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3rd period in membership in the Alliance for Healthy Cities

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its membership in the European Healthy Cities Network, which was initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) with the aim of creating healthy cities.
Membership renewed for the third time

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was accepted as a member in the 5th term (2009-2013) of the European Healthy Cities Network, which developed in five-year periods, and started to work as one of the first cities in Europe, and took its place in the membership period between 2014 and 2018.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started in 1987 and renewed every 5 years, completed the membership conditions for the period between 2019-2025, and became one of the 7 municipalities accepted from Turkey. Membership certificate for network works was received at the ceremony held at the Union of Municipalities of Turkey building in Ankara on October 7th.
Studies will continue on 6 main themes
 It will continue to develop and work on projects in 6 main themes determined in line with "Increasing health and well-being for all and reducing health inequalities", "Lead by setting an example at national, regional, and global level", and "Support the implementation of WHO's strategic priorities". The 6 main themes identified include “Investing in the people who make up our cities”, “Designing urban spaces that improve health and well-being”, “Building more participation and partnerships for health and well-being”, “Improving social well-being and access to common goods and services”, “Promoting peace and security through inclusive societies”, “Protecting our planet from degradation using sustainable consumption and production practices”.
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