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The Foundation of İzmir declared a promotional campaign

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İzmir Metropolitan Municipality , Mayor Tunç Soyer participated in the 2022-2023 General Assembly of the İzmir Foundation.  Tunç  Soyer, who holds the presidency  of the foundation, said, “ I want this year to be the year of mobilization. Whoever makes a profit in İzmir should be a member of this foundation.  As our resources grow, we introduce İzmir to the world more strongly.”
İzmir Foundation's general assembly meeting for the period 2022-2023 was held at the Historical Coal Gas Factory.  The Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, and the President of İzmir Foundation, the director of İzmir Provincial Culture and Tourism, Murat Karaçanta; and board members attended the meeting. The General Manager of İzmir Foundation , Deniz Karaca informed about the annual report of the foundation. The new regulations have been added to the objectives of the İzmir Foundation, which has 71 members. These regulations are about activities and trainings which aims to raise the economic, cultural, artistic and social potential of the city, especially in tourism, and for the awareness and recognition of İzmir as a city.
We have to generate more and we have to achieve more
Mayor Tunç Soyer said , “After the disaster of the earthquake, none of us will be the same as before. We have to generate more and achieve more. Rest assured, we still have a long way to go, a lot to achieve. The rhythm of life sometimes accelerates. Sometimes we live in leaps. We are experiencing one of those leaps today. Our conclusion here is to keep up with that rhythm and write this story together. Our hope is great, and our excitement is great. The foundation of İzmir is not the product of a single institution. It comprises representatives of the private sector, which we can call intellect and opinion leaders in İzmir. We, as İzmir Foundation, have to do better and nicer. İzmir deserves this.”
Whoever makes a profit in İzmir should be a member of this foundation.
Mayor Soyer who underlines the foundation structure is one of the most powerful structures in Turkey,  said “The foundation of  İzmir is a peerless power. I want this year to be the year of mobilization. Let the new members mobilize. The area and scope has been enlarged with the transition  made to the statue of the foundation. Whoever makes a profit in İzmir should be a member of this foundation.  This should contribute us to the growth of earnings. If this does not happen; our power and potential would be wasted with small budgets. We should support the foundation in order not to be on the hook. We are doing something to familiarize İzmir. We expect attendance from all parts of İzmir to this foundation.  As our resource grows, we introduce İzmir to the world more strongly. Everyone should have a share in this work.”
The foundation of İzmir is now making the fair stand abroad
It has been also stated at the General Assembly that in association with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzmir Chamber of Commerce, İZFAŞ and TURSAB, and under the coordination of İzmir Foundation, fair participations will proceed with İzmir stand. The places where the fair participation will take place in 2023, has been announced as the United Arab Emirates ATM Dubai on May 1-4, WTM London on November 6-8, and Philoxenia Selanik  on November 18-20.
İzmir should be prominent in tourism
TÜRSAB Chairman Advisor Tolga Gencer , who speaks at the General Assembly, said: “Participating in international fairs together will be a success in terms of İzmir’s fair and tourism. Firstly , İzmir should be prominent in tourism”.
The General Manager of İZFAŞ, Canan Karaosmanoğlu stated that Turkey's greatest tourism platform TTI İzmir, will be held between December 7-9 . She also said,  “This year, there will be a health tourism fair under the name “Healthy” at the International Tourism and Trade Fair - Congress. We will make health tourism a precedence in İzmir”.
We should enhance festivals
The President of Çeşme Touristic Hoteliers Association , Yakup Demir, stated “When we look at Çeşme , there are empty places in hotels during the festive holidays.  However, when we look at the history of Çeşme Herb Festival, there is a hundred percent plenitude. That's why we are going to do more festivals. As İzmir, we have to work hard”.
The Chairman of the Board of ESİAD, Sibel Zorlu, stated that İzmir's port city identification should be highlighted more. She  also said, “From Marseille to Hamburg, port cities talk to each other. It should be the Harbor Festival. As our  Mayor Tunç said, İzmir is on its way to becoming a disaster-resistant city. We should perform a work on this
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