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We hosted the Ambassador of Sweden to Ankara

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Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, hosted Staffan Herrström, Ambassador of Sweden to Ankara, in his office.

The visit was attended by Neptün Soyer, wife of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Ambassador's wife Karin Herrström, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor Onur Eryüce, Istanbul Consulate General Second Secretary Björn Jönsson, and political advisor Serkan Taş.

Ambassador Staffan Herrström stated that he was visiting Izmir for the first time and that "Izmir is a magnificent city, as it is said." "We are ready to cooperate with you in order to develop our relations both politically and culturally," he said.

Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized the importance of cities maintaining more sustainable relationships with one another, saying, "It is very important to start from the local level to solve global challenges such as climate crisis and poverty. We will be far more successful if we emphasize our similarities rather than our differences and begin working on a solution at the local level. We are not above the laws of nature. As long as we accept this, we will be able to find solutions to problems in the tourism and agriculture industries far more quickly. As the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, our projects are built on environmental principles, and we are really sensitive about this."
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