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“We are working for the UNESCO city of İzmir, from Kemeraltı to Birgi”

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İzmir Metropolitan Municipality , Mayor Tunç Soyer, who speaks at the Ethics in Tourism Workshop, said the all-inclusive system convicts it to be a part of the tourism exploitation system. Mayor Soyer said, "We are working to make İzmir a city that is associated with UNESCO from Kemeraltı to Birgi."
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality , Mayor Tunç Soyer participated in the inauguration of the Ethics in Tourism Workshop, which was organized with the collaboration of İzmir City Council, İzmir Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ,and İzmir Foundation. In addition to the Mayor Tunç Soyer ; İzmir Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism, Murat Karaçanta;  İzmir City Council President, Nilay Kökkılınç ; the Member of the Ethics Committee of the United Nations - World Tourism Organization , Günnur Diker ; the heads of non-governmental organizations, academicians, and many industry representatives participated the workshop held at the Historical Coal Gas Factory.
Our country should not be a cheap holiday destination
Mayor Soyer, who spoke at the inauguration ceremony, clarified that ethics in tourism is a fundamental principle that enhances the prosperity of all stakeholders in tourism. Also, he said “Maintaining ethical values ​​is notable for a tourism that evolves our employees, tradesmen, farmers, small producers, businesses, and nature. The tourism of İzmir has only one target ; it is to propogate  tourism to 30 districts over 12 months. An ethical process is essential to make this possible. Because the comprehension that precludes tourism to all-inclusive hotels and beaches does not improve our country. This system is so far from gratifying our workers who works in the tourism sector . On the contrary, by turning our country into a cheap holiday destination, it convicts tourism to be a part of the system of exploitation.”
“ From Kemeraltı to Birgi, we are working to be commemorated İzmir with UNESCO ”
The progress made by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the fields such as İzmir Tourism Strategy and Action Plan, Visit İzmir, Direct İzmir, and Cruise Tourism. He stated that they plan to host 4 million tourists in the city by 2024. Mayor Soyer asserted “With this step we have taken, we are regaining the speciality of being one of the most significant port cities of the Mediterranean to İzmir. Because this peerless city is the cultural heritage of the world. For this reason, we aim to present İzmir to UNESCO World Heritage sites, which are a significant part of İzmir's tourism strategy. In this direction, we act in harmony with all stakeholders in İzmir, especially the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We are progressing steadily so as to enhance the number of UNESCO sites in our city from two to six with our İzmir Heritage of the World study. We are working to make İzmir a city recognized by UNESCO as a whole from Kemeraltı to Birgi, from Gediz Delta to Bergama and Ephesus.
“It is being behaved unethically for more clients”
İzmir Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism, Murat Karaçanta adverted to the significance of the notion of ethics in tourism. “The tourism sector is one of the sectors where rivalry is the most intense.  We encounter grievances that businesses are behaving unethically to attract more clients, to profit more , with less cost. We come up against situations such as fallacious advertisements, failure to keep the promises.  We are faced with many grievances such as unconscionable prices, a lack of hygiene, lack of protection for employees and the rights of clients. These situations negatively affect the tourism of our country , even though we apply administrative procedure  in these determinations.
“ Ethical tourism is significant  for world peace ”
İzmir City Council President Nilay Kökkılınç remarked, “ The concept of ethics targets the well - being of people on every platform. The reality of the unconditional acceptance of particular  principal appears before us, when we evaluate the tourism. The Universal meaning in tourism will gain value once again with the acceptance of these principals and it will lead humanity to world peace, which it needs more than anything else.
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