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Located in western Turkey on the shores of the Aegean, İzmir, the pearl of the Aegean, is the third largest city in Turkey. With its 8.500 year history, fertile lands, favorable climate, 629 km coastline, 300 sunny days a year, a sea that offers every shade of blue and the heritage left behind by the 32 civilizations it has been a home to, İzmir is ready for you to discover.
İzmir owes its position as an economically and socially dynamic city to its location, climate and the fact that it has been home to many different cultures and religions. Persians, Ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans are just a few of the dozens of different civilizations that the city has hosted throughout its long history.
The fact that almost half of its population of 4 million are under the age of 30, makes İzmir a city full of life. The city hosts tens of thousands of university students; educates scientists, artists, business leaders and academics.
With its perfect climate, İzmir has a wonderful natural environment for agricultural products such as olives, figs, grapes and cotton. Various sea foods, wines, local herbs, olive oil and its delicious cuisine make İzmir an attractive city also for gourmets.
The city of magnificent history, blue sea, delicious cuisine, freedom and healing…
The destination of a happy vacation, İzmir is ready to welcome you with a shining sun, turquoise waters and sandy beaches...
Did You Know? 
• According to the legend, İzmir gets its name from the Amazon Queen Smyrna.
• Three of the “Seven Churches” mentioned in the Bible are in İzmir.
• The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is in Selçuk, İzmir.
• Parchment paper was discovered in Bergama.
• The first church built for Virgin Mary is in Ephesus.
• The symbol of medicine, the snake figure, originated in Bergama.
• The first healing temple, Asclepius, was built in İzmir in the name of the God of Healing, Asclepius.
• Homer, the author of Iliad and Odyssey, is from İzmir.
• Famous philosopher Heraclitus (540-480 B.C.) who stated that everything changes with the statement “You can never step in the same river twice” lived in İzmir.
• One of the authors of the Bible, St. John, died in Selçuk, İzmir. His tomb is in the city.
• Klazomenai, the first oil workshop of the world to be discovered to date, is in Urla.
• The first temple in the name of the Goddess Athena was built in İzmir.
• Herbal therapy, psychotherapy and natural therapy was first used in İzmir.
• The famous doctor of the ancient times, Galen (131-210 A.D.), lived in Bergama.
• Philosopher and poet Xenophanes lived in Kolofon in the 6th Century B.C.
• Philosopher Anaxagoras (500-428 B.C.) lived in Clazomente (today’s Urla).
• Famous singer Dario Moreno lived in İzmir.
• The first and single village with a theater is Bademler.
• The first library of Asia with 200.000 books was built in İzmir.
• The oldest bridge known to date (850 B.C.) was built over the Meles River near İzmir.
• “İzmir International Fair”, organized in every August since 1931, is the oldest traditional fair of Turkey.
• İzmir has 9 universities and 4 techno parks.

What you can do in İzmir, one of the most peaceful, secure and joyous cities in the world, is limited to your dreams.
Whether you are in the city for a day, or for an hour, there are many answers to the question “What should I do today?” The most beautiful time of the day in İzmir is the morning hours, during which you can smell the scent of the sea best and listen to the sounds of the seagulls. You can take a pleasant walk in the İnciraltı Urban Forest or along the Güzelyalı, Kordon or Karşıyaka coasts as you buy a “gevrek” and a slice of tulum cheese from a peddler that you can find almost anywhere. If you do not want to take a walk, you can enjoy the city's atmosphere as you drink a glass of well-brewed tea in a café serving rich breakfast options.
You can spend the day by taking the advantage of the transportation possibilities in the city center and visiting artistic venues, examining the works in museums, or spending a healthy day in thermal facilities. You can stroll around the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, take a walk in natural area that are easily accessible around the city as you are surrounded by the sounds of birds, taste the delicious food served in Kordon's seafood restaurants or go to  places where you can spend many fun-filled hours with your children.
Get Your Photo Taken in Front of the Clock Tower

The Historical Clock Tower, one of the most well-known landmarks of İzmir, is in Konak Square. The Clock Tower was built in 1901 as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the succession of Sultan Abdul Hamid II to the throne. The four clocks on the external surfaces of the tower were donated by German Emperor Wilhelm II. The architect of the historical Clock Tower, one of the city's landmarks with its elegant marble fountains and always surrounded by pigeons, is M. Raymond Pere. Visitors of İzmir never miss the opportunity to be photographed in front of the Clock Tower and feed the birds.

Oversee İzmir from the Historical Elevator, “Asansör”
One of the works of art of the recent period to be seen in the city center is the historical Elevator, Asansör. Giving its name to the district in which it is located, thanks to its location, the historical Elevator is the best structure to oversee İzmir's view. Built by a businessman in 1907, the elevator, then operated by steam, is operated by electricity today. The world-famous singer, Dario Moreno, once lived on the street where the Elevator is located. There is also a statue of the famous artist at the end of the street and a café and a stylish restaurant.

Get Lost in the Streets of the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar
The 500-year-old Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, which starts at Konak Square, right next to the Government House, and contains the Mezarlıkbaşı area and Anafartalar Street, is also known as the country's largest open-air market. Some of the historical inns in the bazaar, the most important center of trade in İzmir during the Republican Period, still exist as a proof activity. With its inns, marble fountains, historical mosques, synagogues, shops offering crafts reflecting the soul of the city, restaurants serving flavors unique to İzmir and businesses providing you with everything you need, Kemeraltı is the heart of the city.
Hosting thousands of people every day, the market occupies a 270 hectare area and is home to about 15 thousand businesses. Taking an important place in every visitor's “to-visit list,” Kemeraltı is a market reflecting the city's zest. When you go to Kemeraltı, do not leave before drinking Turkish coffee at the Kızlarağası Inn, eating dairy desserts and “şambali”, buying double-roasted Turkish delights and mortar coffee at Hisarönü, drinking pickle juice, eating “arapsaçı”, artichoke, milk thistle or İzmir meatballs at the small restaurants, checking out the fancy windows with dazzling jewelry at the jewelers’ market, and stopping by the spice-sellers.
Explore the Antique Shops in the Kızlarağası Inn
Also known as the Halim Inn in Kemeraltı, the inn is one of the most visited, vibrant and magnificent inns in İzmir. Reflecting the city's colorful soul, this two-storey inn, containing a courtyard, was built by Haji Bashir Agha in 1744. It is home to two indoor markets known as the “Baize Bazaar” (Çuha Bedesteni) and the “Jewelry Bazaar” (Cevahir Bedesteni), and another indoor market known as the “Copper Bazaar” (Bakır Bedesteni) located on 902 Street right outside the inn. The inn, located right next to the Hisar Mosque, was extremely busy during the Ottoman period. The inn, where traders left their loads with their caravans, consisted of two floors; the upper-floor where traders used to lodge and the lower-floor, where the caravans stayed. Today, there are ceramic, wood, glass, souvenir, local handicraft and fabric good, evil-eye talisman, silver jewelry and precious stone shops on the lower-floor of the inn. There are cafés bustling every hour of the day in the courtyard.  On the upper-floor, there are antique shops, silver-sellers, silver jewelry repairers, musical instrument vendors, cafés and small shops selling handicrafts. With an entrance right next to the Hisar Mosque, you can enjoy shopping, eating, and drinking tea or Turkish coffee brewed in a cup at the inn in the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar.

Visit the Elegant Yalı Mosque
Yalı Mosque, a rare work of art located in Konak Square, is also known as “Konak Mosque” amongst people. The Mosque, which is a symbol of the square much like the Clock Tower, was built in the 18th century inside a madrasa that was located in the same place. The Mosque has remained at a lower level as the ground level was raised during the Konak Square arrangements. Thus, you need to take three steps down to enter the building. There is a small yard surrounding the mosque.

