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Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva: The description of freedom land , nature and life

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The ecological activist Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva, who speaks at the Economics Congress of the Second Century ; She stated that in order to be in good health , firstly the ecosystem must be healthy. “The States should promote the ecological incentives. The actual wealth is the welfare of the land, it is the welfare of next generations. Land , nature and life. The description of freedom and liberty for next generations.
Prof. Dr. VandanaShiva, a scholar, writer, and eco-activist, delivered a speech titled "Mother Nature and the Future of Humanity" on the fourth day of the Second Century Economics Congress organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Wishing mercy upon those who lost their lives in the earthquake, Prof. Dr. Shiva discoursed “ Thank you for assistance young children and keeping on this since Atatürk's time. The protection of nature and the environment must be the production of the consciousness. It's related with how we perceive the world. I grew up in the Himalayan forests, and some of the trees there looked like oakens here. I lived in the forest for months but it is very hard to live in places without forests. My PhD research was related to underground and aboveground hidden values. The first years of the republic were associated with the struggle for independence in your history. How do we regain esperance ? Keep your hope inside and grow.
The economy will also become lost , If ecology is not sustainable.
Shiva underlined that nature should not be touched. “The slaughtering and lumbering of forests give rise to erosion around. The  Nature is what keeps alive us. We are standing , because nature stands. It is called mother nature in Turkey. In fact ; The Nature lives in all our cultures and we see it as a mother. It swathe us. Man-made products emerge from the blessings offered by nature. All this life and economy commences in nature. The economy is again based on ecology. The economy will also become lost , If ecology is not sustainable.”
 The Nature is not taken into account.
Shiva stated that Aristotle expressed the economy as an art of living. “ The Investment was originally seen as an area to create money. Actually, the investment is to optimize our future better. Today we are out of this balance. A traditional place may be seen by someone as ugly. We actually see mountains as the law. Working in the field or producing a product is the art of adornment the world. In fact, the world continues to live. Our purpose is to be a part of it and ensure it is sustainable.The Nature is not taken into account. The Climate change also commences with ecological regression. The world is a living system. The world actually writes its own poem. The world is a whole and there should be no outside intervention.
The land is being slaughtered
Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva who draws attention to what needs to be considered so as to live in a healthy country;  told that “The living systems submit us the blessings we eat. When you can't use your own resources, the captivity begins. The actual farming should be done in traditional farming. Life cannot proceed in systems where chemicals are harnessed.
The Government incentives should be ecological.
Shiva pointed out that when organic substance rises, so does nutrition and productivity. “The reduction of nutrient causes to zinc, magnesium deficiency. We need to measure correct nutrition per decare. Atatürk called production 'the output of the mindset '. You will look at the worth and alteration of the material. You won't just look at the product you get. We have to stimulate ecology somehow. The Government incentives should be ecological. Farmers will be our teachers. Mothers will be our teachers. There is only one planetary and one mankind. As humans, we will live within the verges set on the planet. We must protect the ecosystem. If the ecosystem is healthy, we will be healthy too”.
They will comprehend the actual meaning of nature.
Prof. Dr. Shiva who states that searches on biodiversity and ecosystem are carried out, told that “The health of society can be derivable with biodiversity. Some species vanished and and some species are under threat. People are also under threat. The Nourishment is the course that will provide us to relation to our world. Our welfare is the welfare of the land, welfare of the next generations. This is the basic criteria. Land, nature, life. This is the description of freedom for next generations and indivisible freedom.
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