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Birth Place: Ankara
Birth Date: 1959
Marital Status: Married
Education: Master's Degree
Mr. Soyer was born in Ankara on 1959. He lived in Izmir from his early childhood. He was graduated from Bornova Anatolian Highschool and Ankara University Law Faculty with good degrees. Mr. Soyer has two Master's Degrees on international relations one at Websters College in Switzerland and one at Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir on European Union.
He worked as a performer and assistant producer in Ankara Art Theatre and as correspondent in Turkish News Agency.
It was the same period when he translated the book titled “We Will Be Back” of Ingela Bendt and James Downing telling the story of Palestinian women in immigrant camps.

After completion of his studies, Mr. Soyer worked in tourism as General Manager for well-known facilities for five years. In 1991 he founded a holiday village in Seferihisar with a partner and  managed it for nine years.

He was a member of the Executive Board of Bornova Anatolian Highschool Educational Foundation during seven years and the President for three years.

In 2003 he prepared a report about the financial funds of European Union to be allocated to Izmir and presented it to Ahmet Piriştina, the Mayor of Metropolitan City of Izmir. Accepting the Mayor's offer, he started to work as the Consultant of  the Mayor.
Between 2004-2006, Mr. Soyer served as the Director of Foreign Relations and Vice General Secretary of Izmir Chamber of Commerce.

In 2006 he was appointed as the General Secretary of EXPO 2015 Izmir Instructional and Executive Commitee.
In 2009 he was elected as the Mayor of Seferihisar from Republican People's Party.
He implemented  the international local-scale development model Cittaslow (Slow City) to Seferihisar and introduced it to more cities in Turkey.

Mr. Soyer was appointed as the Vice President of Cittaslow Unity centered in Italy.
He was re-elected as the Mayor of Seferihisar in local elections on March 30th 2014 from Republican People's Party. 
On May 2014 he became the Chairman of the Board of SODEM (Social Democrat Municipalities Association) .
Mustafa Tunç Soyer, a fluent English and French speaker, is married with two children.