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Izmir will be the center of innovation and entrepreneurship

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GreenTech 2019 Izmir, an event co-organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) and Ministry of Industry and Technology, unites Turkish entrepreneurships working in the field of green technologies and representatives from public institutions, municipalities, universities, trade associations, industrial zones and private sector.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer made the opening speech of this event; he highlighted the importance of using environment friendly technology to covered the increasing consumption needs and added that this is where the green technology comes into play; we must develop green technologies in all aspects of life from transportation to industry, agriculture to health so that we can leave a clean, healthy and habitable world to the next generations.

“IZKA has identified the entrepreneurship works and industry stakeholders in Izmir and thus mapped the entrepreneurship ecosystem. As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, our goal is to expand this ecosystem even further and refresh the communication with industry stakeholders and turn Izmir into a city of innovation” said the Mayor Soyer.
“GreenTech Izmir is a vital event for faster commercialization of technology startups and thus in development of innovation and increase of added value in our country” said Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, the General Secretary of IZKA.

The companies having an idea about an initiative in the field of green technology had 5 minutes each to present their projects and then they did a Q and A.
Project Examples...
Network of energy sharing for electric vehicles, an agricultural platform that turns chemical pesticides into an ozone active organic and smart product using plasma technology, a multi-user web based data analysis platform on cloud, production of ecological leather 100 % degradable in nature with no allergic and toxic properties, water installation system to minimize losses of water and energy…
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