Municipal police is in charge of achieving welfare, peace, health and order in the town and for this purpose it is in charge of implementing orders and prohibitions of city council and to be fulfilled by it and imposing penalty and other sanctions specified in the legislation for the ones not complying with them. Its duties are as follows: 
To inspect any kinds of excavations in the street, squares, main street and roads, to initiate legal actions against the ones without licenses, 
To prevent occupations of main arterial roads, parks, gardens and cemeteries, 
To prevent touting and take legal actions against it, 
To initiate legal actions by eliminating street hawkers occupying main arterial roads and squares, to prevent beggars,  
To issue official report about the ones polluting the environment and to initiate legal actions, 
To carry out inspections in accordance with regulation of announcement advertisements and remove ads not complying with the regulation and initiate legal action, 
To take necessary actions on site in the event of disasters, such as fire, earthquake, flood, infectious disease, etc. till the teams in charge arrive and to help employees of relevant units,   
To request certificates for constructions and facilities built along the main roads within the borders of the municipality and in adjacent areas in accordance with road traffic legislation and to make an official reports for the ones not having the certificates with employees of technical works, 
To inspect the number of any kinds of bus services and public transportation vehicles and taxis operated on road, sea, water and railways determined in accordance with the resolution of competent bodies, ticket fees and tariff and time and routes
To take necessary traffic actions in infrastructure works and activities by the municipalities 
To ensure that resolutions for taxi, shared taxi, district minibuses, minibuses and bus services at 21 district municipalities within the borders of our municipality are implemented,
To preclude vehicles transporting illicitly, 
To tow away the vehicles parked in areas prohibited by our municipality in coordination with the police department traffic, 
To remove obstructions such as barrier, chain, etc. built for parking vehicles, 
To evaluate the complaints of citizens within the bus terminal, 
To take the lost properties found at transportation centers to the checkroom and return to the owners 
To inspect price and time schedules of buses at bus terminals and other terminals, to make an official reports for the ones not complying
To inspect business places for which our municipality is competent and operates for licenses
To prevent disposal of debris in the prohibited areas, to take criminal actions against the ones dumping debris. 
Necessary sanctions are imposed for the points that metropolitan municipality municipal police about the complaints and requests of our countrymen and applicants are informed and the requests are forwarded to district and first level municipalities for the issues that municipal police does not deal with and services are conducted in a coordinated manner.
Main office 0 232 293 12 83 
Teams day 0 232 459 21 33
0 232 293 12 58 
Team night 0 232 293 11 21 
Environment police 0 232 293 15 05 
Kemeraltı Ready teams A. 0 232 293 11 21 
Otogar municipal police directorship 0 232 472 10 10 - 250 
Otogar night directorship 0 232 472 10 10 - 250 
Veterinary municipal police directorship 0 232 446 27 98
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