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FUAR İZMİR is the most qualified fair complex of Turkey that was built with an investment of 400 million Turkish Liras, that is completely allocated by the Municipality's own resources. 

FUAR İZMİR is as large as 50 football fields, constructed in 7 blocks on a 240 thousand square meter construction area within a total area of 337 thousand square meters. In addition to the exhibition halls, the facility also includes a parking garage with a total vehicle capacity of 2500 cars, offices, a cafeteria, a restaurant and a square designed as an amphitheater for use not only during the fairs but every day of the week.

Some of the major fairs; such like IF Wedding Fashion, MARBLE and ShoExpo, which are world-wide well-known fairs hosted by İZFAŞ.

Having been home to a large number of civilizations throughout its history, İzmir was also the host of the first fair in the history of Turkey ; İzmir International Fair. Izmir International Fair, the first and the most comprehensive commercial fair of Turkey despite wars, crisis, and famine opens its doors to foreign and resident visitors with a new theme and partner country each year. Unlike the major fairs which take place in FUAR İZMİR, İzmir International Fair takes place in Kültürpark.

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