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İzmir is in the final for the European Youth Capital

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İzmir became one of the 5 European cities that has reached the finals among 13 European cities in the 2026 European Youth Capital candidacy.
While İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work in line with the youth-oriented city vision of Mayor Tunç Soyer, it is experiencing a new excitement after the European Award. The Good news for the 2026 European Youth Capital application was announced by the European Youth Forum. Among the applications of 13 European cities, it was announced that İzmir went on to the finals. The cities of Malaga from Spain, Sarajevo from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tromso from Norway and Vila do Conde from Portugal will compete with İzmir for the title of 2026 European Youth Capital.
Soyer : “I am ready to act my part in the process”
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer got together with non-governmental organizations and young people who contributed to the application process and carried out work after the  announcement of the qualifying list and the final news. Mayor Tunç Soyer , who states   this improvement is a very significant success, said that : “You, young people's guidance is very notable for us. I believe that this success will be completed in the final and our city will win this title. Such a title will be brought not only to İzmir but also to our country. We will ensure benefits to young people in many distinctive fields such as culture, art, literature, music, sports and tourism.
14 January “City and Youth” Meeting
İzmir Youth Initiatives meeting was held on  January 14 ,2023 with 58 people who represented 28 non-governmental organizations and 10 district municipalities under the title "City and Youth". Applications for the 2026 European Youth Capital were made in an intensive and participatory manner during the application process that began with this gathering.
Tugay: “ We have become an example city for Turkey ”
The assistant secretary - general of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Ertuğrul Tugay enunciated that “We started walking together with non-governmental organizations and young people during the application process that commenced on January 14. I would like to thank our young people who have taken part in this process and have spared their valuable contributions. We, administratively, will do our best as facilitators in the work of young people for the cities they dream of. It was a great success that İzmir played in the final last year. We are proud that this success sets an example for other cities in Turkey. This year, Konya, Ankara and Antalya applied from Turkey as well as İzmir.”
“ The European Youth Capital ”
The title of European Youth Capital is seen as a significant step to enhance the opportunities, to offer cultural, social, political-economic life and development programs for young people, to develop more livable urban ecosystems for young people. The European Youth Capital application has been made to introduce all the work done with young people on the international scene, to contribute to the recognition of Izmir, and to raise more funds for the youth works.
The Studies for the 2026 European Youth Capital application will proceed throughout the year , with the relevant units of the Metropolitan Municipality and different institutions, foundations and organizations that carry out youth work. İzmir has advanced to the finals by successfully completing the first of the 3-stages of application process. For the 2nd and 3rd applications to be made in June and August, it will proceed in a participatory way with non-governmental organizations in İzmir.
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