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Karabağlar-Gaziemir Metro is on its way

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer introduced the Karabağlar-Gaziemir Metro Line, which will be the 6th stage of the Izmir Light Rail System.
Mayor Soyer, who said that the 32.6 kilometer line will be the biggest investment of Izmir, said, “We will continue to work with all our strength to make Izmir a world city in urban transportation.” Mayor Soyer said that they will name a stop of Izmir's longest metro line passing through Karabağlar after the unforgettable artist Neşet Ertas, who spent his last years in Izmir.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its rail system investments. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which terminates at Çiğli Tramway in line with Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's modern and environmentally friendly transportation goal, has started the construction of Buca Metro and will open Narlıdere Metro this year, is giving another new line to the city. The Karabağlar-Gaziemir Metro Line, which will be the 6th stage of the Izmir Light Rail System, was introduced at a ceremony held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center.
Soyer: "The arrow came out of the bow”
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who gave information about the ongoing investments, stated that they will continue to weave the city with iron nets. Mayor Soyer said, "Our excitement is very great. It's a historic moment. Moreover, if you think about the conjuncture we are in, it is better understood how big a historical moment it is. The arrow came out of the bow. Today we are taking the first step towards that goal. Our excitement is really great. When we set out, I told my colleagues that we would weave Izmir with iron nets. By being faithful to this universal vision of the founding will of our country, we are bringing Izmir together with two new metro lines in the second century of our republic,”he said.
“We will continue”
Mayor Tunç Soyer, who said that preparations are continuing intensively for the Karsiyaka Tram and the Bus Station-Kemalpaşa Metro lines, which will be integrated with the Karsiyaka Tram, said, “Like all modern cities in the world, we are knitting every part of Izmir with iron nets, and we will continue to knit.”
“We continue to break our own records”
when the 32.6 kilometer line is completed, it will take the title of the longest metro line in Izmir, there will be 24 stations, all of which will be underground, Mayor Soyer said that they aim to carry 340 thousand passengers per day. Soyer said, "Buca Metro was the largest investment in the history of Izmir with a budget of 765 million euros. The total cost of the Karabağlar-Gaziemir Metro line will be 2 billion 105 million euros together with its vehicles. We continue to break our own records. the investment figure of 2 billion 105 million euros will really be one of the most important figures not only in Izmir but also in Turkey at the moment. Moreover, we will achieve this from the beginning to the end with the own resources of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality,”he said.
“You can't even buy a toy train”
Stating that the Konak connection on the Karabağlar-Gaziemir Metro Line will also be connected with the General Asim Gündüz stop by a system called the bone line, Mayor Soyer said that many lines will be connected to each other. Mayor Soyer said, "Under all these economic conditions, high inflation, cost of living, bottleneck, while the dollar and euro have taken off, we continue to work; we will continue. Unfortunately, they continue to put a budget of 3 thousand liras for the Bus Station-Halkapınar Metro in the 2023 investment program for the ninth time since 2014. Not only on this line, Selcuk Partners have paid Kiraz lira, which is also the budget allocated to railway projects. You can't even buy a toy train,” he said.
“there is no 1 letter U”
Criticizing the central government over the investments, Mayor Soyer said, "Izmir center continues to put 40 in the budget and take 1. In order to establish the urban life that Izmir deserves, we will continue to find the source wherever it is and bring it to the people of Izmir and offer it to their service. We will continue to work with all our might for Izmir to become a world city in urban transportation. We are putting our all into making up for the lost years. I want to say with pride, there are U letters at many metro entrances in Istanbul. Subways built by the Ministry of Transportation. The government does not have 1 U sign in Izmir. On this path we are on, there is no turning back. The arrow came out of the bow. We will continue to bring services to Izmir against all difficulties. We are determined, we said we would weave Izmir with iron nets. We will continue to knit. I know there is very little left, something will change, everything will change,” he said.
Neşet Ertas stop on the new metro line
President Soyer, who gave a message of unity and togetherness for the enlightenment of the country, announced that the name of Neşet Ertas, who has lived in Karabağlar for many years in Izmir, will be given to a stop. The introduction ceremony ended with Neşet Ertaş's folk song and applause.
Arda: "A 100-year-old dream for Gaziemir” Dec.
Mayor of Gaziemir Halil Arda said, "The Republic Dec. 100. it is the biggest investment of Izmir that will suit the year. We are witnessing a historic moment. Gaziemir district is experiencing its golden age together with our president Tunç Soyer. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality held a preliminary project tender in November 2019. The studies continued. A 100-year-old dream for Gaziemir. The metro will pass under Abdullah Arda Square, which is named after my grandfather, Dec. It is a project that is progressing at a pace that I never imagined,”he said. 
Selvitopu: "It is necessary to accept it as a transformation and development project”
Mayor of Karabakh Muhittin Selvitopu said, "The arrival of the metro to Karabakh will accelerate the plans that will ensure the development and transformation of the city together with the urban transformation projects here. I would like to thank Tunç Soyer very much for this aspect. It should be considered not only a transportation project, but a transformation project, a development project of the city,”he said.
Özkan“ "Despite all the restrictions, he weaves Izmir with iron nets”
Menderes Municipality Deputy Mayor Erkan Özkan said, "The project, which will also cover our district, will add a positive value to our district in every aspect. With the project we have been waiting for for a long time, our Menderesli compatriots will reach comfort. I would like to thank our President Tunç Soyer for making us experience this happiness and continuing to weave Izmir with iron nets despite all the restrictions,” he said.
Who participated?
Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda, Karabağlar Mayor Muhittin Selvitopu, Konak Mayor Abdül Batur, Bornova Mayor Mustafa İduğ, Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal, Menderes Deputy Mayor Başkan Vekili Erkan Özkan, Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Yetişkin, Manisa Alaşehir Mayor Ahmet Öküzcüoğlu, CHP İzmir Provincial Head Şenol Aslanoğlu, İzmir City Council Head Nilay Kökkılınç, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, council members, political party representatives, mukhtars, heads of non-governmental organizations, representatives and citizens attended to the introductory meeting hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunc Soyer.
Metro presentation to Karabağlar and Gaziemir Municipality
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Karabağlar Mayor Muhittin Selvitopu, Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda and the bureaucrats of the two districts came together and gave information about the project last month of December.
340 Thousand passengers per day
It is aimed to transport 340 thousand passengers daily in 2030 on the line prepared in accordance with the Izmir Transportation Master Plan. With the line drawn by conducting surveys and determining regions with high population density, it is aimed to make transportation and traffic breathe, especially in the Eskiizmir, Bozyaka districts of the Karabağlar district and Gaziemir region.
Where will the stations be located?
The project route, which has 24 stations, will be integrated into the Stadium Station of the existing metro line and will start with an independent station. The new metro line is respectively Konak, Halkapınar, Food Bazaar, Tepecik, Istikbal, Gürçeşme, Yeni Yolu, General Asım Gündüz, Çalıkuşu, Eski Izmir, Seniha Mayda, Friendship Boulevard, Atatürk A.T.M.L., Altan Aydın, Fair Izmir, ESBAŞ, Gaziemir Decrepit District Governorate, Abdullah Arda, Gaziemir Stadium, Gaziemir Guvenpark, Adnan Menderes Airport, Industry, Relative and Menderes will be.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has submitted the project prepared for the Karabağlar-Gaziemir Metro for approval by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Transport Infrastructure. After the approval, it will be sent to the Presidential Strategy and Budget Directorate to enter into the investment program, and preparations for the construction tender will begin.
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