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Sister-Brother Project Inspired Gambia

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Sister-Brother Project, which is one of the most important social responsibility projects launched by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will be implemented in Africa. Kemeseng S. M. Jammeh, the Gambian Ambassador in Ankara, reported that he had the chance of observing the project in Izmir and liked it very much; he will make attempts to launch it in his country.

Since 2007, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been successfully implementing the award winning “Sister-Brother-Sibling” project; the university student young volunteers come together with primary school students, who become sisters and brothers, once a week and participate in social events;  the relationship they establish with these kids, who have limited urban and social opportunities, opens up brand new horizons for these kids.

The Ambassador Kemeseng S.M. Jammeh visited Izmir for an event organized by the Union of Gambian Schoolers in Turkey and observed the operations of Directorate of Social Project Branch. The visiting Ambassador noted that the Sister-Brother-Sibling project really impressed him and he underlined that his country is very convenient and needs this social project.

Gambian Students met up in Izmir
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Havagazı Youth Center opened its doors to the Izmir Meet-Up of the Union of Gambian Schoolers in Turkey. Besides, uniting young Turkish and Gambian people, the event offered academic presentations and entertaining activities. The Gambian Culture Night also had a dance competition accompanied by the songs of both countries. Young Gambians studying in universities located all around Turkey showed traditional clothes, cultures and cuisine of their homeland to their Turkish friends. Their peers joined the young Gambians in Izmir for three days. Hosted by the young members of Havagazı Youth Center, the visitors toured the historical and touristic places in Izmir.
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