Reasearch at the National Library
The National Library, one of the most important libraries in the country, was built in 1912. It initially came into service in a small portion reserved for men in the Salepçioğlu Mansion on Beyler Street. Today's building came into service in 1933. The building located next to the library and used as the State Opera today was the “Alhambra Theater”, which was built in order to bring in income to the library and came into service in 1926.

Both the National Library and the movie theater are among the most original structures in İzmir in terms of historical artifacts. These buildings were designed in accordance with the neo-classical Turkish architecture style. The National Library, which was put into service during the 10th anniversary celebrations of the foundation of the Turkish Republic, is managed by the İzmir National Library Foundation. The library which has been in service for more than 100 years also preserves manuscripts. Students studying at least at an undergraduate level and researchers can benefit from this library.

Listen to Arias in the State Opera and Ballet
If you are lucky, you can listen to the arias of the artists rehearsing in the State Opera and Ballet building as you wend your way on the National Library Street. This building, which is located right next to the National Library and used as the State Opera and Ballet building today, was used as the Alhambra Cinema for many years. The facade and the corridors of the building, the project of which was designed by Galip and Tahsin Sermet, are decorated with glazed Kütahya tiles. The four large frescos showing world famous theatrical plays, with light comedy being in the first place, on the walls of the theater that was put into service in 1926 were made by painter Naji Kalmukov (Kalmukoğlu). The theater has been serving as the State Opera and Ballet building since 1982 and is operated by the National Library. In terms of its craftsmanship, the structure, just like the National Library, bears traces of the 1st National Architecture Period.

See the Government House Upclose
Today's Government House was built in place of the wooden Katipzade Mansion that was used as the İzmir Governorship service building for many years. The region's name “Konak” (mansion) is derived from this old mansion. The old building, which became ruined over time, was demolished as İzmir's importance gradually grew and important government offices needed to be gathered under a single roof. The new government building came into service in 1872 at the same location. This building, which has witnessed the invasion of İzmir in 1919 and the war of independence in 1922, was destroyed completely due to a fire in 1970. The current building that is located at Konak Square was built remaining true to the original one. 
There are many institutions in service where the Government House, the administrative center of İzmir, is located today; some of which are the Konak District Governorship, İzmir Police Headquarters, and İzmir Revenue Office.

Experience Local Flavors at the Abacıoğlu Inn
The Abacıoğlu Inn was built by Haji Mustapha Agha in the early 18th century. There is a local restaurant serving İzmir and Bosnian dishes, a leather shop, and a souvenir shop, as well as several other businesses and cafés in the inn. As the result of the “Urban Improvement Project”, the Inn was deemed worthy of the “Respect for History Local Conservation Award” of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2007. In the same year, it took place among the top 30 architectural works in one of the important worldwide architectural competitions, the “Philippe Rotthier Europe Architecture Competition”.

See the Graffitis at the Agora Open Air Museum
Located in the city center, the Agora Open Air Museum is a part of İzmir's multicultural and multi-layered history. One of the largest agoras located in the city center in the world, Agora is the only example with its three-layered structure. Agora, located at one of İzmir's oldest districts, Namazgah, was built in the Hellenistic Period but was ruined in the big earthquake in 178 B.C. and rebuilt. The Agora we visit today is a structure remaining from the Roman Period. 

The Romans built a multi-layered structure around a marbled courtyard, upon columns and arches. Derived from the Ancient Greek verb “to meet”, Agora, meaning “a meeting place, a public place”, was a state-owned area where political meetings and courts were also held. The restoration of Agora as the Archaeology and History Park is ongoing.
One of the most important findings in Agora is the graffitis in the section where Roman shops are located. Defined as the world's richest Greek graffiti collection, these graffitis include sections depicting daily life in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. It is envisaged that these graffitis, which are under protection, were made between the 2nd and 4th century A.D. It is also known that the 1500 or so graffitis have existed on these walls for two thousand years, and have been made by either painting or scraping methods. These graffitis consist of depictions of the city of İzmir, words of affection, and drawings of ships. The spring water at the entrance of the Agora Basilica is believed to be flowing since the first age. However, it is recommended to not drink the water. 

The artifacts excavated in Agora are exhibited at the İzmir Archaeology Museum and the Museum of Art and History.

Meet the Dönertaş Fountain
Dönertaş Fountain, one of the important fountains in İzmir, is famous for its now non-rotary marble column. Dönertaş takes its name from the rotary round marble column on its corner. It is known that the congregation coming to Hatuniye Mosque for prayer used to rotate this column, and rotating the marble with the right hand was considered to be good luck. There are elegant engravings on the four sections of the fountain. On these sections, there is a view of the city the within Kadifekale fortress walls, a mosque, and two-storey houses depicting the city of İzmir around the mosque.

Go on a Nostalgic Trip to the Basmane Railway Station
The railway station building in the historical district of Basmane was built as the starting point of the İzmir - Kasaba (Turgutlu) railway line. For railway enthusiasts, much like the Alsancak Railway Station, it is a structure that must be seen. Having a very steep rooftop, the structure is remarkable with its 19th century ironwork forming its large cantilever. Planned to be opened to transfer exported goods to the harbor and customs, Fevzi Paşa Boulevard gives the structure a monumental image and depth. The structure seems quite spectacular, especially with the lighting at night.
Retaining its identity as a major stop in the city, today the Basmane Railway Station includes a metro station. With a short trip from the historical Basmane Railway Station, you can travel to neighboring districts like Tire, Ödemiş, Nazilli, Söke, where you can find extremely rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and local flavors.
See Where İzmir Was First Founded; the Yeşilova Mound
You can visit the Yeşilova Mound in Bornova, where civilization in İzmir, with a history dating back to about 8 thousand 500 years, began. The Yeşilova Mound in Bornova, where the first permanent settlements in İzmir took place, can be visited free of charge five days a week. You can take a 30-minute visit under the guidance of experts from the excavation team. In your visit to the oldest settlements in İzmir, you can see the Yeşilova Mound excavation area that carries the traces of the Neolithic and Roman Periods, the Visitor Center, the Neolithic Village and Yassıtepe Mound, where you can see the life style of the period. 

Explore the Smyrna – Tepekule Ruins
The Smyrna (Tepekule) Mound, where İzmir was founded for the second time, is within the district of Bayraklı.  Here, you can see the oldest house of western Anatolia, the Oval House, the precise plan and history of which is known.

Visit the Archaeological Sites in the Districts with One Bus
You can treat yourself to a historical feast by visiting the ancient cities of Ephesus in Selçuk, Asklepion in Bergama, Aternus and Pitane in Dikili, Erythrai in Çeşme, Phokaia in Foça, Metropolis in Torbalı, Clarus and Colophon in Menderes, and Teos and Lebedos in Seferihisar. You can reach all these destinations by the public buses of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. 

View the City from Kadifekale
Kadifekale, which explorers who have traveled to İzmir for centuries have always noted, is one of the most beautiful spots to view İzmir from. The castle was built by Lysimachos, the commander of Alexander the Great, on a 185 meter high hill in order to protect İzmir from the attacks of foreign nations. It was repaired during the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and the Republican periods. An important portion of the fortress walls seen today is from the Middle Ages. Within the castle walls constructed in the 3rd century B.C., there are cisterns and depots remaining from the Byzantine period.  There was an amphitheater on the northern slope facing the gulf and a stadium on the west-facing hillside in this magnificent area. Although stones were removed from these structures to be used in other structures in time, with the contributions of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality there are ongoing efforts to reveal the theater.
When you go to Kadifekale, you can visit the cistern, climb up to the castle's bastion through the narrow stairs, and view the Roman Antique Theater; which is believed to have held upto 16 thousand people, and the Agora ruins in Mezarlıkbaşı. You can also buy handicrafts made and sold by the local women of the area.

