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Izmir metropolitan municipality Esrefpasa Hospital is a general healthcare provider with 150-bed capacity serving affiliated to Izmir metropolitan municipality.
Our hospital located at easily accessible central area and polyclinic and services also laparoscopic, endoscopic and open operations are carried out at 7 fully-equipped operating rooms.  Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and rectoscopy unit were purchased and service area was expanded at Day Hospital unit where surgical interventions, skin biopsy, needle biopsy minor, wound dressing is carried out and physical therapy unit recently opened started to provide therapy services. Sleep disorders center was opened and started to provide service.

To get an appointment from below link...
Tel: 0 232 293 80 00
Fax: 0 232 293 86 80  
E-posta: esrefpasa@izmir.bel.tr