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The Experts from all over the world will get together at the Second Century Economics Congress

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The Second Century Economics Congress, which invites Turkey to establish the future in Izmir on March 15-21, will bring together nearly 80 distinguished and expert speakers with the slogan of "Invitation to the Novelty ".
On March 15, the first day of the congress, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer will make the opening speech of the congress and the session will start with the presentation of successful artists Melisa Sözen and Mert Fırat, a concert by Karsu at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM).
Following, the General Secretary of the Republican People's Party Assoc. Dr. Selin Sayek Böke, the research writer Bekir Ağırdır, the Chairman of the TURKONFED High Advisory Board Şükrü Ünlütürk, the Former Minister of State for Economy Prof. Dr. Işın Çelebi, the Politician and the writer Gülsün Bilgehan, the economist Prof. Dr. Refet Gürkaynak, the economist and the  writer Dr. Serdar Şahinkaya will make their speeches. In the closing speech of the day, the artist and the activist Sir Bob Geldof will meet with the audiences, his speech titled “Making a Difference”.
The Congress calls for “Invitation to Conscience” on March 16.
On the second day to be held at AASSM with the presentation of Melisa Sözen; the Journalist, the writer and the economist Uğur Gürses, the sociologist Prof. Dr. Çağlar Keyder, the economist of Bilkent University Prof. Dr. Ali Hakan Kara, the political communication expert and the  President of the European Political Consultants Association, Dr. Gülfem Saydan Sanver will meet with the participants.
After the lunch break, the historian and the writer Prof. Dr. Timothy GartonAsh, DEVA Party Head of the Industrial Entrepreneurship and the Digital Transformation Policies Burak Dalgın, the economist Prof. Dr. Ayça Tekin Koru, the Deputy Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Selçuk Sarıyar, the Republican People's Party Poverty Solidarity Office Coordinator Hacer Foggo, the Behavioral Science Specialist from New York University Prof. Dr. Selçuk Şirin, the academician Yıldırım Koç from Tek Gıda Work Union, the Chairman of the Board of TUSİAD Orhan Turan and the theoretical physicist Prof. Dr. MichioKaku will make their speeches.
The second day of the congress will conclude with the solidarity concert of Melike Şahin, whose income will be donated to the One Rent One Home campaign.
The Stakeholder Meetings start on 17 March.
The Congress will take place simultaneously in two different venues on March 17. The Stakeholder meetings that will last for two days within the context of the congress,  will commence on March 17 at Bıçakçı Han. The Farmer, the worker and the industrialist-merchant-tradess groups will start working at the meetings to finalize their declarations.
The speeches part of the congress to be held at AASSM will be made with the presentation of Özlem Gürses. In the morning session, the economist Prof. from Boğaziçi University. Dr. Şevket Pamuk, the sociologist Prof. Dr. Thomas Faist, the historian Prof. Dr. Asım Karaömerlioğlu and the Chairman of ESIAD High Advisory Council Sıtkı Şükürer will have a talk.
After the lunch break, the Academician Prof. from Boğaziçi University. Dr. Cem Say, the Chairman of the Future Party's Economic Policy Kerim Rota, the Economist Muhittin Bilget, the Chairman of ESIAD's Economic Observation Group, and Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, EGIAD the Chairman of the Board will give a speech.
After the Child Presentation of the Second Century Economics Congress to be held by UNICEF Turkey Office, The Founder of  Needs Map, Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür,the historian Prof. Dr. Şaduman Halıcı, the literary historian Assoc. Erol Koroglu, the economist Prof. Dr. Selva Demiralp and IYI Party Economic Policy President Prof. Dr. Bilge Yilmaz will meet the audience.
The closing of the day will be done via an online link by Stanford University political scientist Prof. Dr. Francis Fukuyama.
The disaster preparedness will be discussed on March 18.
On the fourth day, which will be held at Bıçakçı Han ,the stakeholders will meet for the last time under the title of “Invitation to Our Nature”.
On the day that will be held at AASSM with the presentation of Özlem Gürses , many competent people will make speech especially about the earthquake. Prof. Dr. Tarık Şengül, the Urban Studies Specialist from METU, the Geologist Prof. Dr. Okan Tüysüz from ITU,the Economist Prof. Dr. Kamil Yılmaz from KOÇ University , and the Geologist Prof. Dr. Naci Görür from ITU will come together with the audiences.
