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The route map of the first Cittaslow Metropolis - Izmir - was discussed in Italy.

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Tunc Soyer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Cittaslow International Vice President, attended the Cittaslow (Slow City) International Coordination Committee meeting in Belluno, Italy.

Belluno Mayor Jacopo Massaro thanked the attendees as he opened the meeting that brought together Cittaslow leaders from Italy, Poland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, China, and Korea.

The Cittaslow Metropol initiative, which began in Izmir to apply the quiet life philosophy in large cities, was discussed at the meeting. Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that the work done in Izmir was supported by two pillars, emphasizing that while working on the principles that should be followed in order to embrace the calm city concept and improve the quality of life in big cities, they also carried out certain neighborhood-scale initiatives with the participation of the people.

French representative Giorgio Bonacci, a member of the Cittaslow Metropol working group, also stressed the importance of simplifying the roadmap that would be offered to any city interested in joining Cittaslow. Giorgio Bonacci said that the Cittaslow Metropol project should be planned as a long-term solution approach.

Three new members from Turkey
Three Turkish cities joined Cittaslow during the meeting of the Cittaslow International Coordination Committee. Arapgir from Malatya, Foca from Izmir, and Iznik from Bursa were awarded certificates as Turkey's new Cittaslow members during the certificate ceremony held at the end of the meeting. Cittaslow certifications for Arapgir and Iznik were presented to Mayor Tunc Soyer, and the certificate for Foca was presented to Foca Mayor Fatih Gurbuz.
Cittaslow national network coordinators also discussed advances and studies in their respective countries at the meeting. Jacek Kostka, Mayor of Gorowo Ilaweckie and Poland Coordinator, emphasized that Poland has 20 Cittaslow member cities, which is essential for both Poland and the European Union. Jacek Kostka, who stated that they will plan various activities as part of the Cittaslow Poland network's 15th anniversary celebrations, invited everyone to the events.

Manfred Dörr, Germany Coordinator and Mayor of Deidesheim, highlighted that the coronavirus epidemic has affected the entire world, and that sustainability and the Cittaslow philosophy would make cities stronger in the post-corona period. Cittaslow, according to Belgian Coordinator and Mayor of Silly Christian Leclerq, means solidarity in difficult times and that international cooperation is extremely important.

"Cittaslow Metropol is a critical initiative."
According to Korea Coordinator Prof. Dr. Bon Sohn, the Cittaslow Metropol studies conducted in Izmir are an important endeavor for the dissemination of the Cittaslow philosophy in metropolitan cities. Li Xiaobin, China Coordinator and Yaxi representative, discussed the Cittaslow market in Yaxi and praised other networks for their support of the facility developed to transmit the Cittaslow story to the Chinese. France Representative Giorgio Bonacci said that France has 12 Cittaslow members who strive to create tourist activities for visitors to their cities.
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