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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s Emergency Rescue Health Project, known as AKS 110, was launched for providing emergency rescue and health services in case of natural disasters such as traffic accidents, fires, earthquakes, landslides and floods that can happen at unforeseeable times, places, in unexpected ways and that can have unknown number of victims and effects. Please dial 110 to reach AKS 110 in case of the following emergencies.

Please state the address of fire scene, type of scene (house, warehouse, factory etc.) and, if possible, state the reason of fire as well as your phone number and name.

AKS 110 teams have special techniques and equipment to rescue anyone trapped in a vehicle in case of a traffic accident.
The primary principle of Emergency Rescue and health services is to offer a complete service for rescuing accident victims from the vehicle with special rescue techniques and providing necessary emergency medical attention and referring the injured victims to the most suitable healthcare institution as soon as possible in case of being trapped in a vehicle during a traffic accident.  

Please dial 110 to notify the Fire Department about floods.

AKS 110 stands by you in case of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and landslides. Please dial 110 to notify the related authorities about necessary information.

AKS 110 is at your service in case of emergencies such as being stuck in a high building, building collapses, rescue at sea, falling down in a well, being stuck in an elevator. When reporting an incident, please state the location, give directions, and state the type of incident and number of people in danger as clearly as possible.

AKS 110 offers non-stop services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 
Call toll free number 110 for fire, natural disaster, traffic accident, explosion (blast) etc. rescue services. You can use your mobile phones and pay phones for these toll-free calls. Please remember that false reports will lead to loss of time and financial losses. Fire extinguishing and all kinds of rescue services as well as evacuation services in case of heavy rains, floods are free.

Please visit AFAD website, the rescue organization established to minimize damages and impacts of any disaster in our country and to take measures, and see the list of assembly areas to be used all around the city in case of a disaster.