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Fuar Kulturpark 
Kulturpark with total 421 thousand m2 area 156 m2 of which is green with more than 200 valuable trees and various plants majority of which were supplied from abroad accommodates 1850 meters tartan rink, swimming pool, indoor sports facility, tennis court, wedding hall and amusement park established in 13.500 m2 area. 
Specialized fairs are organized at “International Izmir Fair Ground” within the year. Some of the social activity venues in Kulturpark are as follows: Ataturk Open air Theater, Ismet Inonu Art center, Izmir Art, Fuar Wedding hall, Celal Atik Sports Hall, amusement park, zoo, parachute tower, the youth theater, State art and sculpture museum, history and art museum. 
You can access Balcova by municipality buses departing every 10 minute. Teleferik, the picnic area can be reached at last stop of Balcova. There are cafes, restaurants and buffets at the hill reached by the telpher. It is closed for service due to renovation.
Inciralti recreation area 
Inciralti City forest being about 2 million square meters arranged with Inciralti Dalyan is a space that people of Izmir spend every hour, sports, walking, tour and picnic are possible in an ambiance where green and sea joins.
There are recreational areas, bridges, walking and bicycle paths built with natural Stone, rock and woods in Inciralti City Forest. Wetland in the forest where the birds shelter and lay eggs was protected with wire fence and bicycle and walking path starting from Yenikale was connected to Inciralti City Forest along the coast and fishing port furnished with shoreline Stone string was protected.

Bornova - Bayraklı
Bornova Asik Veysel recreation area 
Asik Veysel Recreation area on 245 decare land in Bornova where ice sports hall, amphitheater, walking and recreational areas are present is located in Bornova Kizilay Street close to Bornova market place.
Homeros Valley 
There are ponds and water jumps, picnic areas surrounded by trees, nature-compatible wooden sitting area along the valley being about 7 km in length. Homeros valley is the picnic area that water flow in the stream bed is regulated with natural Stone dams in rainy weather.
Meles Delta
Meles Delta comprising of walks, water pools for water birds and recreation area in 139 thousand square meter green area in the city is a recreation area where the citizens perform culture, art, recreation and sports activities with landscape.
Ekrem Akurgal Life park 
There are three child playgrounds, condition and recreation areas, skateboarding and roller skate rinks, 2 basketball courts, artificial green football fields and tennis court and cafe, watching terraces, picnic areas, 1239 meters walk, 2103 meters race track, 146-vehicle parking lot in 90-decare area in Cengizhan Mahallesi. There is also 2 thousand square meters open exhibition space and an education facility at the park. 

Buca Golet (Pond) 
Buca Golet is the recreation area on 167 thousand m2 area with fish restaurant, meat-fast food, amphitheater, picnic site, pond bar, hobby gardens, cafes, view terraces, kid play sets, market, animal paddock, parking lot.
Buca Hasanaga Garden 
The garden has picnic, kid play field, basketball court, squash court, condition field, racetrack, parking lot in 55 thousand square meter green area.  

Mevlana Street recreation area 
Mevlana Statute is located in Tingirtepe being the highest point of Buca in 20 decare land and its height with pedestal is 25 m. Cafe, walking trails and sitting groups are present in the recreation area whirling dervishes are placed in slopes.
Buca Yedigoller (Buca Seven lakes) 
There are cafes, restaurants, performance centers, recreation and sitting groups, walking trails, green areas surrounded with flowers and palm trees in 100 thousand m2 seven lakes. 

Izmir Natural life park and Sasali picnic area
Izmir Natural Life Park established on 425 thousand square meters in Cigli Sasali accommodates approximately 1500 animals of above 125 species and more than 250 plant species. There are also touring bands that the visitors can see the animals in their natural environment easily, watch towers, pond, manege where children can ride a horse, stalls and pens and playfields, zoo for children, tropic center of birds and reptiles and also cafes. 
Sasali picnic area being the lungs of the city with 750 thousand square meters green area close to Izmir Natural Life Park meets the requirement of picnic area with fresh air, pine forest, life track, cycle track. 
Bird Paradise 
Bird Paradise within the border of Camalti Saltpan and Gediz Delta with 40 thousand hectare surface area host 289 bird spices recorded based on the current data and one hundred thousand water birds. There are cycle and walking tracks in 20 kilometers routes at Izmir Bird Heaven. The Bird Heaven can be toured by cycle and battery-powdered cars. 
Bostanli Recreation Area
There are picnic areas, amphitheater, kid playfield basketball, tennis courts and rinks, race tracks and cycle track and squares within the scope of shore covering total 160 thousand m2 area.
Walking tracks 
Kordonboyu (waterfront) 
There are green areas, resting and sitting areas, tartan walking areas and cycle tracks and cafes along the shore between Konak and Alsancak port and where you can spend time at every hour of the day. 
Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvari (Mustafa Kemal Sea cost Avenue) 
Mustafa Kemal Sea cost Avenue is 6,5 km touring and walking area with cafes along the shore and has walking and cycle tracks along the coast between Uckuyular ferry dock and Konak.
Karsiyaka and Bayrakli Seaside walking tracks, Bird Heaven track 
There are basketball, tennis courts, rinks, skateboard tracks, race tracks, walking tracks, cycle tracks, condition equipment at a few different points, wooden kid playfields, picnic areas along Bayrakli Dock and Meles in 150 thousand m2 new green area along the coast of Altinyol.The Bird heaven has 20 km walking and cycle track.
Fuar Kulturpark 
Tartan track can be used along Kulturpark Area on condition that you put on sportswear.