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Soyer: "We're going to make a very successful Terra Madre”

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Soyer: "We're going to make a very successful Terra Madre”

Italian Cuisine Week and Terra Madre Anadolu Izmir 2022 dinner were organized at Izmir Marina Nefes Restaurant in cooperation of the Italian Consulate and the Turkish Italian Chamber of Commerce.

In line with Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's vision of "Another Agriculture Is Possible" which supports good, fair and clean food, Terra Madre Anadolu Izmir 2022 is preparing to organize the international gastronomy fair in September 2022.

Tangör Tan narrated the dish prepared by chef Paola Betti, a member of the Slow Food Federation in Italy. Chef Paola Betti said, "I was very welcomed in Izmir. I can taste the mood of change here.” Tangör Tan explained how they reached out to small producers while preparing the menu of the night. 

Stating that they were happy to be together on a very important night, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “It is a very pleasant evening. Terra means land and Madre means main. What a close, warm name for us. As Izmir, we will host the world's largest gastronomy fair under the name Terra Madre. This is a very exciting step. We are looking forward to it. I assure you, even the Italians will say we've never seen anything like it. I believe we're going to make a very successful Terra Madre. The dynamics of this land are very rich. Thanks to both Cittaslow and Terra Madre, I have always had very close relations with the Italians. There are more reasons that bring us together than the ones that separate us. With the power of this wealth, we will make an extraordinary Terra Madre.” 
Giving information about Italian cuisine, Valerio Giorgio, Consul General of Izmir Italy, said, "Izmir is developing the work of farmers and craftsmen in the agri-food sector working to protect biodiversity. And Izmir will host Terra Madre Anadolu for the first time in 2022, a large organization that will place Izmir in the centre of the Mediterranean. Born in Turin in 2004, the Terra Madre network aims to give voice and visibility to farmers, fishermen, growers, handlers, small producers and raise awareness of how valuable the work that producers do among themselves and in public.”
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