After the lunch break,  the presentations about the earthquake will proceed with the Geophysics Engineer Prof. Dr. Övgün Ahmet Ercan from ITU and the Japanese architect Hiroyuki Unemori. Afterwards, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor Dr. Güven Eken, the Founder of Young Unemployed Platform and the economist Dr. M. Murat Kubilay, the economist Prof. Dr. Ufuk Akçigit from the University of Chicago; will make their speech.
In closing, the research writer and the ecological activist Prof. Dr. VandanaShiva and Massachusetts the Institute of Technology, the Founder of the Digital Economy Initiative Prof. Dr. Andrew McAfee will appear before the audience.
After the speeches, moderated by Güldem Atabay ; the Vice-presidents for economic policy of the Nation Alliance parties will meet at the “Nation Alliance Common Policies Text Panel”.
The Vice Chairman of the Republican People's Party Faik Öztrak, DEVA Party Economic and Financial Policy – the Chairman İbrahim Çanakçı, Democrat Party Deputy Chairman Bülent Şahinalp, the Future Party Policy - Monitoring Committee Chairman Feridun Bilgin, IYI Party Development Policy Chairman Ümit Özlale and Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Sabri Tekir will participate to the panel.
The Presidents of the Nation Alliance are getting together in Izmir.
On the morning of the fifth day, entitled "Invitation to Change" ; The High Advisory Board will meet for the third and last time. The Board will check over the statements prepared by the stakeholders under the moderation of President Soyer.
The leaders of the Nation Alliance will congregate at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center Great Hall, at 17.00.
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the Chairman of the Republican People's Party and the Presidential Candidate of the Nation Alliance; Ali Babacan, the general president of DEVA Party ; Gültekin Uysal, Chairman of the Democratic Party; Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Chairman of the Future Party; Meral Akşener, the Chairman of the IYI Party; and  Temel Karamollaoğlu the Chairman of the Felicity Party will meet in Izmir .
The Economics and the International Relations will be discourse on March 20.
The sixth day of the congress will be held on March 20, with the presentation of Deniz Dünyaoğulları Hünler at the AASSM Great Hall. The Former Foreign Minister of Germany and the Deputy Prime Minister Joschka Fischer; the director and the scenarist Sırrı Süreyya Önder; the Political scientist Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman from Sabancı University ; the President of the Turkish Economics Research Foundation (TEPAV) and the economist Prof. Dr. Güven Sak ; the Former Minister of State,the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister Murat Karayalçın ; the economist and the journalist Dr. Emin Çapa will confer.
After the lunch break, the researcher and the author HanriBenazus ; the journalist and the author  Nur Batur ; the consultant of strategic communication M. Salim Kadıbeşegil ; Soli Özel, an international relations specialist from Kadir Has University ; the Cultural Policy Specialist Assoc. Dr. Serhan Ada from the Bilgi University ; the Founder of the Futurists Association , Alphan Manas ; the Planning Organization of State and the Former Expert of OECD , Yusuf Işık will meet with the audiences.
The Sixth day of the congress will conclude with prosperous musician Evgeny Grinko's support concert for  Bir Kira Bir Yuva ( a Rent – a Home ).
The final charter will be announced to the whole world on March 21.
The Closing of the seven-day congress will take place with the presentation of Yekta Kopan at the AASSM Great Hall. The President of Izmir Chamber of Commerce and the Member of TOBB – the Board of Directors Mahmut Özgener ; the Chairman of the Board of Izmir Village Coop Union Neptun Soyer ; KESK Co-Chair Mehmet Bozgeyik ; the Chairman of United Public Business, Mehmet Balık ; the Chairman of DISK Arzu Çerkezoğlu ; and TURKONFED,the Chairman of the Board Süleyman Sönmez will make their speeches.
The Closing speech of the session will be delivered by Prof. Dr. IanGoldin who is the economist from the Oxford University.
The stakeholder which lasts since August 2022 will bring forward the final text of the expert and the meetings of high advisory board to the votes of all delegates.Then, the declaration will be proclaimed to all Turkey and the world.
The congress will end with a concert in support of Kardeş Song 's One Rent One Home campaign.
The Congress participation via mobile application
The Participation in the Economics Congress of the Second Century can be accessible from the "Economics Congress" mobile application. For the main sessions, it is enough to register for the relevant day and show the given QR code in the event area.
For the main sessions, it is enough to register for the relevant day and indicate the given barcode in the event area.
The entire congress will be a live broadcast on İzmirTubeYouTube channel.
The secretariat of the congress is carried out by the İzmir Planning Agency (İZPA), affiliated to the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. It can be visited at for the congress program and all other details.
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