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Işın Çelebi: It must be determined towards full membership to the EU

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Talking at the Second Century Economics Congress, The Former Minister of State for Economy, Prof. Dr. Isin Celebi ; By Describing Turkey's February 6 earthquake process as "decayedness", she said that Turkey should be determined in the way of full membership to the EU.
Within the context of the first sessions of the Economics Congress of the Second Century; the Former Minister of State and the economist Prof. Dr. Isin Celebi, talked about one of the policies implemented by Turkey after the 6 February earthquakes. Isin Çelebi, who compares today's Turkey to the situation of the country 100 years ago,said that  “I was impressed by the similarity of this congress with the that of Economics Congress of 1923. When Atatürk set out, everything in the country was devastated. Today, after February 6, Turkey has experienced a very serious destruction. Atatürk declared the Republic after 1923. Today, this Economics Congress, that is chaired by Tunç Soyer, Turkey's economic policies after 2023 indicate a new beginning that protects nature and commits to sustainable development."
“It is need to have a quick decision-perceptive ”.
 Çelebi said that the collapse in the earthquake demonstrated the bad side of the system. “Today, we are going to commentate the rickle we have experienced on February 6th. At present time , Turkey urgently is supposed to create $40 billion in resources for the earthquake region and this money  must be used. However, we see that it is not known where this money will be found. If the budget is over, these needs can be meet with an additional budget. Why do we need to the economic policies? The Quick decision – perceptive  in the new economic policy and quick implementation need to evolvement. Turkey must leave aside its backward economic policy and the monetary policies against inflation must be implemented in a disciplined manner.
The Ministry of Human Rights should be constitute.
By saying that Certainly, Turkey should establish a ministry of human rights and equality, Çelebi continued his explanations : “The issue of human rights and equality is one of the most notable matters. Turkey has to be decisively on the way of  full membership of the European Union. . For this reason , it must carry out the rules of human rights , democracy and it must act in accordance with the international law. There are 17 main headings in the sustainable development points. Turkey needs to implement this in a way that give countenance to migration from cities to rural areas, especially in order to ensure productivity in agriculture. The way to do this is to be a free person and be free - thinking. The way to do this is to rebuild democracy in Turkey. The way to do this is  reinstate the law and justice.
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