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President Soyer: Every year, we will hold meetings to follow the decisions of the Economics Congress.

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Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality , Tunç Soyer, hold a press conference within the scope of stakeholder meetings held on the third day of the 2nd Century Economics Congress. President Soyer said that “ We have made a decision to hold meetings that will ensure the pursuit of the decisions taken and the principles determined at this congress every year.”
On the third day of the 2nd Century Economics Congress entitled "We Are Constructing the Turkey of the Future", the meetings of Stakeholder are also held with the participation of farmer, worker and industrialist-merchant-tradess groups. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer held a press conference about the two-day stakeholder meetings , at Historical Bıçakçı Han. President Tunç Soyer said that the work carried out on distinct platforms will take its final form on March 21.
“A future Project”
President Tunç Soyer who says that the Economics Congress is so significant for the history of Turkey, remarked that “ Just as the Erzurum Congress became the National Pact, and while it is a congress that has  determined the new borders of Turkey, İzmir Economic Congress was also Misak-ı İktisadi, a congress in which the economic policies of the republic were determined. After these two congresses, It is possible to say that the republic was shaped and established. Today, we set out for the establishment of a brand new Turkey in the second century of the republic by Inspiring from 100 years ago. The 8 months of work will be over in 2-3 days. This congress is being held in today's political climate, not to search for  solutions to today's political problems, but to construct the Turkey’s future. A future Project. We want to leave a well-designed heritage for the second century of the Republic, not just roads and bridges.”
“It will not come to an end On March 21  “
President Tunç Soyer who states  that they decided to hold the Economics Congress every year, said these statements ; “The Congress of Economics will not come to an end on March 21. On the contrary; we decided to hold meetings every year that will ensure the follow-up of the decisions made by this congress and the principles it has determined. It's like presenting a progress report every year. It will be came together again to confer where the decisions taken have reached in a year, which ones have come true, why they have not come true, and what needs to be done to make them a real. We will follow the decisions taken today forever.  We do not want to live in this nice country, which is shaped only by the top-down decisions made by politicians. All of us desire that there will be political decisions that will be determined in the light of ideas that are nourished from the capillaries of this country, where different ideas are freely put forward and freely shaped. I can say that this congress will take an active role in enlightening to construct a more equitable , prosperous, free, democratic country. We are very excited. . We are responsible for fulfilling a historical mission.”
“Historical responsibility is all of us ”
President Soyer who evokes that there was great despair during the Izmir Economics Congress, said ; “There was a great despair in society 100 years ago. There was great deperdition. Despite all these conditions, Atatürk had been attempting to construct a future in a climate of destruction by bringing together 1,135 delegates from all over Turkey. . If our ancestors achieved that day, it is our historical responsibility to achieve now. Especially for this reason,  we need to be more successful. We have to construct a better designed future. It is truth that our pain and lament is great, but we must continue to live here for the future generations of this country, for our children and grandchildren and we have to design a future for future generations. This is our historical responsibility.”
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