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The Robothand was generated in FactoryLab İzmir

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The common ground of entrepreneurs is our agency of ideaİZ was generated by Robothand in cooperation with Robotel Turkey for individuals who experience hand deformation and cannot reach the prosthesis. In addition, the robotic assembly education was given to 25 volunteers.
The Factorylab, which is the first established by a metropolitan municipality in Turkey conducted İzmir Volunteer Meeting in cooperation with Robothand Turkey. In cooperation with Robothand Turkey, 25 volunteers came together for a meeting at the Historical Coal Gas Factory , Youth Campus IdeaİZ Agency. At the meeting, the manufacturing process of mechanical hands, which they prepared with 3D printers for the use of young people and children who could not reach the prosthesis due to hand deformation, was shared out the volunteers.  Also, the volunteers found out  the elaborateness of the robot manufacturing. By learning the assembly of pre-produced parts with 3D printers in the FabfactoryLab İzmir within the scope of our IdeaİZ Agency.
 Robothand production is done on a voluntary basis.
The Head of IdeaİZ Unit , Melis Başkonuş Demirci who states they have been producing Robothands at Fablab for a while ; told that ““Robothand is trying to minimize the problems of children and young people related to limb loss. It does this on a voluntary basis. Firstly, comes the person who will use Robothands and the hand is measured or  photographed. Then, our production process begins. The Hand productions are made from the wrist or elbow. While doing these, we improve hand figures using the superheroes demanded by children. The New hand production goes on every year until the child completes his/her growth. The Prosthesis is begun when the child’s growth ceases.
We can generate all parts of the Robothand as Fablab.
Demirci stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality received the information that many children were amputated in the earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş on February 6 and affected 11 provinces. He said ,  “At this point, both Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Robothand bear tremendous  responsibility. We will ratify a cooperation agreement with Robothand Turkey in the upcoming days in order that the earthquake victims who come to Izmir can access Robothand free of charge. We can generate all parts of the Robothand as Fablab.
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