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With the Bosnian artist, there were emotional moments

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World famous artist Hanka Paldum, who participated in the 15th Balkans Folk Dance and Culture Festival organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, visited Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu in his office.

During the visit, Hanka Paldum stated that they embraced music and art in hard times. She also sang the song that she had sung after a cannon ball fired at her house during the visit. The meeting was the scene of emotional moments.

Deputy Mayor Özuslu said: “An artist is also a person who changes the world and life. Art is oppositional. Art is peace at the same time. We are the people who know the sufferings of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's good to see you here for this reason. We send our compliments to the communities living in the Balkans, especially to our brothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Hanka Paldum also said, “We spread love and peace, but in a sense, we are opponents. Music helped us a lot, especially during the war. I remember well that a cannon ball had landed in my house. There was smoke everywhere. I stood in front of the door of the house and I had a broom in my hand. I started to sing a song and tears came to my eyes at the same time. Music gives strength to object and resist.”

The symbolic name of the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, the son of the late Kemal Baysak and the Deputy Mayor of Assembly of Karşıyaka Municipality Atilla Baysak, the World Bosnia and Herzegovina Immigrant Union President Hasan Şehoviç, and artist Cenk Bosnalı participated in the visit.
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