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Urban administrations should be based on life respecting nature

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İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İzmir City Council organized İzmir Ecology Meeting with the slogan “Life Not Rent” due to World Environment Day on June 5.

Tunç Soyer, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, speaking in the opening section, said: “City administrations should base all the works carried out on a life that respects nature; we are aware that we have to change the existing mistakes starting from the local while our living spaces and future face serious threats. Because we know that we will not have a city or a country to rule anyway when we have no drinking water, no air to breathe, no local seeds, and no land to feed us.”

Speaking at the meeting where the effects of the climate crisis were discussed, Lütfiye Kader, the Chairman of İzmir City Council Environment and Environmental Health Working Group said: “We are working to settle urban culture for the people living in the city. I see it inevitable that the environmental council that will better meet this need will be established soon as a result of this struggle”.

“Nazik Işık, the President of İzmir City Council also organized the meeting by making an effort to bring together those who are committed to the struggle for ecological protection once again. We know that İzmir is not far from İkizdere with what happened, what we experienced, and our feelings. The Istanbul Canal is a Gulf Transition Project, meaning Çeşme. No part of the world is disconnected from us, and we are not disconnected from anywhere.”
Tunç Soyer, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, pointed out that water resources and the land that feeds people are rapidly decreasing and said that the climate crisis is increasing its impact on cities day by day. He noted that consumption-oriented urbanisation processes globally, allowing fertile soils for other purposes, mispolicies in agriculture deepen the negative effects of the climate crisis.
“We aim to reduce greenhouse gas by 40% by 2030”
Tunç Soyer said, "We have seen that the only way to be resistant to disasters and outbreaks is to lead a life in harmony with nature. To construct our cities in accordance with their nature. We completed two important studies titled İzmir Green City Action Plan and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan approved by İzmir Metropolitan Assembly at the end of 2020. We aim to reduce greenhouse gas in İzmir by 40% by 2030 with the Climate Action Plan. We are struggling with drought deepening with the climate crisis and increasing poverty with the pandemic at the same time. We are changing the product pattern that consumes a lot of water and poisons our lands in İzmir; we plan to save 50 percent on 77 percent water consumption used in agriculture with products that are suitable for the climate of our region and grow with precipitation.”

Completing his speech by reminding that it was the 58th anniversary of Nazım Hikmet's death, Soyer also left a carnation on his monument in Kültürpark.
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