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Masks can easily be accessed at metro stations in İzmir

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Within the scope of obligatory mask use according to the increased central and local measures due to COVID-19 pandemic, in order to facilitate free access to masks for its citizens, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started placing “maskmatic” applications at the metro stations. The first application was replaced at Konak Metro station, which is the highest density station. The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, who has been the first to use “maskmatic” application using “Izmirim Transportation Card”, said: “Considering the health of the residents of Izmir is our main priority.” 

Within the scope of obligatory mask use due to the New Coronavirus Pandemic, taking the inadequacy of masks in Turkey into consideration, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality offered an exemplary service for the first time in Turkey. In order for the residents who have to leave their homes to access the medical mask free and easily, maskematic placement has been started in metro stations with high human density. The first of the maskematic machines, which were put into service at Konak Metro Station, is planned to be replaced in 10 more stations from the beginning of the week.
With the “maskmatic” application placed at the metro stations, the residents of Izmir have started receiving a “hygiene package” containing four masks and 100 milliliters of disinfectants using their Izmirim transportation card, free of charge. In this transaction, no fee is charged for the hygiene package, except for the travel fee from Izmirim Transportation Card. It is planned that the residents of Izmir, who are the users of Izmirim Card, will be able to receive a hygienic package once a week.
Mayor Soyer is the first to use Maskmatic
Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, who was the first one to use the maskmatic application and get the hygiene package, emphasized the importance of the use of mask and hygiene in the fight against the New Coronary Virus Pandemic. Stating that the number of maskmatics will be increased in order to enable the people of Izmir to reach the masks more comfortably and in a more sterilized way, Mayor Soyer said; "This system gives you the opportunity of a sterile use as you are not given the masks by hand and open the bag yourself. In this way, we offer our citizens a much more peaceful and easy access to the masks. I express my gratitude to the company, which manufactures the maskmatic vending machine. It is also proud that a local company from Izmir is doing this. The health of the residents of Izmir comes first. I hope the people of Izmir enjoy our new service".

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