Attend Lawn Concerts at the Historical Coal-Gas Factory
The Coal-Gas Factory, built by Laidloux and Sons located in Glasgow in 1862 started its production in 1867. The structure, which is an important value of the city in terms of industrial heritage, was restored by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2007. Today, the restaurant and café in the building welcome guests in a calm and peaceful environment. The outdoor movie screenings and lawn concerts held in the evenings draw great interest.

Watch the Sunset at Pasaport Pier
Pasaport, which can be defined as the starting point of Kordon, is one of the spots where you can enjoy watching the sunset in İzmir. Located on the landfills extending to the sea and constructed in 1889, the structure was built as the "Pier Management and Passport Control" building to execute passport checks, which used to be carried out irregularly due to ships anchoring in the open seas. This area is recalled by the name Pasaport. 
Pasaport Pier was one of the six piers within the breakwater at the beginning of the 20th century. The passenger hall, built in 1926 and bears the traces of the First National Architecture Movement, constitutes the main structure of the current Pasaport Pier. Still used as part of the transportation line in the bay, the pier is the oldest compared to the others. The scaffolding and the passenger hall were renovated in 2003 by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.
Get information at the Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate Building
Located on Kordon in Konak, this historical building is a typical example of the masonry architecture of the late 19th – early 20th centuries in İzmir. The building was used as the Stock Exchange building between the years 1891 – 1919 and as the package post office during the Republic period. After the restoration in 1996, İzmir Provincial Directorate of Tourism came into service in the building. The structure's wrought iron fences, railings and the door canopy hood, especially, are in Art Nouveau style. City visitors can stop by the directorate and get information and documents on İzmir.

Walk From the Veterans Statue to Kordon
The monument located in Cumhuriyet Square is one of the symbols of İzmir. It was erected in appreciation of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the great savior, by the people of İzmir. The architect of the sculpture is the famous Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica. Atatürk's famous quote “Armies, your first target is the Mediterranean Sea. Forward!” is inscribed in front of the marble base. Opened with the participation of the Prime Minister İnönü in 1932, the monument is on a mount made of dark red Afyon marble. The mount, designed by architect Asım Kömürcü, consists of bronze embossments themed "The War of Independence and Victory" on three facades.

Shop in the Historical Atmosphere of the Old Fish Market
Built in 1888, used as a fish market and a parking lot in the Republican period, the building in the Gümrük region is, today, one of the most elegant shopping centers of the city. The historical building, which was turned into a shopping center in 2002, consists of a bookstore, home décor shops, a jewelers and watch seller, shoe and clothing shops, food and beverage venues, a small art gallery and movie theaters.

İzmir is a city home to rich museums exhibiting many findings from the Roman period to the Republican period. If you are into history, culture, cultural heritage and art, you will not even notice how time passes as you visit the museums located mostly in the city center.
In Konak; the State Painting and Sculpture Museum, İzmir Archaeology Museum, İzmir Ethnography Museum, İsmet İnönü House, Police Memorial House, İzmir History and Art Museum, İzmir Atatürk Museum, İzmir Trade History Museum, Ahmet Piriştina City Library and Museum, Music Museum and Sound Library, Selçuk Yaşar Museum and Art Gallery, Natural Stones and Technology Museum, National Railway Museum, İzmir Radio and Democracy Museum, Joy and Cartoon Museum, İzmir Mask Museum, İzmir Women's Museum, Uşakizade Latife Hanım Mansion, İzmir Press Museum;
In Bornova; Ege University Museum of Natural History, Ege University Book and Paper Art Museum, Sirkehane - Ege University Balkan and Anatolian Clothing Museum, Arkas Maritime History Museum;

In Karşıyaka; Latife Hanım Mansion Memorial House, Hamza Rüstem Photography House, Museum of Communication, Museum of Science;

In İnciraltı; Maritime Museum are among the must be seen museums.

There are many cultural and art venues throughout İzmir. For example, you can see a play at the İzmir State Theater, go to a concert at one of the most beautiful art centers in Turkey the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, or see a ballet performance at the İzmir State Symphony Orchestra. 

You can visit an art, marbling or photo exhibition at the culture and art centers in the city center. You can attend a festival taking place at the time of your visit in İzmir. You may get a chance to watch world-famous artists and events at festivals, such as the İzmir European Jazz Festival, the Puppet Festival, and the International İzmir Festival.


Camel Wrestling Festival (Bayındır, Selçuk, Çiğli)
Mordoğan Bass Fishing at Night (Karaburun)

Milk Thistle Festival (Seferihisar)
Camel Wrestling Festival (Ödemiş, Bornova, Tire, Torbalı, Bergama, Bayraklı)

İzmir International Puppet Festival (City Center)
İzmir Europe Jazz Festival (City Center)
Marine Kids Festival (Güzelbahçe)
Urla 9 March Spring Herb Festival (Urla)
Women Artists Festival (Bornova)
International Poetry Festival (Konak)
Camel Wrestling Festival (Kınık)

International Artichoke Festival (Urla)
Alaçatı Herb Festival (Çeşme)
International Bayındır Flower Festival (Bayındır)
Karşıyaka International Children’s Festival (Karşıyaka)
Konak Municipality İzmir Mini Sailors’ Festival (Konak)
Konak Municipality International Poetry Festival (Konak)
Kite Festival (Torbalı)
Amble Horse Races (Torbalı)

İzmir International Festival (City Center)
İzmir Youth Festival (İnciraltı Balçova)
Youth Festival (Buca)
Konak Municipality Alsancak Festival (Konak)
Women Artists Festival (Bornova)
Golden Cherry Culture and Arst Festival (Kemalpaşa)
Tanju Okan Sailing Race (Urla)
Local Dish Festival (Mordoğan Karaburun)
Narlıdere Youth and Flower Festival (Narlıdere)
Mordoğan Meeting the Sea Festival (Karaburun)
Amble Horse Races (Tire)
Flower Festival (Menderes)
Homeros Festival (Bornova)
Hıdırellez (Celebration of Spring) (City Center)

Karaburun Shearing Festival (Karaburun)
Kite Festival (Urla)
Flower Festival (Karşıyaka)
Bullfights (Tire)
Güzelbahçe Environment Festival (Güzelbahçe)
Afroturks Spring Festival (Bayındır)
International Bergama Bazaar (Bergama)
İzmir International Music and Dance Festival (Buca)
Gültepe Rumelia Festival (Konak)
Belenbaşı Village Yuruk and Cherry Festival (Buca)
Street Theaters Festival (Karaburun)
Tanju Okan Horse Races (Urla)
Balcılar Cherry Festival (Bayındır)

Mordoğan Street Theater Festival (Karaburun)
Cumaovası Folklore Festival (Menderes)
Buca Municipality International Balkan Festival (Buca)
Alaçatı MILLFEST (Çeşme)
Village Theater Festival (Urla)

Börklüce Poetry Days (Karaburun)
Karaburun Festival
Kösedere Grape Festival (Karaburun)
Traditional Vintage Festival (Urla)
Alaçatı Windsurf World Cup (Çeşme)
Sea Festival (Güzelbahçe)
Ildırı Culture and Arts Festival (Çeşme)
Aliağa Municipality Labor and Peace Festival 
Çandarlı Culture and Arts Festival (Çandarlı)
Victory and Peace Festival (Çiğli)

