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Air Pollution Controls and Measurements
In our city, buildings using central coal heating system are monitored throughout the year for minimizing air pollution caused by heating, as we are authorized to do so by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

Central heating systems must be operated by trained personnel, building chimneys and boilers must be maintained and cleaned by persons or legal entities authorized by our municipality; we perform inspections to verify these and checks following complaints.

“Sales Licenses Certificates” of coal stores selling coal used for heating purposes in our city are checked and we take samples of these coals; these are assessed based on the standards specified in the decisions announced by the Local Environment Board of the City.
Furthermore, according to the regulation on private hospitals and private outpatient diagnosis and treatment clinics, our teams receive documents to do air pollution assessments of private hospitals to be established and they perform on-site inspections before issuing related reports.

Air Pollution Measurements
Air quality is measured by total 8 air quality measurement stations; 7 built in type and 1 mobile (portable). Our stations in Alsancak, Bornova, Karşıyaka, Güzelyalı, Çiğli, Şirinyer and Bayraklı are integrated to the measurement system of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. You may visit this link and to see air quality values of our city.
You must be aware that you need to take precautions against carbon monoxide poisonings caused by improper use of and negligence with regard to heaters, central heating boiler and chimney during low-pressure weathers and southwester days.
If you want, you might also visit the following link to read the informational notice issued by the Ministry of Health for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning caused by chimneys on the days with strong southwester; and review the precautions given on the bottom of that page for preventing chimney poisoning.  

Noise Control
Complaints about noises coming from workplaces, workshops, manufacturing sites, facilities and similar workplace activities - excluding noises from domestic activities and caused by neighbors- are reviewed on site according to the regulation in 21 districts located in Izmir and noise levels are measured.
In Bornova, Konak, Aliağa, Karşıyaka, Bayraklı, Torbalı, Seferihisar, Çiğli and Karabağlar Districts, the related institutions are in charge of the audits.
We implement sanctions that will allow eliminating or minimizing harmful effects of noise by assuring application of the restrictions in the regulation.
The department;
Prepares noise measurement reports required for Non-Sanitary Enterprises Business License stage.
Prepares opinion report by reviewing the EIA Files, Acoustic Report or Environmental Noise Level Assessment Report of new establishments.
According to the regulation on private hospitals and private outpatient diagnosis and treatment clinics, on-site inspections and noise measurements are performed as a part of the application files prepared for private hospitals to be established.
According to Business License and Operation Licenses Regulation and Regulation on Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise, entertainment venues must obtain a live music license. We prepare Environmental Noise Level Assessment Reports for live music license applications presented to our authority and the opinion basis to live music license of entertainment facilities is announced according to this report.
Complaints about noises coming from entertainment venues playing live music are reviewed on site according to the regulation and noise levels are measured.
Strategic noise map of Izmir Province was completed on the date of 30.12.2015. The noise complaints related to the Highway and Railway in Izmir are reviewed on site and the related establishments and organizations are informed about the matter.
Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization / General Directorate of Environmental Management started “Implementation Capacity for Environmental Noise Directive” on 28.06.2013 under the scope of EU IPA 2009 Program and the project was completed on 31.12.2015. Highway map was issued during this time for noise coming from Highways in Izmir as well as Railways noise map and Industrial noise map for selected industries. As a result of review and necessary assessment of the abovementioned noise maps, we started action plans related to minimizing noise if the limit values given on the Regulation on Environmental Noise Assessment and Management are exceeded. 

Please contact for your applications and further assistance.