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Urban public transportation is under the authority and responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality. Bus-ferry-metro-suburban train line Izban offers complete transportation service so that public transportation services can be complete with lines and routes.
In Izmir, you can use “Izmirim” electronic card and Bilet35, which is a disposable paper ticket that can be used for 3, 5 and 10 trips, for benefiting from public transportation and some municipal services.

Izmirim Card can be used on subway and suburban trains as well as ferry terminals and all buses; the second and following rides on the subway, ferry, tramway, suburban train or buses within the 90 minutes following the first ride are included in the price. Right of transit does not apply on B-D-F-G tariffs. The suburban train line has different pricing. Bilet35 does not include right of transfer.

Several services such as Parking Lots, Bisim, Cable Car, Izmir Wild Life Park, Aşık Veysel Recreational Area Ice Rink, Smart Restrooms offered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
You can top up Izmirim Card over the internet using your credit card or ATM card with credit card properties.

How can you get İzmirim Card and Bilet35?
Cards and tickets are available on the central stations of the subway system such as Konak, Fahrettin Altay, Bornova and you can top up your card and also use changes for this purpose until the last metro by using the charging machines available on each station and you can buy, top up your cards from kiosks around the city.

Eshot General Directorate, which is attached to Metropolitan Municipality, is in charge of bus services in the city and between the district municipalities.
Districts attached to the Metropolitan Municipality, as required under the Law numbered 5216, has a bus timetable. Transportation services are available in 322 lines.
Click here for detailed information about the timetable click here.
Airport Shuttles
Click here to see routes and timetables of shuttles available to Adnan Menderes Airport
Transportation from midnight until morning
24-hour bus lines are available to offer public transportation even after the midnight. The main bus station in Konak is in front of the Municipality around the ferry terminal. 
The bus lines are;
63 Konak-Bornova( Konak, Montrö, Alsancak, Zafer Payzan, Manavkuyu)
104 Konak-Buca ( Varyant, Eşrefpaşa, Menderes Cad., Heykel, Buca Üçkuyular)
152 Konak- Gaziemir (Üçyol, Karabağlar, Sosyal Konutlar)
180 Konak-Balçova (Varyant, İnönü Cad., F.Altay)
542 Karşıyaka - Çiğli (Kahveler Durağı, Anadolu Cad.,Girne Bulvarı, Karşıyaka,Altınyol, Talatpaşa, Konak)
Click here to see timetables of these lines.
Transportation to important locations
Thanks to the transportation to important locations section on our website, you can review line-stop and route information of important locations (within a 250 – 400 – 500 – 750 – 1000-meter walking distance) such as educational institutions, health institutions, public organizations and establishments, social facilities, shopping locations, invoice payment kiosks, historical places, culture-art centers, accommodation and you can see timetables of the related lines. Furthermore, you can use “Lines of this Stop” section and see information of the lines stopping on the selected bus stop. Click here

Izmir Subway has F. Altay, Poligon, Göztepe, İzmirspor, Hatay, Üçyol, Konak, Çankaya, Basmane, Hilal, Stadyum, Halkapınar, Sanayi, Bölge, Bornova, Ege University and Evka 3 stations. We built escalators and elevators for disabled and elderly on total 17 stations for facilitating access to the stations and platforms and assisting disabled passengers. Click here
The subway is available between 06:00 and 24:00 and the average headway is around 10 minutes but this headway is reduced down to 5 minutes during the peak hours. There are bus stops on Bornova/Halkapınar, Hatay/Üçyol interchange stations and both bus stop and ferry terminal on Konak station.

Please visit www.izmirmetro.com.tr to see headways and timetables.
Number of gulf ferries is increased and the headway is now shorter for achieving the goal of “Unity in Public Transportation”. The ferries are available from 7 terminals; Bostanlı, Karşıyaka, Alsancak, Pasaport, Konak, Göztepe and Üçkuyular.
There are buses offering easy access to interchange stations at Üçkuyular and Bostanlı Ferry Terminals.  
Ferryboats offering non-stop round trips between Üçkuyular and Bostanlı Ferry Terminals offer the option of 25-minute transportation without the hustle of urban traffic.
Konak Ferry Terminal 445 10 40
Göztepe Ferry Terminal 224 20 22
Üçkuyular Ferry Terminal 277 91 98
Alsancak Ferry Terminal 463 93 65
Bostanlı Ferry Terminal 330 50 71
Karşıyaka Ferry Terminal 368 48 78
Pasaport Ferry Terminal 446 37 14
Click here to see the ferry timetables.
İzmir Tram

Karşıyaka Tramway with a route from Ataşehir and Alaybey has a round trip every 10 minutes.
The Ataşehir – Alaybey line, which is also known as the Karşıyaka Tram, is 8.7 km long. There are 14 stations on this line. These are: Ataşehir, Çevre Yolu, Mavişehir, M.K.Atatürk Spor Salonu, Bilim Müzesi, Atakent, Selçuk Yaşar, Vilayet Evi, Çarşı, Bostanlı İskele, Yunuslar, Nikah Sarayı, Karşıyaka İskele and Alaybey. There are 17 vehicles that operate on the Ataşehir – Alaybey line.  

The Halkapınar – Fahrettin Altay line, which is also known as the Konak Tram, is 12.6 km long. The names of the stations on this line are; Halkapınar, Üniversite, Havagazı Fabrikası, Alsancak Stadyumu, Alsancak Gar, Atatürk Spor Salonu,  Alsancak Hocazade Camii, Kültürpark Atatürk Lisesi, Gazi Bulvarı, Konak İskele, Karataş, Karantina, Köprü, Sadıkbey, Göztepe, Güzelyalı, AASSM (Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkesi), Üçkuyular İskele and Fahrettin Altay. There are 21 vehicles that operate on the Halkapınar-Fahrettin Altay line. 

Service Frequency
Service frequency, which was 20 minutes during the test drive period, was adjusted to 10 minutes, being valid from the day regular services have started on 1 July 2017. Passengers will use the city card while travelling with the Karşıyaka Tram just like other means of public transportation and will benefit from the 90 minute transfer system. The service frequency is 10 minutes. 

Trams will be running regularly between 06:00 – 24:00.

You need to have a city card (İzmirimkart) or an electronic ticket. 
Except for caged pets, it is forbidden to get on the tram with pets. 
Mendicity is forbidden in and around the trams. The 90 minute transfer system right cannot be transferred to other passengers and cannot be demanded.
Lost properties that are found at the stations and in the trams are given to the officials.