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The World Wide Known speakers will mark to the 2nd Century Economics Congress.

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The Second Century Economics Congress, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on March 15-21 under the slogan "Invitation to Novelty," will feature nearly 70 speakers, including world-renowned scientists, historians, politicians, sociologists, and activists.
The Second Century Economics Congress, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on March 15-21 under the slogan "Invitation to Novelty," will bring together well-known scientists and experts from all over the world. Prof. Dr. Andrew McAfee, Sir Bob Geldof, Prof. Dr. Francis Fukuyama, The Architect Hiroyuki Unemori, Prof. Dr. Ian Goldin, Joschka Fischer, Prof. Dr. Michio Kaku, Prof. Dr. Thomas Faist, Prof. Dr. Timothy GardenAsh, Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva will be among the names who will speak at the congress.
From artist to physicist…
 In the seven-day congress, nearly 70 speakers, including  world renowned scientists, historians, politicians, sociologists and activists, will make many comprehensive presentations. On March 15, the first day of the congress, the artist and activist Sir Bob Geldof will give a speech titled "Making a Difference" to the audience.
Prof. Dr. Timothy Garton Ash, a historian and a writer, will give a speech titled "Turkey in Today's History" via an online link on March 16. The theoretical physicist Prof. Dr. Michio Kaku will give the closing speech of the same day under the title " After 50 Years , Turkey ". The academician Prof. Dr. Thomas Faist will give his speech titled “ Climate Destruction and Migration: The Transnational Socio-Ecological Problem” on March 17. The political scientist Prof. Dr. Francis Fukuyama will make the online closing speech of the day with the title  "Global Politics, Democracy, and Turkey".
The Earthquake and Turkey
The architect of the Sukagawa Community Center, which was designed to be fully disaster-resilient after the Tōhoku earthquake in Japan on March 18; Hiroyuki Unemori , will make his speech titled “The Earthquake and Turkey: Is It Possible to Get Rid of Disasters?”. Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva who is  Indian research writer and ecological activist, will appear before the audience with a speech titled "Mother Nature and the Future of Humanity". Immediately after, the lead researcher Prof. Dr. Andrew McAfee, in his speech titled “The Power of Dematerialization”, “How can we grow the economy and use digitalization while consuming less natural resources?” will seek answers to these questions.
To A Better World
The former Foreign Minister of  Germany and the Deputy Chancellor politician Joschka Fischer will meet the audience on March 20 with his speech titled “European Union, Democratization and Turkey”. On March 21, the last day of the congress, the economist Prof. Dr. Ian Goldin will give his speech titled “Liberation: From the Global Crisis to a Better World”.
The registrations will be made from the "Economics Congress" application.
In order to attend the congress, it is required to download the "Economics Congress" application and check in the relevant day. It will be able to be in attendance the event area with the barcodes obtained  through the application
The Information about all events to be held within the context of the congress, can be accessed through the application. The users can also purchase tickets for the concerts of Melike Şahin, EvgenyGrinko and Kardeş Türküler, whose  all income will be transposed to the earthquake region.
"The Economics Congress" application, can be downloaded from both the Apple Store and Google Play for mobile phones and tablets.
The program has been declared.
The program of the Second Century Economics Congress, which will last for seven days, involve main sessions, delegate meetings, forums and artistic activities.
The Common Policies Text will be discussed within the context of the congress in the panel, which will be attended by the vice presidents of the political parties responsible for the economy making up the Nation Alliance on March 18. 
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the Chairman of the Republican People's Party and the Presidential Candidate of the Nation Alliance, and the leaders of other political parties that make up the Nation Alliance, will meet with the citizens in İzmir on March 19 .
6th of February, 2023 ; Following the great earthquake disaster, the program of the Second Century Economics Congress, which has been rescheduled for March 15-21, included extensive negotiations on the long-term consequences of the earthquake's destruction.

The congress is on March 15-21.
The Second Century Economics Congress, which is a civil, obvious and entirely participatory initiative, will be held between 15-21 March 2023. At the end of the congress, policy proposals that will shape the new century will be shared with the entire Turkish population.
The secretariat of the congress is being carried out by İzmir Planning Agency (İZPA) affiliated with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.  It can be visited at “” for the program of the Second Century Economics Congress and all other information.
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