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Report on Preparing for Climate Change 2050

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared an “action plan” to fight the changing climate conditions. The plan discusses the optimist and pessimist climate scenarios for the periods between 2050 and 2100.

The final report of the “Green Revision: A Framework for the Resilient Cities” Project, a joint project of the Metropolitan Municipality Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department, Branch Directorate of Healthy Cities and Clean Energy and the Landscape Research Foundation, has been announced in order to increase resistance against changing climatic conditions .

The project works are focused on the pilot area; Balçova District.
According to this report, temperature in the lower areas of Izmir is expected to rise in the 50-year period after year 2050 and the weather is expected to be colder in the higher areas and the average temperatures will drop as the years go by. According to the same scenario, precipitation regime in the city will also change. The rains will be heavier during certain periods. Particularly, March and April rains will be observed in May after 2050. Amount of precipitation will increase in winters. The precipitation in spring, summer and autumn will be reduced by 50 percent. This will have negative impact on the agricultural activities.
The climate changes will increase the radiation rate significantly and this, combined with the increase in urban population, will have negative impact on the society.
Here are the suggestions
The action plan focuses on “Temperature and Precipitation Changes”, “Planning Land Use”, “Management of Green Spaces”, “Management of Rainwater” and “Carbon Capture and Air Cleaning” and offers the following suggestions for Izmir:
* Being more cautious in storing and using water,
* Increasing the number of green spaces with high ecological qualities and physically connecting these spaces with each other for creating a climate resilient city,
* Creating rooftop gardens and vertical gardens to increase the ratio of green surfaces,
*Preferring local varieties with diverse physical features to increase the plant diversity and density,
* Providing vegetation system that will slow down the speed of rainwater,
* Collecting rainwaters in separate system and integrating with parks,  
* Preserving agricultural lands,
*Designing the traffic islands and sidewalks in the city as water holding ditches,
* Designing pits, ditches or rain gardens for holding water in the green areas,
* Using bulky trees with wide petals for vegetation works aimed at capturing carbon and cleaning air; using plants such as plane tree, linden tree and oak tree for reducing the surface temperature and creating rooftop gardens,
*Increasing the number of trees, particularly on the roadsides,
* Preserving Çakalburnu Dalyanı Wetland and Inciralti City Forest,
* Preferring types of trees suitable for arid climate conditions such as linden tree, hackberry, turpentine tree, oak, oriental plane, judas tree, incense tree and cypress tree,
* Replacing grass on the green spaces with ground covers that need less water as well as being resistant to arid climate and having less upkeep,
* Replacing eucalyptus tree from the foreign lands for domestic varieties since it alters the underground water system of its location and competes with the natural varieties.
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