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We are the first Turkish municipality preparing a logistics plan

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (LOPI) of Izmir so that the passenger and cargo transportation in the city can meet the European standards and be in the light of scientific criteria. LOPI is the first logistics plan drafted in Turkey by a city.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the first local government that has drafted a logistics plan in Turkey. Administrators and experts from the related municipal departments as well as academicians, authorized officers from the related public institutions and organizations, representatives from logistics and cold storages as well as representatives of the private sector and participants representing district municipalities and non-governmental organizations worked together throughout the 15-month preparation program.
This preparation process includes four workshops and one study visit on abroad. Goals, strategies, policies and outcomes of the Turkish National Transportation Master Plan, Turkish Logistics Plan Study and other related regulations and studies were examined. As a result of such efforts, Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (LOPI) of Izmir, a plan in harmony with Master Transportation Plan of Izmir, has been drafted. 

Eser Atak, the Assistant General Secretary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, noted the importance of LOPI and explained the ultimate goal as minimizing the negative social and environmental impacts of urban logistics activities and coming up with solution offers. He continued as follows: “The plan projects a number of efforts such as reinforcing the transportation connections, planning logistics centers and creating new trailer parks. When all pieces come together and paint the final picture; we will see that the passenger and cargo transportation shall be more efficient and effective; traffic jam, noise, high levels of emission and other negative environmental impacts will be decreased. On the other hand, we will make great contributions to the national wealth by reducing costs in all those areas. Izmir will walk towards the future with health as well as being one of the cities having the best sustainable urban logistics practices”.  
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