İzmir Gulf Festival (City Center)
Kavacık Grape Festival (Karabağlar)
Beydağ Fig Festival (Beydağ)
Ovacık Agriculture and Sakız Sheep Featival (Çeşme)
Foça International Culture, Art and Fishery Festival (Foça)
Karşıyaka Festival (Karşıyaka)
İzmir International Dance Festival (Karşıyaka)
Motorcycle Festival (Karşıyaka)
Konak Municipality Toros Festival (Konak)
Youth and Peace Festival (Bornova)
9 September Culture, Art and Liberation Festival (Menemen)
Selçuk – Ephesus International Culture, Art and tourism Festival (Selçuk)
Amble Horse Races (Ödemiş)

Balkan Folklore Dance Festival (City Center)
Alaçatı Big Fish International Fishery Tournament (Çeşme)
Germiyan Festival (Çeşme)

West Villages Tangerine Festival (Karaburun)
Tangerine Festival (Seferihisar)
Gümüldür Tangerine Festival (Menderes)
İzmir Short Film Festival (Konak)

Olive Festival (Karaburun)
Karaburun Narcissus Festival (Karaburun Center)
International İzmir Theater Festival (Konak)
Kemeraltı Days (Konak)

İzmir, with its easy transportation, coastal city identity, climate, history, cultural heritage, universities and other values, is an extremely favorable city for fair and conference tourism. Having built the largest exhibition center of Turkey, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality enhances the city’s position in this field. 

Having started the fair tradition in Turkey, İzmir continues toprotect and expand this tradition. New sectoral fairs are born from the İzmir International Fair that has been organized since 1923 and has acquired international qualification in the advancing years. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has established Turkey’s most prestigious and qualified exhibition center in Gaziemir under the name Fair İzmir.

Many fairs can be organized simultaneously in the 7 exhibition halls of Fair İzmir, which is close to Adnan Menderes Airport and the freeway and is easily accessible from the city center. With a seminar hall, amphitheater, social equipment and parking lot, the center meets all sectoral needs.

İZFAŞ, the fair company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality established in 1990 with the vision to make İzmir a city of fairs and one of the rare fair organization establishments financed by the local government by its own resources, has been executing the MARBLE International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair since 1995. MARBLE has increased business tourism in the city and expanded the marble sector by 23 fold. It is aimed to make MARBLE, which has grown five times its size since being moved to Fair İzmir, the biggest fair of the world in its field.  

Another fair İZFAŞ is pioneering to in the world is the IF Wedding Fashion İzmir – Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair. The wedding design competition and performance fashion shows in this in this scope contributes to the raising of young fashion designers. Being the capital of Turkey in this sector, İzmir dominates the wedding dress and evening gown fashion in the world.

2018-2019 İZFAŞ FAIRS 

9 – 12 May 2018 / Olive, Olive Oil and Technologies Fair

30 May – 2 June2018 / Olive, Olive Oil and Technologies Fair

87th IEF
7 – 16 September 2018 / İzmir International Fair

13 – 16 September 2018 / Doors, Windows, Facade, Glass and Shade Systems, Machinery and Production Technologies, Raw Materials and Accessories Fair

17 – 19 October 2018 / Shoes, Bag and Accessories Fair

17 – 19 October 2018 / Textile, Ready-To-Wear Suppliers and Technologies Fair

6 – 8 December 2018 / Tourism Fair and Congress

6 – 8 December 2018 / Gastronomy Tourism Fair

22 – 25 Janurary 2019 / Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair

22 – 24 Janurary 2019 / Leather and Leather Garment Fair

22 – 24 Janurary 2019 / Fashion and Ready – to – Wear Fair

6 – 9 March 2019 / İzmir Organic Products Fair

27 – 30 March 2019 / International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair

23 – 26 October 2019 / Mining, Natural Resources and Technologies Fair

İzmir, the city of indulgence, has hosted many different cultures and religions over the years. Here in İzmir, the possibility of finding structures from different religions, at the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, for example, or hearing the sounds of azan and bells simultanously is very high.
There are many mosques dating back to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in the center of İzmir. As well as mosques, most of which reflect the Ottoman period architecture, there are also smaller prayer rooms called "mescits", serving to those who would like to pray. Hisar Mosque, Şadırvan Mosque, Kestanepazarı Mosque, Başdurak Mosque, Kemeraltı Mosque, Yalı Mosque, Salepçioğlu Mosque, Damlacık Mosque, Odunkapılızade Mosque, Tradesman Sheikh Mosque, Naturzade Mosque, Çorakkapı Mosque, and Asmalımescit Mosque are among those that can be seen in the city center.

There also are plenty of churches that can be used for worship in the city center and districts. Saint Polycarp Church, Aya Fotini Church, and St. Vukolos Church Culture Center are among those that can be visited in the city center. The Virgin Mary House, a very important site for Christians and declared as the "place of pilgrimage" in Selçuk, the "Double Churches," which is the first church built for Virgin Mary, the Bazilika, which is built for Jesus' favorite apostle, St. John, the Seven Sleepers Cave, and three of the seven churches built in Anatolia make İzmir an attractive location in terms of belief tourism. There are a large number of synagogues dating back to the 16th century in İzmir that are of importance for the Jewish. Synagogues in İzmir are mostly located in Göztepe, Kemeraltı, and Karşıyaka and special permission is required to visit these synagogues. Beth Israel Synagogue, Shalom Synagogue, and Algazi Synagogue are among those open for worship in the city center. 

One of the most beautiful places in İzmir that you will very much enjoy, leave with great happiness and want to return to is the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar. The 500 year-old bazaar is one of the greatest outdoor bazaars of our country. More than 200 business branches provide services in the 270-hectare bazaar. This bazaar, where you can find all your needs, is also home to many historical inns and fountains. You can taste foods and desserts from İzmir cuisine in the artisan restaurants. You can find modern gold jewelry in the Jewelers Bazaar, textiles in the Arab Inn, all sorts of souvenirs in the Kızlarağası Inn in Hisarönü and meet antique dealers. You can drink a cup of strong tea or cup-brewed Turkish coffee in the cafés in the Kızlarağası Inn to relieve your fatigue after wandering in Kemeraltı.

Taste the Flavors of a DELICE Member City İzmir
İzmir is a member of the World Gourmet Cities Network (DELICE), a network with 22 cities from different parts of the world. İzmir became a member in 2015 and is the 23rd city to join the network. A platform of communication and exchange for expert chefs and cities in terms of gastronomy, DELICE's operations consist of urban marketing, education and transfer, local products, health and nourishment, and chef training.
İzmir has become a member of the network in order to transfer its experiences with its multi-cultural Aegean cuisine that is a reflection of a history of thousands of years, having the characteristics of various cultures.

Experience Flavors in the Kemeraltı Bazaar
The historical Kemeraltı Bazaar is the address for you to taste the heavenly flavors of İzmir cuisine. The small artisan restaurants in the narrow streets where you will have a hard time finding a seat and the inns serve delicious İzmir foods. Restaurants are dominated by light dishes with olive oil, vegetable dishes with meat, plain roasted herbs and stewed sour dishes. It is important to note that spices made from the drying of natural herbs play a major role in İzmir’s food culture. The essential of meat dishes, thyme, is also often used with lemon and olive oil in the morning breakfasts. Cacık (tzatsiki) is unimaginable without mint. When mint meets yogurt it becomes a “haydari” and when it meets garlic, it is often used in mezes, salads, soups and olive oil dishes.

