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Important visit from Venezuelan Ambassador

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Venezuelan Ambassador to Ankara, Jose Gregorio Bracho Reyes visited İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. He was hosted in the office of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality mayor by Acting  Mayor Mustafa Özuslu. Opportunities for joint events and cooperation within the scope of the 70th anniversary of mutual diplomatic relations between Turkey and Venezuela were discussed. 

Acting Mayor Mustafa Özuslu expressed his pleasure from the visit. Regarding the book on Atatürk and Bolivar brought by Ambassador Reyes, Mustafa Özuslu said “two revolutionaries history witnessed are in this book. Both revolutionaries have lead innocent people of the world and have fought against imperialism. Independence movements of Latin American peoples and their revolt against imperialism is no different than our national independence war and anti-imperialist fight in Anatolia under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal.”

Ambassador Reyes proposes bust and activity
Ambassador Reyes explained the importance İzmir to them with Latin American independence leader Francisco Miranda landing in İzmir. Reyes therefore stated that they wish a bust of Francisco Miranda in Karaburun, where he landed in 1786.

Other proposal of the ambassador is to promote Venezuelan coffee that aims to open to international market in İzmir, since İzmir Port played an important role in coffee trade in history. 
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