observation decks.
Buca Hasanağa Garden
This green field located nearly on a 98-thousand m2 area has a picnic area and playground, basketball court, squash area, body conditioning area, running track and tennis courts as well as a parking lot.
Mevlana District Recreational Area
This 20-decare land located in Tıngırtepe, which is the highest point of Buca and home of Mevlana Statue, has a café, walking tracks and park benches.
Buca Seven Lakes
The Seven Lakes located on an area of 100-thousand m2 has cafes, restaurants, show center, resting areas and benches, walking tracks and green fields surrounded with flowers and palm trees.
Çiğli District
İzmir Wildlife Park and Sasalı Picnic Area
Izmir Wildlife Park located on an area of 425-thousand m2 in Çiğli Sasalı is the sanctuary of 138 species, over 2600 animals and over 250 plant species.
This sanctuary has moving walkways allowing you to see and tour natural habitants of the animals as well as observation towards, ponds, training of horses for children, stables and poultry houses as well as kids’ zoo with playgrounds, tropical center with birds and reptiles as well as cafeterias.
750-thousand m2 green field located right by Izmir Wildlife Park is known as Sasalı Picnic Area, aka the lungs of the city; this place is a picnic area located right at the heart of city but has shades of tree, pine forest, healthy living track and cycling track.
Bird Paradise
40-thousand-hectare Gediz Delta, also known as the Bird Paradise located in Çamaltı Saltern, currently offers a sanctuary to 289 bird species and the number of these water birds increase up to hundred thousand in the winter. Izmir Bird Paradise has a 20-km long cycling and walking tracks. You may cycle and use battery-operated car to see all places in the Bird Paradise.
Bostanlı Recreational Area
Total 160-thousand m2 of shore area was rearranged and now it has approximately 2-km long picnic areas along the shore, amphitheater, playgrounds, basketball, tennis and skating rinks, running and cycling tracks and squares.

Mavişehir- Alaybey, Bayraklı – Meles Delta, Kordon – İnciraltı, Sahilevleri and Güzelbahçe shore area was rearranged and running tracks, walking tracks, cycling tracks, body conditioning areas and playgrounds were placed along the entire shoreline of the city as well as basketball, tennis courts, skating rinks and skate parks and picnic areas placed in designated areas. For example, along 6.5-km long route between Üçkuyular Ferry Terminal and Konak, you may walk and ride your bicycle along the shoreline and walk & sit at the cafes located at a distance from the shoreline. 

Constructions of Mavişehir Public Park, Bornova Adventure Park and Şehit Üsteğmen Ömer Bozkurt Park, Bayraklı Şehit Polis Fethi Sekin Park, Yüzbaşı İbrahim Hakkı Caddesi park were completed recently and the number of tartan tracks, walking tracks and body conditioning areas located in the parks you can see all around the districts and neighborhoods of this city has been increasing; you may use these areas as sports facilities and recreational areas.