Explore Beyler (Gentlemen) Streets
The Beyler Streets, which are at the right-hand of the entrance of Anafartalar Avenue and are the names of three consecutive streets, are known as the area where notable families and gentlemen of İzmir lived in the 19th century. There are still many commercial buildings, opticians, shoe and clothing stores, hobby supply stores and food and beverage joints.

See the Colorful Booths in Kestanepazarı
There are mostly spice, sweet, grain, legume and snack food stores, wooden decoration supplies, underwear companies, textile companies and pide restaurants in the area near Kestanepazarı Mosque. You can find all sorts of herbal mixtures, dried vegetables, fruits, rosewater, herbal oils and herbs which are said to be the cure for all, on the colorful spice store booths.

Relish the Gleam of the Jewelers Bazaar
One of the central locations of İzmir for jewelry and gold, the Jewelers Bazaar is an area consisting of tens of small stores and different alleys in Mezarlıkbaşı Square. There are many jewel-decorated ornaments in the gleaming stores of the bazaar where you can find the finest samples of Turkish gold works and handcrafted jewelries.

Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from Havra Street
929 Street in the Mezarlıkbaşı section of Kemeraltı is commonly known as Havra Street. Havra Street, where the freshest fruit and vegetables of İzmir are sold, is named after the surrounding synagogues. Grocers selling the freshest seasonal vegetables and fruit, halva, cheese and pickle stores, fishmongers and butchers are on this street, which was, until recently, renowned by its taverns.

Have a Cup of Coffee in Kizlarağası Inn
One of the well-kept and most beautiful inns of İzmir, Kızlarağası Inn, is also one of the most important stop points in Kemeraltı. The two-storied inn with a courtyard was built by Hacı Beşir Ağa in 1744. There are two grand bazaars in the inn by the name of Çuha Bazaar and Cevahir Bazaar and also Bakır Bazaar on 902 Street right outside the Inn. There are antique dealers, silver jewelry stores, silver jewelry repair shops, touristic souvenir shops, authentic local textiles stores, food and beverage stores and cafés in the Inn.

Meet Local Delicacies in Mirkelamoğlu Inn
This inn, near Fevzipaşa Boulevard in Kemeraltı, is estimated to have been built towards the end of the 18th century. There is a small and old record store, a café and an artisan restaurant where you can find local delicacies in the inn, which is remarkable with its archway.

Meet Various Delicacies in Abacıoğlu Inn  
Mustafa Ağa had Abacıoğlu Inn built at the beginning of the 18th century. There are local artisan restaurants, a watch seller, a leather dealer and a souvenir shop in addition to the cafés in the inn.
As a result of the “Urban Development Project Application”, the Inn was awarded with the “Respect for History, Local Conservation Award” of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2007. In the same year, it was ranked amongst the best 30 architectural works in the “European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier”, which is one of the most prominent worldwide architectural contests.

Do Not Leave Without Stopping by the Sherbet Booths
Sherbet booths are one of the stops you should definitely stop by in Kemeraltı. Try the black mulberry sherbet especially.

Do Not Visit Kemeraltı on a Full Stomach
We suggest that you do not visit Kemeraltı on a full stomach since you will come across street foods and local delicacies of İzmir. You will find historic sweet shops, döner shops, predecessor pastry shops, Cretean restaurants where you can taste greens of the Aegean cuisine, pide restaurants, pickle shops, fishmongers, confectioners and tate stuffed mussels, kokoreç (grilled sheep intestines), sherbet, şambali (a traditional sweet pastry), pounded coffee and freshly brewed tea.

Shop on Kıbrıs Şehitleri Avenue
Another frequent destination for shopping enthusiasts is Kıbrıs Şehitleri Avenue in Alsancak. The shops here carry ethnic patterned bags, leather shoes, design hats, souvenirs, various clothing items and accessories for reasonable prices. The side-streets of the avenue, which also brings worldwide brands together with the consumers, are filled with second-hand book shops, bars and cafés. You can relax with a book purchased from the second-hand bookshop and enjoy a coffee or a drink.  

Stroll Around in the Karşıyaka Market
The wide street that you come across right when you cross the street after coming off the Karşıyaka ferry is the famous market in Karşıyaka. The shops, jewelers, cafés, bookstores; in short, stores that sell whatever you need, cheerfully await their visitors 24/7. You can taste kokoreç, döner, stuffed mussels, fried mussels, fish in bread or whatever else you fancy.  

Lose Yourself in the District Bazaar
There are very thematic bazaars where vendors meet consumers directly, where cheap and fresh products are sold, where you can find souvenirs and textile products. Stop by the Alaçatı Bazaar in Çeşme, Saturday Bazaar in Ödemiş, Seferihisar Bazaar, Sığacık Bazaar, Seferihisar Bazaar, Tire Bazaar, Foça Terra Bazaar, Urla İskele, Women Producers Bazaar and the Art and Antiques Bazaar if you have the chance.

Do Not Leave without Eating, Drinking and Tasting
Feel certain that İzmir will stay on your mind if you leave without eating;
Köfte (meatballs), herb dishes, Bosnian börek (pastry), boyoz, lokma (doughnut), çi börek, döner, pide, şambali, almond paste; drinking black mulberry sherbet and coffee brewed in cup in Kemeraltı,
Stuffed mussels, lokma, kokoreç in Karşıyaka,
Fish and seafood in Foça, 
Samsades dessert and armola cheese in Seferihisar,
Artichoke, katmer (flaky pastry), fish and other seafoods in Urla,
Çığırtma and köfte in Bergama,
Köfte and black mulberry dessert in Tire and Ödemiş,
Fish and seafoods, kumru and mastic ice-cream in Çeşme,
Olives and various herbs in Mordoğan,
Fish and seafood in Güzelbahçe,
Çöp şiş (grilled meat on skewers) in Selçuk,
Yogurt in Menemen…

With its 300 sunny days, İzmir makes its visitors happy with its cuisine, sea, sports and health facilities and natural living spaces. Visitors will want to revisit. 

Its geothermal springs and thermal facilities enable İzmir to move one step ahead. It is very easy to go to the thermal facilities in Balçova, known in history as the Agamemnon Springs. Modern hotels provide accommodated treatments. You can also use the thermal pools, springs and spas for your daily getaways. 
You can rent a bicycle and tour İzmir using the bicycle tracks made especially for cyclists. 

Medical studies in İzmir can be traced back to the ancient times. Known to have been built in 4 B.C. and to have the quote “Death Cannot Enter Here” on its door and famous for its healing waters, Asklepion, Bergama, where the father of the history of medicine, pharmacist and physician Galenos was brought up, the historical Agamemnon springs in Balçova and one of the three examples in the world, the Klazomenai Quarantine Station have all brought İzmir one step forward in medical history.

Having been a destination for treatment in the ancient times, İzmir continues, today, to serve local and foreign patients for diagnosis and treatment in its numerous health facilities.

Due to its potential, İzmir is one of the first cities in Turkey to come to mind when medical tourism, thermal tourism, medical spas, geriatrics tourism and disabled care are concerned. 

İzmir’s prominent advantages are; the fact that it is of a two hour flight away from many European countries, it is a modern, contemporary and safe city, there are a lot of experienced staff who speak foreign languages, its pleasant climate, its 300 sunny days a year, the price – quality balance, the sporting opportunities provided for the elderly, the bicycle routes, its nature that enables special treatments made of fruits, vegetables and natural herbs and its healthy and rich cuisine based on olive oil and herbs.

