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Children Met Writer Asa Lind

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İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has brought together children of İzmir with Swedish Asa Lind, who is among the children’s bestsellers with Sand Wolf series.

Writer Asa Lind explained the story of how she wrote Sand Wolf book in the program organised by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that the stories begun with her daughter saying that she saw a sand wolf among the sands on a return trip from the beach and 3 books are available today she said, “stories in my books are both fantasy and real. Fantasy and reality are reconciled. You cannot discover anything without imagining. Keep on imagining”.
After the interview, children got the Sand Wolf books gifted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality autographed. Expressing her joy of visiting İzmir, Lind said “We’d been to İzmir before. İzmir is a fantastic vivid city. It was a great pleasure to meet children here.” Attending a creative drama accompanied by a sociologist from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Social Health Office, students had a pleasant day.  

Born in Sweden, Asa Lind was famous for her Sand Wolf books. She was awarded the globally acclaimed Nils-Holgersson award in 2003. Dinosaur Egg, Piaskowy Wilk and Ellika Tomson’s  Discovery Diary are among the well-known books of the author.
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