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The agreement of brother countries between Izmir and Skopje

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"The brother country " agreement was signed between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Skopje, North Macedonia. Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they will construct a park in Skopje in the first place and  they want its name to be Atatürk. He told that “Today is our feast. Welcome to your and our İzmir. I am very happy and proud to be able to pass down this fraternity from centuries ago to the next generations.”
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality signed "The brother country " agreement with the city of Skopje, North Macedonia. The Mayor of Skopje ,  Danela Arsovska ; İzmir - the Representative of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the Ambassador Naciye Gökçen Kaya ; the Consul General of North Macedonia in İstanbul, Aktan Ago ; the Deputies of CHP ,  Kani Beko and Kamil Okyay Sındır ; the Mayor of Konak Metropolitian Municipality  Abdul Batur ; the Mayor of Gaziemir Metropolitian Municipality , Halil Arda ; the Mayor of Ödemiş Metropolitian Municipality, Mehmet Eriş ; CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman, Şenol Aslanoğlu ; Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Skopje Municipality council members ; the Representatives of Balkan associations and political parties participated to the signing ceremony hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Tunç Soyer ;  at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center.
The first step is to construct a park
Before the signing ceremony ;  Mayor Soyer and Mayor of Skopje Danela Arsovska got together with the accompanying committee. Mayor Tunç Soyer said “There was a fraternity that has lasted since our ancestors. Today, we will put a signature that will entrust this fraternity to the  next generation. This fraternal relationship will make it possible  to take care of each other more in good and bad times. İzmir is a city where a large part of its population is of Balkan origin. It's like one of the biggest Balkan cities in the world. We know that this fraternal relationship will further fortify this identification. We will do much more for our public. I know that we will collaborate especially with our young people on many issues, on smart cities. However ;  we will commence to the first step by building a park, and we have only one wish, and that is to be named as Atatürk.” The Mayor of Skopje,  Danela Arsovska thanked İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for their assistance to the earthquake zone during the meeting. Also, he told “Our first step is building a  park and its name being Mustafa Kemal Atatürk”.
“ I am glad you are here, Welcome”
After the meeting, a signing ceremony was held between the parties. Mayor Soyer remarked that “Today is our feast. Welcome to your and our Izmir. I am very happy and proud to be able to pass down this fraternity from the centuries ago to the next generation. “ I am glad you are here, Welcome”.
Arsovska: “We will fortify our fraternity ”
The Mayor of Skopje ,  Danela Arsovska told that “The peoples of Turkey and Macedonia have been brothers throughout history. İzmir and Skopje are two big cities that feel each other. Thanks to this agreement, we will fortify our fraternity. We'll be together in good  and bad times. We have a lot of field to cooperate. We will achieve these things with Dear Mayor Tunç. It is a great honor for us to make a brother municipality agreement.”
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