Most of the hospitals and centers serving diagnosis and treatment have agreements with institutions serving as part of health tourism. In this sense, agencies arrange round trip flight tickets, transfers with private vehicles, accommodation in good quality hotels, medical examination, pre-examinations, surgery and post-surgical controls, city tours with private guides and touristic events.
City hospitals mostly serve patients from Germany, Libya, France, Iraq, Russia, Cyprus, Austria and the Netherlands.

Find Cure in Thermal Facilities 
Bergama, Dikili, Menemen, Çeşme in the west, Seferihisar in the north; Tire in the south, Balçova in the center, İzmir is surrounded with thermal springs and baths from all quarters. The thermal facilities in İzmir are also good for their rooms suitable for the disabled and the elderly, the equipment in the physical theraphy units and special regulations in the pools. You can find cure for your kidney stones, rheumatism, calcification, dermotological disorders and vascular diseases.  

Spoil Yourself with the Healing of the Water 
İzmir has great a variety of accommodation facilities from five-star hotels to pensions where thermal springs exist. In these facilities, SPA services, known as “cure with water”, are also provided. SPA services include not only water and mud therapy but also health cures such as hot tubs, various massage therapies, aromatherapy, diet, beauty and care.
Accommodation facilities serving SPA in İzmir provide visitors with relaxation and relief opportunities with hot/cold and different types of pouring, drip page, douche and spraying applications.
With wellness services you can obtain body care and mental, physical and cognitive relief.

Bicycle Lanes, Health Lanes
Having gained great interest, the bicycle lanes in İzmir are used by citizens of all ages. Bicycles can be rented and used between Mavişehir in Karşıyaka and dormitories in Balçova, İnciraltı as part of the Smart Bicycle System Project (BİSİM). Members of the bicycle rental system can use the bicycles between 06:00 – 23:00. Bicycle lanes provide a safe journey for cyclists.

İnciraltı Center for the Disabled, the Pleasure Center for the Disabled
You can access the Center for the Disabled in İnciraltı with private buses, where disabled citizens can have a good time with their families. A highly economical food and beverage shop is within the facility, just beside the İzmir City Forest by the seaside. You can also have a picnic with the whole family on the benches by the seaside.

Overcome Disablities in the Accessible City
As a result of the works of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to make city life accessible for everyone, İzmir, since 2005, has been carrying the title of “Accesible City” given by the Prime Ministry. Public institutions and establishments are taking various precautions and developing new projects to allow the disabled to have easy access everyewhere and to participate in social life.
A guided path is implemented throughout the city for the visually impaired. Yellow striped paths built with embossed material enables the visually impaired to walk easily, especially on the main street pavements, squares and pedestrian crossings.
Metro is the most preferred type of transportation especially for orthopedically handicapped. Other than the metro, municipality buses with specials platforms for the handicapped and with regulations on the ferries and state railway trains make the city more accessible for the disabled.
Also, accommodation facilities in İzmir have specially designed rooms for the disabled. In these facilities, mainly for the physically disabled, rooms and dining rooms that are easily accessible by wheelchair can be found. In some establishments with thermal facilities specially designed elevators can be found for the disabled to easily access water.

Walk by the Seaside in Glee 
İzmir is a pedestrian-friendly city with its walking trails by the seaside. You can comfortably walk in the İnciraltı City Forest, Sahilevleri, and Güzelbahçe and along the Kordon, Güzelyalı, Karşıyaka and Bostanlı. You can rest on the benches or in the cafés by the seaside designed especially by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. 

When you are visiting İzmir and it is the summertime, know that you have made a wonderful choice. The sun shines bright almost 300 days of thr year. With its kilometer-long coasts, coves, Blue Flag beaches, facilities where you can participate in all kinds of sea and water sports; İzmir is the destination for a happy, fun, pleasant and joyful holiday.

July and August are the hottest months in İzmir. The sea water temperatures can rise up to 25 – 26° C. You can either spend a serene holiday in a peaceful and calm town or you can enjoy the sea during the day and the party life at night at a tourism center.

When it comes to beaches, one of the first places that come to mind is Çeşme. The Çeşme peninsula has a coastline of 29 kilometers with clear seas, sun, fine sands, and sulphurous healing waters bubbling in the sea. There are beaches each more beautiful than the other on this coastal area. There are almost 20 beaches; notably Şifne, Küçük Port, Pırlanta, Paşa Port, Ilıca Plajı, Çiftlik, Altınkum, Çatal Azmak, Sakızlı Cove, Tekke Beach and Ayayorgi. The beaches are generally equipped with showers, toilets, umbrellas and sunbeds and you can make your choice among the fast food and alcoholoic and non-alcoholic beverage options.

Dikili also is a site famous for its beaches. As one of the countries from where sunset can be watched best, the total length of the beaches in Dikili and Çandarlı exceeds 40 kilometers.
Pamucak in the Selçuk district is another site famous for its beaches. Located at a 8 kilometer distance from Ephesus in the Kuşadası direction, Pamucak is famed with vast beaches and sand. Pamucak Beach attracts tourists with its pristine appearance. The Pamucak coastline has been declared a “tourism center”.

Dance with the Waves
Çeşme is one of the most ideal places for surfing. Visitors have the opportuity to surf at different locations such as Alaçatı, Ilıca and Pırlanta. There are many surfing schools in Alaçatı for those who wish to learn. With high winds and hard waves, Pırlanta is a site rather preferred by professionals.  In addition to Alaçatı, surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing are also performed in Urla - İçmeler, Seferihisar - Akkum, Çandarlı and Foça. You may enjoy water sports activities at the beaches in front of the facilities or public beaches in Menderes, Karaburun, Dikili and Selçuk districts using jet skis, banana boats, water ski, pedalo, canoes etc.

Dive into the Deep Blue
Enjoying the existence of wonderful coves in regards to underwater assets, the places most preferred for diving in İzmir are coves of Karaburun, Mordoğan, Selçuk, Foça, Çeşme, Urla, Seferihisar and Dikili. You may find many establishments to receive services regarding these sports at the İzmir city center and in the coastal towns you visit, and even inside some large hotels.

Cool Off at the Water Parks
There are many facilities in İzmir which bring water and fun together. You can slide at the world-class facilities in Balçova, Güzelbahçe and Pamucak all day long or enjoy the blue waters and the sun at the facilities with semi-olympic pools. There are also specially designed slides for handicapped guests at these facilities. There are animation shows in almost each of these facilities as well as activities such as water ballet and water gymnastics. These entertainment facilities especially offer fun times for children.

Enjoy Fishing
If you like resting at the coast with a fishing line in hand for hours, there are many coastal sites for you to enjoy in İzmir. Your fishing line is all you need to enjoy fishing in these places ranging from Dikili at the north, to Aliağa, Yeni Şakran, Foça, Karaburun, Mordoğan and Balıklıova, to Çeşme, Güzelbahçe, Urla, Seferihisar and Sığacık. Depending on your line, you can catch and eat the fish you catch like horse-mackerel, kupes, saupe, anchovy, sea bream, bass and red mullet. 

Go on a Boat Tour
The only thing you need to discover the coves and enjoy the sea, sun and amazing landscape until the evening is to go aboard one of the excursion boats. You can board these one-day excursion boats at the coasts of Çeşme, Seferihisar, Gümüldür, Özdere, Karaburun, Foça and Dikili. The boats will cruise along the coasts and anchor for some time in the coves for you to dive into the turquoise waters. If you so desire, you can rent these boats for a private cruise instead of the cruises shared with everyone. You can watch the moonlight at the coves of your choice, swim at night, fish or give a party for your friends.

