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​Earthquake support from Japan to Izmir

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Mr. Yoshio Iwamura, Chairman of Kobe International Sustaining Organization, paid a get-well visit to Izmir Mayor Tunç Soyer following the earthquake of 30 October.

Mr. Yoshio Iwamura got information from Mayor Soyer about impacts of the earthquake.
Mr. Tunç Soyer hosted his guest in mayor’s office at Kültürpark Izmir Sanat. Mr. Yoshio Iwamura asked about recovery process in the town after the earthquake, activities carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality during the process.
Mayor Soyer told activities of the Metropolitan Municipality
Mayor Tunç Soyer told that the city suffered also deaths after the magnitude of 6.9, approximately 50 thousand people lost their homes after the disaster and at least 10 thousand children were affected from the disaster and specified that they organized campaigns to solve shelter problem of those who lost their homes. Mr. Soyer said “During the process, 6 thousand 667 people informed their need of housing. 4 thousand 429 people donated rent support. Number of people who opened their houses to earthquake victims is 223. Again, rent support worth 16 million liras was provided with the campaign started by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In this campaign, we get together people who are in need and donors who would provide support. We are building a bridge. Our activities are ongoing in order to meet all needs of 226 houses and make available to earthquake victims”.
Will start a campaign for Izmir
Mr. Yoshio Iwamura reminded that a similar disaster occurred also in Kobe, Japan in 1995 and said “We, too, suffered same disaster. 6 thousand 234 people lost their lives. Here, a tsunami disaster occurred as well. We first check status of schools following such disasters. We built school buildings. Because children are our future. Their education must not be interrupted”.
Mr. Yoshio Iwamura said that they are planning to raise funds in Japan in order to realize a project intended for children who lost their family during Izmir earthquake. Mr. Iwamura also delivered signed letters from Hyogo Governor Toshizo Ido and Kobe City Mayor Kizo Hisamoto to Mr. Tunç Soyer. Mr. Soyer, in turn, presented a plaque to his guest.
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