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We are now in the Cities for Fair Trade Network

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İzmir Metropolitan Municipality joined the Cities for Fair Trade network active in 82 countries in order to raise the voice of producers and enable public’s access to fair food.

In line with the İzmir Metropolitan Mayor, Tunç Soyer’s motto; “Another World is Possible,” İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which promotes producers with İzmir Agriculture strategy in every possible area, joined the Cities for Fair Trade Network active in 82 countries with the goal of improving sources of income for producers via fair trade and societies.
Speaking at the “Cities for Fair Trade Turkey” publicity meeting organized by İNOGAR Cooperative and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for establishing Cities for Fair Trade Turkey Network, İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “Bolstering the natural harbour quality of İzmir and expanding the trade volume are two of our main priorities in this period. Today, by joining the Cities for Fair Trade Network today, İzmir is becoming a part of this virtuous movement. It is the first city to receive the “City for Fair Trade” title in Turkey.”
Our target is to grow İzmir’s trade volume

Noting that İzmir will pave the way in expanding Fair Trade principles and methods all over Turkey, Mayor Soyer added, “With the superordinate goal of creating and supporting a Fair Trade ecosystem in Turkey, starting from İzmir, we will enhance awareness of Fair Trade in İzmir and then, in Turkey in general and increase the number of businesses that act in line with the principles of Fair Trade. We will cement coordination between public sector, private sector, and civil society under the principles of Fair Trade.  We will ensure that İzmir products from different industries, starting mainly from İzmir agriculture, will obtain fair trade certificates, thus improve the revenues and welfare of İzmir. “
CEO of Fair Trade Organization, Erinch Sahan provided information on World Fair Trade Organization. 

Member of Board of Directors of İNOGAR, Ass. Prof. İNOCAR Itır Erhart requested consumers to purchase fair trade products and support this movement.
İNOGAR’S Founding Partner Mert Fırat said, “Access to fair food is among them. Becoming fair, establishing sustainable economies has become compulsory. I am proud to be in such an effort that will spread to the entire country starting from İzmir.”

10 principles
World Fair Trade Organization is a global movement existing in 82 countries with over 2.5 million producers and workers, 4 thousand businesses and over 2000 small and large Cities for Fair Trade. World Fair Trade Organization embraces 10 principles. These principles are opportunities for disadvantageous producers, transparency and accountability, fair trade applications, fair payment mechanisms, no to child and forced labour, no to discrimination, yes to equality of men and women and freedom of organization, good working conditions, capacity increase-expansion of fair trade and respect for nature.
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