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The "Hope Movement" has started from Izmir for the earthquake victims

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has launched a “Hope Movement” that will involve all Izmir residents after the earthquake disaster that affected 10 provinces. President Tunç Soyer, inviting all the residents of Izmir to the support campaign to be carried out through his address, he said, “This movement aims to provide Jul urgently needed materials and deliver them to the region.”
After the earthquake, the epicenter of which is Kahramanmaraş and which affected 10 provinces, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality immediately took action. During the morning hours, many relief vehicles and materials were sent to the region from an earthquake container vehicle to a fire truck, from a mobile food truck to a food package.
 "We are launching the first campaign”
President Tunç Soyer also met with members of the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board (Decc), deputies, district mayors, representatives of non-governmental organizations and professional chambers in the morning. Announcing that they have launched a campaign called the Hope Movement to collect and deliver the materials needed in the region quickly, Mayor Soyer said, “On the one hand, there are studies that we will continue through AFAD. On the one hand, there are studies that we will continue as civil society and local governments. We are determined to continue these two studies in coordination and hand in hand. We are rapidly starting a 'Movement of Hope'. This movement consists of blankets, heaters, boots, coats, cleaning supplies, hygiene kits and similar materials that need to be delivered very urgently. We will ensure that our citizens buy these, we will increase the amount they buy by reaching the earthquake zone by one. This is how we are launching the first campaign throughout Izmir,”he said.
Those who want to support the campaign they will be able to buy the amount they want from the support packages offered at their address. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will deliver solidarity packages of benevolent citizens to the region along with their institutional support.
 "The people of Izmir have already started delivering relief materials”
Stating that they started working very quickly from the moment of the earthquake, Mayor Soyer said, “We have met with our Aegean Army Commander. Blankets, heaters, tents, containers need to be delivered urgently. We have sent the material that we will send urgently by cargo plane via AFAD. We had a meeting with Faruk Güler, President of the Aegean Free Zone, and the passenger plane with about 250 people will be here in 2.5-3 hours. Again, we will send our search and rescue teams and relief materials that need to reach urgently by this plane Dec. We have launched our mobile food truck and mobile hospital, mobile internet will also go, we are launching our support teams consisting of sociologists and psychologists tomorrow morning, mobile toilets are on the way. With the campaign, the storage area for the future materials will be Fair Izmir. Our citizens from Izmir have already started delivering relief materials. Izmir showed great solidarity during the earthquake, and now it is much needed. We are facing a very big disaster. We have to grow this campaign,”he said.
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