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Sandoval was spectacular …

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The ten-time Grammy award winner Cuban artist Arturo Sandoval debuted at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center.
 “I am very happy to be in Izmir. The hall is amazing, the audience is amazing” said the artist who performed a spectacular show for the jazz lovers.

Mr. Sandoval noted that he wants to visit Izmir again and added that he has composed a piece for the symphonic orchestra and he wants to perform it in Izmir with the symphonic orchestra. The piano and drum performances of the artist, who is known all around the world with his success in playing the trumpet, were also appreciated. Sandoval enchanted with his songs and dances and, at one point, he came off the stage and joined the crowd.

The bass guitarist John Belzaguy, keyboardist Dave Siegel, percussionist Tiki Pasillas, drummer Johnny Fiday and pianist Kemuel Roig performed with Sandoval in this unforgettable concert.
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