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The mutual respect and cooperation message from Mayor Soyer

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Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer participated in the reception held in Izmir on the occasion of the 247th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America (USA). Mayor Soyer, at the reception hosted by US Ambassador Jerffry Flake, said that the two countries share a long-term relationship based on mutual respect and cooperation.
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer participated in the reception held in Izmir on the occasion of the 247th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America (USA). The reception given in the garden of Space Camp Turkey,which has been sponsored by Gaziemir Aegean Free Zone Founder Operator INC. (ESBAS),commenced with the singing of the Turkish and US national anthems. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, US Ambassador Jerffry Flake and his wife Cheryl Flake, the Aegean Army Commander Lieutenant General Kemal Yeni, ESBAS Chairman of the Board Mary Tuncer, ESBAS CEO Dr. Faruk Güler, Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda and guests from civil and military officials participated. 
The two countries have shared a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation for years.
The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer said, The United States also evolved the background for a society based on the principles of equality and justice. It is essential to acknowledge the historic ties and enduring partnership between the United States and Turkey,while we are considering the importance of today. Over the years, our two nations have shared a longstanding relationship based on mutual respect and cooperation. The United States and Turkey collaborated in various fields, including trade, security, technology, and education. Our city of Izmir had a different role in this process. Our partnership serves as a pathway to stability and progress in a rapidly changing world. This partnership has stood the test of time, by evolving into a dynamic alliance.
The volume of trade  increased
Mayor Soyer, While celebrating the independence of the United States, he also reminded that it is extremely significant to acknowledge the important contributions that Turkish-Americans have made to the tissue of American society. He said “Turkish immigrants, some of whom are from Izmir, enriched America's cultural diversity with their entrepreneurial spirit, contributed to scientific and technological developments and strengthened the economy. When companies' investments in Turkey are evaluated, the United States is consistently among the top five countries in terms of foreign direct investment. Last year, the bilateral trade volume between Turkey and the USA increased by 15 percent and reached 32.1 billion dollars. The common goal is to increase the bilateral trade volume between our country and the USA to 100 billion dollars. We are decisive to take all necessary precautions to increase İzmir's share in this economic and commercial field. Turkish-American collaboration is of great value for our region and the world. Our collaborative endeavors uphold democratic ideals and play a vital role in forming the contemporary global view. By encouraging dialogue and cooperation, we work persistently to create a more promising future for the benefit of all.”
The 100th anniversary of the Republic is a crucial turning point
US Ambassador Jeffry Flake, who expressed their happiness to be in Izmir said, “It's a real honor for Cheryl and me to celebrate the 247th anniversary of America's independence. Just as we value our democratic traditions in America, so does Turkey. This year is a special milestone as it is the centennial of the Republic of Turkey. The world was a very different place when Atatürk founded the modern Republic. The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923, Louis Armstrong made his first registration and a new Model T Ford cost $725. I wish we could go back to those days. In 1927, the United States opened its first embassy in Ankara.This was a railway wagon. We have gotten over our new beautiful building in Ankara. And in the last century, we've accomplished a lot together, including building close economic ties, security ties, and people-to-people ties. Now, reaching the 100th anniversary as a Republic is an admirable achievement. This has only been possible thanks to the unwavering commitment of the Turkish people to democracy.”
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