Anchor Your Boat to the Marina
For those who prefer to come to İzmir by sea, there are five marinas; the Üçkuyular Levent Marina, IC Çeşme Marina, Setur Çeşme Altınyunus Marina, Teos Marina and the Port Alaçatı Marina. The distance between the marinas and Adnan Menderes Airport is about 40 – 50 minutes. You can anchor your boat here and benefit from various facilities.

With its mountains, plains, highlands, lakes, rivers, caves, fertile lands, Mediterranean climate flora, wildlife, bird sanctuary, rich fauna, marshlands, swamps, bay and peninsula, İzmir has dazzling natural beauties. When you add the year-round sunshine to its eco-tourism wealth, many activities can be done in İzmir immersed in nature.

You can climb mountains, and hike on safe paths with groups that are generally established by non-governmental organizations. You can follow the programs of organizations that are active in eco-tourism like tourism associations, mountain trekking organizations, horseback riding organizations, bicycling organizations, hunting and shooting organizations, underwater sports organizations, scout organizations, cave research and preservation organizations and aviation sports organizations; and benefit from their guidance.

Our city is on the path of migrating birds, thus you can observe birds in the conserved wetlands or go on a photo-safari. If you are into hunting, you can go line-fishing on the ponds.

You can wander into the surprise-filled depths of the caves, can meet sensitive horses in the horse farms and enjoy riding. You can rediscover endemic plants indigenous to the Anatolian flora with botanical tourism and can witness the flatland culture while cooling off in the hot summer days. If you are into air sports, your options in İzmir city center are a bit limited. There are some points in the surrounding districts where you can fly like a bird. You can go paragliding, hanggliding, gliding and parachuting.  You can benefit from the facilities at the national parks and camp or can determine the conditions of your vacation yourself with your caravan.

You can follow the olive and vineyard routes on foot or on your bicycle on the Urla, Çeşme, Karaburun Peninsula. You can cruise the Aegean islands on the beautiful coasts of the Peninsula following the blue route and can go fishing, sailing, do sports and everything else related to the sea. If you enjoy working with soil, you can vacation at the private farms in line with agro tourism and enjoy natural products. You can stop by the bazaars in the villages and districts along the route, taste fresh fruits and vegetables and discover local delicacies. 

Set Up Camp, Have a Picnic
Karşıyaka Örnekköy Nature Park, Karagöl and Yamanlar Mountain, Selçuk Virgin Mary Nature Park, Seferihisar Ekmeksiz and Teos, Menderes Kalemlik, Klaros, Gümüldür, Gümüşsuyu, Çeşme Tanay, Urla Uzunkuyu and Güvendik, Torbalı Efeoğlu, Kemalpaşa Karabel, Bornova Yakaköy and Çiçekliköy are all suitable excursion spots for camping or a picnic. 

Go Hiking
Aside from the known ecotourism routes, there are also potential sites for hiking, riding and cycling in İzmir. It is possible to access natural sources, to observe the flora and to have a picnic in areas mostly situated in or near villages. In some areas, you can park your caravan, set up camp, go rock climbing and experience local products. You can go hiking, do agro tourism, go paragliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, cycling, flatland tourism, sportive line fishing, birdwatching, botanical tourism, fauna observation, riding, caravan tourism and scouting in the Buca Gökdere Canyon, Buca Kaynaklar, Kemalpaşa Ansızca Canyon, Kemalpaşa Kurudere Canyon, Menemen Suuçan Waterfall, Ödemiş Bademli, Gölcük Bozdağ, Menderes Yeniköy and Değirmendere, Karaburun Mordoğan, Sarpıncık, Güzelbahçe Payamlı, Çamlı and Narlıdere Altınvadi.

Cycle Freely
With its cycling roadsstretching to Sasalı on the north and to İnciraltı on the south along the coastline and with the bicycle renting stations along this route, İzmir invites you to pedal to freedom. Cycling is a way of life in this city. Aside from the inner city cycling roads, the cycling route on the Ephesus – Mimas Road covers the natural and historical beauties between ancient Ephesus and Çeşme. Road signs and marks, and mobile applications and publications guide cyclists. 

Discover the Caves
There are over 50 caves recorded and studied in Ödemiş, Urla, Buca, Torbalı, Foça, Selçuk, Aliağa, Dikili, Karaburun, Kemalpaşa, Tire and Bornova. The 10 or so caves in Foça are also the most important homes in the country for Mediterranean seals. In formation, the Beşpınar, Dereçalı, Yelköprü and Dümbelek caves and archeologically the Sütini and Uyuzdere caves are of importance in İzmir. The Hades and Cılga caves are important in both aspects. 

Go Paragliding
If you are into paragliding, you can find establishments, although not many, in surrounding districts such as Ödemiş Bozdağ and Tire Güme Mountain or the approximately 45 minute distant city of Manisa. You can get information on the equipment, the logic of flight and aviation and can paraglide once you have gotten a theoretical and practical training for a safe and fun flight.

Capture Life on the Ephesus – Mimas Road
İzmir’s unique geography, the Peninsula’s thousands of years old history of civilization and natural riches are turned into tour routes for the first time. The routes containing important ancient settlements on the Ephesus (Selçuk) – Mimas (Karaburun) line have been constituted by professional mountaineers, hikers, cyclists, olive workers and viticulturists organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The Ephesus – Mimas Road, tracing history on the peninsula with its eight thousand year old settlement history, consists of a walking, cycling, olive and vineyard and blue routes. 

The Ephesus – Mimas Road, passing through Selçuk, Menderes Seferihisar, Güzelbahçe, Urla, Çeşme and Karaburun, includes all natural, historical and cultural accumulation. General information such as means of transport, geographical data, accommodation options, resting and camping sites, health facilities, historical and natural values and bearing points have all been marked on maps within the context of the routes.

Roadsigns have been put up on routes meeting international standards. The routes coincide with sleek beaches, forest camps, excursion tourism areas, excavation and archeological sites, museums, olive groves and mills, vinyards, village pensions, venues flavored with local delicacies, bazaars and festivals. Guiding visitors on the Ephesus – Mimas Road, with a route booklet, mobile applications and web site, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has contributed greatly to rural tourism.

Walking Route: The 709 km road, comprised of 49 tracks, starts in front of the Temple of Artemis in the ancient city of Ephesus and ends in Karaburun; mythologically known as Mimas. 

Cycling Route: The 773 km road comprised of 15 tracks between the Port of Çeşme and the Temple of Artemis, consists of natural and historical beauties such as surf schools, hot springs and beaches.

Olive Route: The 531 km road, comprised of 19 tracks, passes through Çeşme, Urla, Güzelbahçe, Seferihisar, Menderes and Selçuk. The ancient city of Klazomenai, the holder of the first olive atelier in the world, is along this route.

Vineyard Route: The 151 km road, comprised of 6 tracks, includes the vinyards in Selçuk, Menderes, Seferihisar, Güzelbahçe, Urla, Karaburun and Çeşme. The first winery of Anatolia, in Bağlararası Çeşme, is part of this route.

Blue Route: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, by providing information on the beaches, sea sports, camp sites, fishing ports ve line fishing, is supporting sea tourism. Blue flags and certificates, swimming water, sea sports, beach sports, lifeguards and wifi services are included in the beach inventory.

The İnciraltı Recreation area and City Forest, the cable-car facilities in Balçova, Balçova Thermal Facilities, Karşıyaka and Bostanlı shores, Bird Paradise in Çiğli, the racetrack in Şirinyer, Hasanağa Park in Buca, Gölet Facilities and the Homeros Valley and Recreation Area in Bornova are all natural areas accessible by public transport in a short period of time.

