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japanese architect Unemori explained the resistant cities of the future

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The World-renowned Japanese architect Hiroyuki Unemori, who speaks at the Second Century Economics Congress;  conveyed his resistant and harmonious architectural works in Japan. “We need to think of cities in a hundred years,” he said.
The Japanese architect Hiroyuki Unemori gave a presentation titled “Resilient Cities in the World of the Future” within the context of the Second Century Economics Congress. He told that “I came to Turkey for the first time. I visited Istanbul and Izmir. The eastern and western cultures have assorted with each other in a very good harmony. We need to think of cities in a hundred years. What kind of troubles will originate in the future, it is essential to evaluate them well.”
“Cities have been restructured against earthquakes”
Unemori who Clarifies the construction project which is created against the earthquake in Japan, said: “There are many earthquakes in Japan. There are 20 earthquakes with a magnitude of 6 and above every year. Herein, we have carried out the next phase in urban planning. The Cities were made up for subsequent earthquakes by cultivating building standards. The refortification process goes through distinctive phases. First, we put forward the temporal accommodation and substructure. Then , we fulfilled the refortification process.  Public buildings such as community centers were built. Here , how we created places where people can come together is also important.
“People who have lived through the disaster want to interact with each other”
The inhabitants should be involved in the transformation process, according to Unemori, who indicated structural transformation projects and instances of durable buildings based on technology in the areas of Japan where the earthquake inflicted devastation. Unemori told that “We comprehended how substantial it is to pay attention to the voices of citizens. Citizens affiliate with this progression. We arranged over 30 workshops and we harkened a lot of ideas. People want to listen to somebody to find out. Because , People who have lived through the disaster want to interact with each other. We also concerted places where people could meet and interact in the buildings we construct. The Assembly hubs will be formed in areas where strong public structures are constructed. Hopefully,  this inspires you too.
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