Go On a Walk in Kültürpark
Kültürpark, placed in the city center, with its trees and plants carefully grown since its opening in 1936, is a peaceful oasis where you can breathe plenty of oxygen, listen to the chirping of the birds and smell the pine trees.

There are 7 thousand 724 trees brought from different parts of the world, including South Africa and Syberia. With unique trees found in Turkey, the 421 thousand square meter Kültürpark is a heaven for pedestrians. 

You can ride your bicycle, run on the 1850 meter tartan track and walk barefoot on the grass in Kültürpark. Vehicle entry into Kültürpark is restricted and there is underground parking.

Enjoy a Barbeque in Teleferik
The cable-car facilities in Balçova provide a spectacular view of İzmir. You can reach the resting facilities in Atatepe from Yeşiltepe in the eight person cabins, painted in the colors of the rainbow, with the cable-car. You can see the view of the coast and the dam on either side during the three-minute journey. There are observation terraces, a rural coffeehouse, a café and food and beverage shops starting from the entrance of Atatepe station in Balçova Cable-Car Facilities. Visitors can have a barbecue in the controlled self-catering picnic area and the “beef house”. 

Become One with the Sea and the Forest at the İnciraltı City Forest
The İnciraltı City Forest is a place to enjoy both the sea and nature in İzmir. The İnciraltı City Forest, accessible by city buses, covers an area of approximately two million square meters, together with the İnciraltı fishpond. You can do sports and jogging and have a picnic in this area open at all hours of the day.
There are recreational areas, bridges made of natural stones, rocks and wood, walking trails and cycle lanes in the İnciraltı City Forest. The wetland area where birds shelter and spawn is protected by a wire fence.
Breathe the Sea Air on the Mustafa Kemal Coast Boulevard
The Mustafa Kemal Coast Boulevard allows walking and cycling on the coastline and landside for approximately 6.5 kilometers between the Üçkuyular Ferry Dock and Konak. There are many cafés on the landside of this area, where you can safely stroll even in the late hours during the summer.

Witness Wilderness at the Wildlife Park
There are almost 1500 animals of more than 125 species living in their natural habitats and over 250 kinds of plants in the İzmir Wildlife Park in Sasalı, Çiğli. The Wildlife Park, which opened in 2008, is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). There are Asian elephants, an African savannah, lion, tiger, puma shelters, wildcat, hyena, bear and wolf shelters, monkey island, children’s playground, raptor shelter, winged shelter, a tropical center, a caféteria and a gift shop. You can access the park via city buses.

Go On a Photo-safari at Bird Paradise
You can watch various kinds of birds in their natural habitat and take nature photographs in the İzmir Bird Paradise Gediz Delta Wetlands in Menemen, the wetlands in Gebekirse and Belevi Lakes in Selçuk and in the wetland in Ödemiş Gölcük Lake. 

The Gediz Delta, the fourth largest delta in Turkey, reaching out to the hills of Foça, covers a large area of 40 thousand hectares. Shore swamps, fresh water swamps, water meadows, reeds, saltpans, hills, fishponds and many different biotopes of the Delta in Çiğli provide shelter for rare birds and offer high variety for other species. 277 species of birds are recorded in the Gediz Delta. According to the regular water bird counts conducted each winter, it is recorded that from 30 up to 80 thousand water birds spend the winter here. It is also one of the most important reproduction and nutrition areas of Pelecanus Crispus, which is found only in five places in Turkey and is an endangered species.
The area is a grade one natural site area.

Discover Eco-Life in the Ecovillage
Bademler Ecovillage, situated in the midst of flower gardens, along forests and just near antique cities, is a place where the dream of an eco-life becomes reality. Having woken up in wooden bungalows surrounded by chirping birds and the aroma of flowers, you can partake in nature and culture tours and fruit – vegetable harvesting, experience new tastes and learn handicrafts. You can familiarize yourself with the local culture while enjoying living in nature at Bademler Ecovillage, where all foods are produced naturally. Bademler Ecovillage, established on the land belonging to Bademler Agricultural Development Cooperative by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and managed by producers, is on the Seferihisar road within the borders of Urla.

Enjoy the Weekend in Homer’s Valley
Homer’s Valley and Recreational Area, consisting of many ponds and picnic areas, named after the famous historian born in İzmir, is in Bornova Kayadibi Village. The recreation area, including the seven kilometer valley arrangement, was opened to the public in 2008. The area, which includes picnic areas surrounded by rare flowers, is known as a place for families for the weekend.

Meet With the Picture Postcard-Like Nature in Karagöl
Karagöl Natural Park is on Yamanlar Mountain in Karşıyaka. There is a rural bar, toilets, a buffet, picnic units, camp facilities in the park which is 26 kilometers away from İzmir. Electricity, freshwater and tap water are available in Karagöl owned by the General Directorate of National Parks. You can view the coast of İzmir as if you are on a plane from Karagöl, which is 850 m above sea level. You can have a barbecue or a picnic in Karagöl while watching the ducks swim. Karagöl is a gorgeous nature paradise, where you will need a sweater even on the hot days of summer.

Vehicles going to surrounding districts or cities from İzmir leave from the bus terminal in Yenişehir. Vehicles going to Çeşme, Karaburun, Seferihisar and Urla, the districts that make up the Peninsula, however, leave from the city terminal in Üçkuyular. You can travel to Tire, Selçuk, Gümüldür and Menderes from the city terminal in Gaziemir.

Urban transportation is met by buses, metro, trains, ferries and trams operated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. All public transportation is integrated via the connecting system. Information on timetables, routes and points of departure can be acquired from the websites of relevant establishments. 

You could also download the İzmir Transformation Guide application, developed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for mobile appliances. Travel on public transportation can be done with the İzmirim Card, which can be obtained from kiosks at the bus stops and ferry ports. All travels within 90 minutes of the first ride are free.

Sea Transport
The passenger and car ferries in the İzmir gulf are operated by İZDENİZ, an establishment of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The active ports are Üçkuyular, Göztepe, Konak, Pasaport, Alsancak, Karşıyaka and Bostanlı.

Railway System
The first journey of İzmir Metro Ltd. working on the Fahrettin Altay (Üçkuyular) and Evka 3 line begins at 06:00 and ends at 00:20. The trams operated also by Metro Ltd. are also active in Karşıyaka and in Konak. The Karşıyaka tram, operating on the Alaybey – Ataşehir line and the Konak tram operating on the Fahrettin Altay (Üçkuyular) – Halkapınar line, offer the opportunity to travel along the coast on both sides of the gulf. You can visit historical sights such as Agora, Kadifekale, Kemeraltı Bazaar, museums and art galleries by journeying on the Konak tram that runs through the center of İzmir.

The Metro, working on the east – west line intersect with the İZBAN trains, working on the north – south line, at the Halkapınar and Hilal stations. Halkapınar is a transfer station where the Konak tram and many city buses take off and the metro and İZBAN line also run through. You can travel to Adnan Menderes Airport in Gaziemir with the İZBAN line operating between Aliağa – Selçuk. You need to make a transfer at the Tepeköy station in order to go to Selçuk.

City Buses
The ESHOT buses of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality run not only in the city but also to the surrounding districts and villages. İZULAŞ, a company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, also has services to important points. You can also travel to the bus terminal and the airport by bus. 

444 40 35 Citizen Communication Center
It is the communication center for of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the citizens. You can contact the center, located on the first floor of the City Hall in Konak, via telephone, e-mail, fax, mail, Twitter, available kiosks (city terminal) in several points or in person.